At the Soda Shop

This beauty is the Favorite Things Whisky Embroidered Sheer Tank from Dottie’s Delights, modeled by Gia Geneiveve.

Available in a bright fire engine red sheer with red trim and pink accents, or a bubblegum pink sheer with mint green accents. Panties, lipstick, and gum are not included.

If you have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time consider prancing. Nine out of ten men can prance like a doe if sufficiently motivated.

Soda Shop-Dottie’s Delights

Soda Shop-Dottie's Delights

Soda Shop-Dottie’s Delights

2 thoughts on “At the Soda Shop

  1. I think these whiskey embroided sheer tanks are very beautiful. I would like to have and wear both color styles. I would gladly prance around in these sheer tanks and panties for you Mistress!

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