Romper Room

So I’m minding my own business trying to get through today’s email, and this ad is on the sidebar. Its for Make Me Chic, featuring all kinds of pretty rompers and jumpsuits which I’ve always had a weakness for.

If you’re on Yahoo you’ve probably seen the website and I would suggest checking it out. Their prices seem very good, sizes go up to large and maybe extra large for you big guys. I’m not sure because I want to get out on my bike before the wind picks up.

The only thing that bothers me slightly with this romper is that it cost $27 and they offer free shipping for orders over $29. Maybe I’ll check out their accessories later but I must have this. Its a short convertible floral romper that’s machine washable. Perfect for just about everything except riding my motorcycle.

Note 1: There is a size guide for each item next to the description-use it.

Note 2: Its short, very short. Be aware of that and choose your panties carefully.

Convertible Floral Romper

Convertible Floral Romper

Convertible Floral Romper

20 thoughts on “Romper Room

    • It depends on your goal. If you want to be comfortable then briefs or high waist panties. If you want to attract attention or a date then I suggest a tiny thong or no panties at all.

  1. Wooow, Miss Teresa. Romper and the girl look so amazing. I visited the site and they have one red that is only 20! I will look for them here.

    About panties high waist, french cut and boyshorts are the best for me. Bandeaus are lovely, but they move so much in me.

    Happy weekend! And thx for the advices

    • Madam, I tried to buy panties / chap stick from supermarket / mall, but I became very shy, nervous, by seeing the girls, ladies who were surrounding the ladies department, please bolder me / encourage me.

    • Madam, rather I want to address you my Goddess, I worship you. With your guidance, although I am leaving with joint family, no time I am alone all theses days, to day all of them have gone for outing and I am alone in the home, I had opportunity to peep in to the dressing drawer of my XXXX (you known whom I am telling) and courage to grab petticoat (cotton) & night gown (silk) of XXXX and as you instructed me I am wearing them removing all my male dresses I was wearing and writing to you for your further guidance / instructions / blessing. My Goddess, thinking of girl inside me and wearing the girly dress and writing to you is making me very horny, what shall I do?

    • I suggest you find some bright red lipstick and a full length mirror. Slowly, coat your lips again and again and notice the feelings that arise. Some feelings will probably arise larger and harder than others.
      Then, I suggest you take those feelings into your hands and explore them further. See if you can come to an explosive conclusion.

    • Thanks Goddess, immediately I will search or by lipstick as suggested by u and do the further actions as instructed by you.

  2. Goddess, as I have already told you I am very very shy person, sending a photo will be possible as I get confidence and privacy. Meanwhile I hope my Goddess will not be angry and ignore me, please bear with me. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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