Where’s the bike shop?

So I’m riding around the back roads of Lancaster this morning looking for an old bicycle sign I remember seeing several years ago. After what seemed like an hour but was probably only 20 minutes, I finally found it. I don’t remember where it is exactly but if you want to see it just Google Weaver’s Bike Shop in Ephrata, PA.

An Amish woman on a bicycle rode by and gave me a really angry look, so I shot her (with my camera). My guess is that she was jealous that she had to pedal her old bike up and down the hills while I could do it on a motorcycle.

You can click on the thumbnail for a larger pic but you won’t be able to see her expression. Maybe that’s just how she normally looks. Maybe there’s something funny on the farm, who knows. Next time we’ll chat.

Weaver’s Bike Shop

Weaver’s Bike Shop

11 thoughts on “Where’s the bike shop?

  1. Wow Teresa… actually the reaction was because it was an Amish male who had been sent out by his girlfriend… no more black and purple dresses for Her… it was his first time in public and She had him walking to in the clothes She’ll never wear after their upcoming wedding elopement… oh yeah, he was ordered to catch a bus to Park City Mall and pick up the rest of his trousseau from Victoria’s Secret and proper make-up from Boscov’s cosmetic department, being sure to have any young Woman working there help him with his makeover….

  2. Of course you wouldn’t HelmsWoman… the Women now use dilithium crystals to drive their Female Supremacist buggies… the best you’ll experience is the WHOOOSH of the fresh air, Female laughter and perhaps the soft sound of a male sob.

    (Or was that the roar of your motorcycle?)

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