Real Men Wear Kimonos

You have some friends over to watch the Super Bowl and you just want to relax and be comfortable. But you hesitate to wear your pink babydoll nightgown and stockings because you don’t want the guys to get the wrong idea. What to do, what to do?

Consider a simple Kimono. I saw this one on Etsy and even though it may seem slightly feminine and made of silk, its considered Unisex. Slip on satin panties and a bra, put your hair up, go easy on the makeup, and you’re just one of the guys enjoying the game in a comfy robe (more or less).

Note: this one is missing the belt so make sure to keep it closed at all times. Men get easily bored during commercials and may still get the wrong idea. Remind that your Kimono is Unisex and your panties and bra are just a fashion choice.

Unisex Silk Kimono

Unisex Silk Kimono

Vintage 70’s Embroidered Silk Kimono by MTTC on Etsy

4 thoughts on “Real Men Wear Kimonos

  1. Oh Teresa… wouldn’t you and a few of your Female friends rather have the guys be the ones for a change serving snacks and wine as demure, pert and obedient little geishas you all watch some Women’s sporting events?

  2. Seriously, Mz Teresa… by the time this is an option we males shall not be allowed to partake in such strenuous sports, besides we’ll be too busy carrying hors d’oeuvres back and forth at the bemused commands of Female guests….

  3. I wear satin nightgowns and sometimes only panties and a bra to lounge around the house. The neighbors complain because I leave the drapes open and my house faces the main road. Maybe I should consider a cute kimono.

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