The Problem with Virtual Sissy Reality

The problem with virtual sissy reality is that it can get very messy very fast. There are probably warnings in the instruction manual but you will be too busy figuring out the tremendous combination of fantasies.

If you think you can get through a three hour virtual forced feminization beauty salon session without exploding you’re just kidding yourself. I’d be surprised if you last until your shampoo is finished.

So for obvious reasons you will need a vinyl transparent skirt. Its easy to clean and it comes in five colors including clear (is that a color?) I suggest you use a dry one each time to avoid the risk of electric shock, unless you’re into that.

Rumors are that a satin lined vibrating ejaculator and jism catcher will be a standard accessory when you upgrade to the extreme sissy humiliation kit, but that may be a premature predication.

Vinyl transparent skirt

Vinyl transparent skirt

Vinyl transparent skirt by ZEF2DEATH on Etsy.

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