Base Layers

We went to the park this morning for a brisk walk, reveling in the beauty of January and breathing in the cool morning air. After about five minutes my friend announced that he’s freezing and is going back to the car.

The beauty of January

The beauty of January

Sure, it was 20 degrees, but I was dressed for the weather wearing several layers of tight, thin clothing commonly known as base layers. Most guys do not wear the right base layers to stay warm and comfortable.

A base layer should be tight fitting so it traps air next to the skin and insulates the body from the cold as demonstrated by this man. Don’t forget a warm, comfortable pair of gloves. Wig, lipstick and adorable necklace are optional but highly recommended.

Base Layers

Base Layers

One thought on “Base Layers

  1. Oh Teresa… you are so well versed in the proper care of the male, even down to seeing his wardrobe protects the dainty dears from the elements. I’ll bet you also knew that a properly warmed bottom aided his comfort as he girlishly walked alongside of you in heated humility.

    And did not the tracks of his high heels in the snow add to his hot flush of embarrassment that kept him going in the cold wintry jaunt.

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