Not Your Mother’s Panty Girdle

This is the Rago Lacette panty girdle, perfect for hang gliding, bow hunting and long fishing trips. Bra, stockings and gloves not included. Note: black lace gloves may not be needed for fishing but they definitely make a statement.

Just Figures is a husband and wife owned shop specializing in well made beautiful shapewear, garter belts and hosiery in sizes from extra small to extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra large. Check it out.

Lacette Panty Girdle

Lacette Panty Girdle

Lacette Panty Girdle

4 thoughts on “Not Your Mother’s Panty Girdle

  1. Dearest Teresa, this sissy has a panty with a pocket in the front where she hides the key to her lock on shoes. Then I put on pantyhose and my Rago body briefer, and a form fitting dress with a high collar neckline. Then I lock on my 4 inch pumps and the high neckline. The key is tucked into my panties un-attainable. The spare key is hidden outside. Sissy has to go outside if she wants to undress or go to the bathroom. Or else tear her clothes apart. Thrilling beyond belief and terrifing!

  2. Dearest Teresa,
    Yes a hobby. I have worn panties, pantyhose and a Rago panty girdle to work .Sometimes all week. Once you put one on, they are hard to take off. but then again, once dressed it is hard to take any of it off. Still wishing for this to be more than just a hobby.

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