8 thoughts on “Candy wasn’t like the other boys

  1. Welcome back. You’ve been missed. Hope all is well. Looking forward to hearing/reading more from you soon. Don’t stay away so long, next time.

    • Thanks! But in the scheme of things, I’m just another ant trying to move a rubber tree plant. No wait, I’m an anteater trying to eat a big ant taco. No, that’s not it. In the scheme of things, I’m just a giant ant riding a Suzuki in search of other ants to discuss ant lifestyle and fashion. Um, well, something like that…

  2. That’ll work.

    My day has just gotten more better. Yes you can take credit for that.

    Now, go forth and write for us some stimulating reading material, for all of us lifestyle and fashion deprived ants. That is, if you are sufficiently rested from moving that big-assed rubber-tree plant and have filled that ever-nagging ant-taco ( ant taco?? ewwwwwwwww ) craving, and need a change of pace from seeing the world via the aforementioned Suzuki. ( How’s that for a run-on sentance?? )

    Party-on, Garth!!

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