4 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Body Suits For Men

  1. ALAS *sigh*… as Future Women increasingly have Their way… the new male shall find that as he is subdued and feminized more and more each day by the growing number of ascendant Females such girlish ‘virtual’ reality suits shall be replaced by girlish dress and adornment in “ACTUAL REALITY” *sob* *sniffle*

    • Oh yeah… well if you won’t let me out of the house… just get used to the fact I’LL DECIDE JUST WHEN AND HOW I’LL CLEAN IT! SO THERE!

      (Ain’t no body with an XX chromosome configuration going to tell me how i do my household chores! As Robert Burns said, “A Man’s A Man For A’ That… Next thing you know you Females will try to wear our kilts!)

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