Vultures and The Giant Penis Statue

This morning I did what I do every Sunday, take a quick shower and hop on my motorcycle. After a tremendous amount of iced coffee I decided to head down to the Conowingo Dam in Maryland.

This time of year there are very few bald eagles but plenty of weird turkey vultures. Do they eat only turkey you might ask? No, they eat cars! Click on the thumbnail to see the angry birds in all their glory. You can see part of the dam in the background.

Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures

These angry birds eat rubber and plastic for some reason, favoring car bumpers, windshield wipers, and if you’re not careful your motorcycle seat and gloves. One guy had a tarp over his truck near the hiking trail, but the others are going to have a very unpleasant surprise when they come back to the parking lot.

I headed up the hill and down to nearby Susquehanna State Park. There I saw something fabulous-a giant penis statue made of stone and brick. Click on the thumbnail to see a sharper shot.

Giant Penis Statue

Giant Penis Statue

Much to my surprise, this is actually not a giant penis statue at all. This is the Stafford Flint Furnace and is all that remains of the once thriving town of Stafford.

It just goes to show that nothing is what it seems. For example, on the way home I saw what I was sure were piles of leaves and stakes set up to burn witches. It turns out that they are really Amish tobacco plants drying in the sun, waiting for the farmers to get back to the fields tomorrow. Click on the thumbnail to see a better shot.

Wacky Tobacky

Wacky Tobacky

Although I’m glad I discovered that truth is not always stranger than fiction, I was a little disappointed that there would be no witch burning. You rarely see that these days.

One thought on “Vultures and The Giant Penis Statue

  1. I’m at work browsing your blog and I’m wondering, is it wrong to want to be bitch slapped by cute men? My boss is the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen and I want him so bad!

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