Blonde Ambition

In this classic photographic study titled Blonde Ambition, the adorable Chloe Dresser (possibly not his real name) expresses the existential dilemma that all men must eventually face. As Jean-Paul Sartre said; “Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself.” Yes.

Chloe Dresser

Chloe Dresser

2 thoughts on “Blonde Ambition

  1. Dearest Teresa, Chloe is so pretty. Is she in the fitting room at the mall and has to walk out to her car? It would be exciting if Misstress took me to the mall and made me purchase all the clothes and then have to change into them and have to walk out to her car. Couldn’t stay in the fitting room forever. Lucky girl!

  2. Once again for some a paraphrase such as this might be both more meaningful and enthralling (and hopefully a portent as well!):

    “the male shall be nothing else but what the Female shall makes of him.”

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