The Male Secretary-Dress Code and Work Ethic

Working as a secretary can be a very rewarding job for a man if approached in the right way. Most if not all of your coworkers will be women, so you will have a ball talking about clothes, makeup, and cute guys. But there are certain things you have to consider, including occasionally doing some actual work.

Whether or not you can type 100 words per minute may not matter if you dress the part. First of all you need to follow the dress code. Office rules vary but matching lipstick and nail polish are almost always appreciated, especially as you will set an example for the other girls.

The always lovely Linda Zoe (possibly not his real name) demonstrates some of the essentials.

Dressed For Success

Dressed For Success

At some point you will have to stop browsing lingerie and porn sites and just do your job, they probably didn’t hire you just because you look great in a short dress. There are files to file, paperclips to sort and the always stressful taking dictation in shorthand (keep your legs crossed).

Lost in thought

Lost in thought

Now this may be your dream job and the pay can be fantastic, but its not all sitting pretty and reapplying your lipstick. Common secretary duties include answering telephones, greeting visitors, ordering supplies and providing various services to customers. You have to take your job very seriously and you have to be a team player.

Of course, most men have the attention span of a goldfish when work is not all that exciting, so there is one more skill to master. This may take practice but in the long run it will pay off every time. When your boss asks for the report you were supposed to have finished hours ago but completely forgot about, its time for the move.

Slowly stand up from your desk making sure the tops of your stockings are showing, smooth your dress and show him those gorgeous legs. Get close enough to him so that he can smell your perfume and look him right in the eye. Next is the tricky part and you may have to tailor your response to the man in charge.

Lick your lips and say: Oh Mister Manager, I’m so, so sorry, is there anything I can do to make this up to you? Anything? Nine out of ten men will find something for you to do but be discreet, its harder to sleep your way to the top when the other girls are doing the same thing.

The Move

The Move

32 thoughts on “The Male Secretary-Dress Code and Work Ethic

  1. Hmm… but aren’t more and more of the secretaries and receptionists soon to be males under the austere employ of the increasing number of Female Execs and superiors?

  2. Goddess Teresa, as long back I asked that my inner voice is telling me I am a girl although by birth a boy. You advised me to start wearing at least sports bra and girl panties. At that time I told you that I am a very shy man. Gradually upon your time to time advice, after 6 to 7 months I listened to your lovely advice and to my inner voice AND purchased girl panties and sports bra and started wearing for past two days. Even now, while writing this to you I am wearing the girl panties and girl sports bra and I feel proud of this change. As instructed by you I want to send the photos of the same. Waiting for your instructions.

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  4. Goddess, today, when I picked my underwear (boy shorts and banyan) to wear for the office, I felt disgusted and automatically thrown it away and picked my sports bra and girl panties from hideout and wore below my official formal pant and shirt. Did I do correct thing or wrong? Please guide me.

  5. My goal is to become a male secretary and pleasure all the men in our office. So far the manager does it and won’t give me a chance.

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