My Husband is a Baby and I’m not his Mother!

Dear Abby: Men can be terrible babies when they are sick. It is a COLD! He’s not dying. Also, I am not his mother!

I made him aware of my disdain for the way sick men behave a number of years ago, but he still acts like the world is ending when he has a cold. How do I tend to him without feeling resentful? – NOT HIS MOTHER

Dear Not His Mother: Even if you aren’t feeling sympathetic, try to appear as if you are and keep your sense of humor.

Note: If he insists on acting like a baby treat him like one. Be aware that some men like this and might never leave the house, so consider a part time nanny or ask his Aunt for help. Most Aunts have very creative ways of disciplining a naughty child, although sometimes they go a little too far.

Adult Baby Romper Onesie

Adult Baby Romper Onesie

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