Dog Empathy and Solipsism

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. You need to show your dog that you not only love them but really understand them.

You both go for a walk and your dog is thinking about spending the rest of the day waiting for the mailman and drinking toilet water. You on the other hand, are thinking about a new Aston Martin and thirty year old scotch.

You need to make a real effort to understand how your dog feels, and that’s why they make a leather and suede two toned dog hood. Wear this when you go out for walkies and you will share the experience in a way you’ve probably never known before. Plus it blocks the wind better than an ordinary balaclava.

Note: the other dog owners may laugh at first but they will all want to pet you and ask for your paw.

Two-Toned Dog Hood

Two-Toned Dog Hood

Two-Toned Dog Hood

Solipsism is the the theory that only the self exists, with extreme preoccupation and indulgence of one’s feelings and desires.

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