Fall Fashion for Men that Dress like Women

Pinterest is a great place to go for fashion, makeup and clothing inspiration. Here is the beautiful Linda Zoe demonstrating fashion staples that never go out of style. Huge breasts, a very sexy blouse, black stockings, a short skirt, bright red lipstick, long nails, a wig, jewellery, and cute high heels. He has also mastered the classic couch pose and is sitting pretty.

Linda Zoe

Linda Zoe

5 thoughts on “Fall Fashion for Men that Dress like Women

  1. More than another pretty and demure look!

    Here is how it makes me feel imaging myself in it; I feel powerful, sexual, feminine, playful and serious all at the same time.

    Kristine Anne

  2. I’m a Transsexual, first Dressed by Mother and her friend, Janet. In 1949, while I was 2 1/2 years old, Mother got her wish,, the often expressed view of wanting a Girl, was realized, when Janet bought some things over to Mother, from her little girl s. So I was Dressed as a Feminine little Girl for the first time then , Mother said, that since I was beautiful,and cute, I wouldn’t” be going back to being a boy again, She gave me , a new name then-I carry still, Rita Lynne Lerch. I started to School in 1953, in Three Rivers, Texas as a Little Girl , Dresses as her Princess . In 1962 , I entered to High-School, as a beautiful Young Lady . I graduated from High-School in May of 1967. Later that year in the fall , I started to College , and finish – up, with my degree in 1972. It is now 2018 and I am an old Lady of 71 , and I sat here writing to you ; as a Full time Woman.All that I have to say, is Bless my Mother, for starting me on the journey of being A Woman, I never for a second regretted my role in Life as a Woman. I didn’t have to come- out, I am a Transsexual, I have had 5 Homosexual relationships in my life ; But I learned. Earily-on that I was attacked to Women , since I was 14 , when I had my only sexual encounter with one of my own gender, I related to Lesbians in life. Contact me-Ms. Rita Lynne Lerch, 202 Victoria St., in Kenedy, Texas, 78119 ; Phone no.-(830)-400-9103, – Email- richardlerch@mail.com . To learn more of my Life.

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