17 thoughts on “A Woman’s Work is Never Done

  1. Well Mz Teresa… the truth is in this day and age ‘women’s work is never done’ – by Females anymore. and that is as is proper… only the weaker, inferior, daintier and docile male sex should do such feminine domestic chores *sigh*…. it’s difficult learning our new place. *sob*

  2. MZ Teresa…

    NOT FAIR! i changed my mind… we men want to be the bosses again, so THERE!…… uh-oh…. i think i’m in BIG trouble….

  3. Dearest Teresa,
    Standing at the kitchen sink in my panties, bra, pantyhose, 4″ pumps, wig, makeup and slip makes the washing up a total thrill. Especially with the window curtains wide open. Vacuuming, dusting all a thrill. The bathroom not so fun but necessary. At least my makeup is near the sink and tampons in the drawer.Then when the chores are done, a glass of wine on the back deck.
    Sincerely, Lisa

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