Playboy Bunnies Are Making a Comeback

The tightly corseted Playboy Bunnies, with rabbit tails and ears, will soon be back in business in New York City. Three decades after the original Playboy Club closed in Manhattan, an apparent victim of changing American tastes and views on women, a new one will debut later this year in a hotel a few blocks from Times Square.

Former Bunny Kathryn Leigh Scott has fond memories of the old New York club: “It was an opportunity and it was fun. You put your school clothes in a locker and put on a satin costume.”

The always beautiful Rachel Greene (possibly not his real name) demonstrates how to rock a bunny costume with style and class. As J. Edgar Hoover once said: “If you can’t have fun dressing up in a satin bunny costume then maybe you should wear a suit and a badge.”

Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene

4 thoughts on “Playboy Bunnies Are Making a Comeback

  1. Yes… but Teresa…shouldn’t the eventual motif be scantily and daintily clad submissive feminine male servers catering to the needs of high powered Female execs wishing a respite from the day after day tensions of running important businesses and financial institutions?

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