The Spring Crossdresser

You decide to go to the park to commune with nature, and celebrate another wonderful spring. Walking around very comfortably, you notice the new buds, plants and flowers that make this time of year so special.

Reaching for the phone in your purse to take a few pictures of the pretty Daffodils, you’re suddenly aware of people all around you. Mostly young women walking their dogs and a few joggers. You hear them laughing and whispering but try to focus on the flowers. Eventually, you glance over and it seems that everyone is staring at you. Now you’re not so comfortable.

Feeling a bit self conscious, you continue taking pictures and try to ignore them, but you can no longer concentrate and decide to leave. You’re angry at yourself for worrying about what other people think, might think, but reluctantly head back to your car.

A very pretty jogger is headed your way and you keep walking. Then she stops, they almost never stop. So you brace yourself, wondering what she is going to say.

She looks you up and down with the beginning of a smile, and then stares into your eyes. WHAT IS SHE THINKING, WHAT DOES SHE WANT, WHAT WILL SHE SAY, you wonder.

Then she comes right out with it; “Oh-My-God that dress is amazing! Where did you get it?”

Whether you tell her on not is up to you, but be aware that if you do pretty soon everyone might be wearing the same dress. Is that what you really want?

Note: this dress only comes in extra small, small or medium, so you might want to check out the complete Spring Flower collection.

Artista Festivity Cream Dress

Artista Festivity Cream Dress

Artista Festivity Cream Dress

16 thoughts on “The Spring Crossdresser

  1. I know the feeling. I was on one of my first outings wearing capris with black pumps, my nails done, pretty earrings and some dreamy lipstick. I thought everyone was watching me and got so insecure. I was on my way back to my car when a passing woman said she loved my lipstick and what shade was it. I just about stuttered because I was caught completely off guard. I mustered up my best feminine voice and said what brand and shade. She thanked me and strolled away. I was floating on air after that. I felt so completely like a woman.

  2. Everything would be much more recognizable, if as until very recently in the image only see a beautiful and seductive model.
    Everything is much more confusing when even shake my breath before seeing the wonderful model. My eyes focused on the flight of the wide and light patterned skirt, in the subtle belt that encircles her narrow waist and straps that frame the neck of her dress.
    I do not know, there is no way to try to avoid it and just dream about the beautiful figure of the wonderful model.
    The penultimate excuse goes to reason according to the taste for beauty.
    If only it were just that.

  3. I love spring and summer. Pretty dresses are so appropriate now. Filmy, flirty skirts, sundresses. With the right shoes and a purse a girl feels so alive.

  4. Love this post! I love all your posts Miss Teresa. this one is 3 times love. Love the dress (the other available colors are amazing too) love the girl and love how you presented it to us.

    Happy day and fantastic spring

  5. know the feeling of being watched while trying to photograph something. hate it. and unfortunately it appears the “cream” is now sold out. just the “white” and “dark blue” remain. life is cruel. sigh…

    • I’ve found that people that are watching are really thinking how cool it is to take the time to photograph flowers, birds or whatever. As for the dress I hope you checked the size chart. A women’s medium is going to be very very small on a man.

  6. With spring comes the Lenten season. A desire to confess one’s sins often enters the picture, so here is a springtime fantasy…
    A 20-something young man enters the confessional in the church he’s attended for years. He attended the church’s school as well, and the nuns know him well. Secretly, they’ve suspected there was something different about him but never said anything about it.
    After waiting until everyone else had left, he enters the confessional. There, he confesses his love of crossdressing to the priest. Instead of the standard penance, he makes the young man an offer: come to confession next Friday en femme and he will arrange for the nuns to administer a proper penance. Feeling emboldened, the young man confesses that he enjoys spanking and whipping as well. The priest tells him to wait until everyone has left before entering the confessional.
    The next Friday, he does as instructed and after being instructed to face away from the confessional door and kneel with his hands behind his back, he hears the door open as three nuns tie his hands and place a collar and leash around his neck. They pull him to his feet, and we see that he’s wearing a white secretary blouse, mid-calf length black pleated skirt, and heels. Underneath he’s wearing a most feminine lace bra, breast forms, a floral pattern garter girdle, and lace top white stockings all under a lovely lace camisole and half-slip. One of the nuns says “Thank you, Father” to the confessional and says “We’ve got quite a weekend planned for you, sweetheart.”
    They turn, and walk through the doorway that leads to the convent and an introduction to Mother Superior.

    Take it from here…

    • I love Spring and Summer because I get to wear pretty Sundresses. I love any flowery dress. I’ve become such a woman!

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