A Gift For Lucy CD

You may know Lucy from his photos on Pinterest, his blog, or my post back in February. I said then that he is the most interesting man in the world and after reading a recent post I’m sure of it. He talks about crossdressing, women’s fashion, society and changing the world. This is a very small part of it and I hope you show him some love for being such an amazing person.

“When I dress up I’m expressing my natural femininity as an image, my feminine personality. It’s not a form of escapism or another persona, it’s another image of who I am. Plus I really love women’s fashion.”

“However the fact that fashion is men’s and women’s’ really gets to me in a way, it’s more accepting for a woman to be masculine than it is for a man to be feminine. I also think that clothing should be masculine or feminine, so individuals can wear what suits their personality, not clothing simply assigned to their gender.”

“It is said to “be the change you want to see in the world” however with societies views on CrossDressing I really have no idea what could even be done or how to even start. As it’s forcing most CrossDressers to stay in the dark, therefore it is not known or understood by most people. If it was seen more often, it would likely reduce prejudice etc. The only hope I can see currently is that some Transgender individuals are beginning to be accepted. This is not the same at CrossDressing but it does give hope that society may one day understand it and accept it.”

There’s a lot more and I hope you take the time to read it. Merry Christmas Lucy.

Lucy CD Tumblr

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

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