Of Nurseries and Nighties

We took a ride to a local nursery today to look for seeds and Jiffy pots (not the popcorn things). If you ever want something to do on a cold winter day walking around a greenhouse is a fantastic way to spend an hour.

At the nursery

At the nursery

Looking at all the gorgeous flowers and plants made me think about spring and everything I love about it. My friend Michael was obviously thinking about the exact same thing because we looked at each other and both said: SPRING WARDROBE!

Michael likes gardening as well as prancing around his backyard in a nightgown, so this pink mesh nightie is perfect for him. This sheer nightie is sold by Carol Patterson, owner of My Sweet Mischief in Gold Coast, Australia.

The nightie is a soft nylon mesh, lined with a soft nylon knit fabric, but she can make it without the lining if you prefer it sheer. I suggest you get yours with the lining so you can have the neighbors over for coffee in the morning without feeling self conscious.

Pink mesh nightie

Pink mesh nightie

Pink mesh sheer nighty by My Sweet Mischief on Etsy

5 thoughts on “Of Nurseries and Nighties

  1. I love wearing a nice soft nightie! It makes me feel so girly and feminine. Wish I had a backyard to prance around in. I live in a condo and sleep in a panty bed. Yes my bed is totally soft silky panties!

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