The King

I was looking forward to the Flea market/craft show that was scheduled to be held today on the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge. Due to rain it was postponed until Saturday October 15th.

With nothing to do and all day to do it, we took a ride to Lake Clarke. Lots of sailboats, kayaks and canoes out despite the weather. On the way home I noticed an interesting statue overlooking the water.

“Go back I wanna take a picture.”

“It’s just a statue Teresa. And besides, it’s private property.

“Just a statue? It’s a statue of a half naked man holding a spear (trident). And that man is a Greek God!”

Yes, yes, it’s King Neptune, but the light is bad and it’s raining. You’re really a bit obsessed with photography aren’t you?

“It’s my hobby and it gives me pleasure. Have I ever asked you why you like to dress up as a girl and prance around the house?”

“Well yes, yes you have. And I don’t prance, it’s more like……ok, I prance. Hey, after this do you want to run across the bridge naked?”

“Definitely not.”

Ten minutes and 20 pictures later we left and headed home. He was right of course, the light wasn’t good and it was just a statue. But one day down the road, when my doctor sits me down and tells me I only have 10 years left to live, I’ll probably look back on my life and wish I did more.

I’ll probably wish I took off my clothes and ran across that bridge with a good friend, not worrying about the rain or getting arrested. Its only life after all.

The King

The King

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