Real Men Carry A Cute Purse

There are several advantages of carrying a smaller bag, but the main one is that its lighter. By the time you pack all your stuff into a large handbag it can weigh twenty pounds or more, which is tough on your whole body.

You don’t need to carry everything everywhere. Sure, its nice to pack extra makeup, pantyhose, condoms, tissues, books, binoculars, a full size camera and lenses, handguns, tasers, and even your Chihuahua, but its not necessary.

Marie Kondo wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which has absolutely nothing to do with purses, clutches, shoulder bags, crossdressers, transvestites or sissies, but she’s making a fortune. Its about determining which items spark joy. So put the dog down, grab your purse, throw in your lipstick, condoms and tissues and go to town.

Britney Smith (possibly not his real name) really nails it with his little bag and is ready to do whatever it is he does.

Britney Smith

Britney Smith

8 thoughts on “Real Men Carry A Cute Purse

  1. Dearest Teresa, sissy has a black leather shoulder bag full of her feminine needs including a dozen banana flavored condoms. And the sissy license you issued me. Ready for you!

  2. Dearest Teresa, my purse also contains, cell phone, lipstick, wallet with sissy ID, drivers license, money, VISA card, tampon, car keys, mascara, perfume, hair brush and photos of me in lingerie with my phone number on the back. Her pink purse and outfit is so pretty.

  3. Curtsey!!!!… Good morning, Miss Teresa. It’s been excruciating trying to find the lady that really wants to make me wear and do such things to please her, even if it was only occasionally.

    • Yes, life can be excruciatingly hard. Go to a Pro Dominatrix, tell her her fantasy in detail, and choose a safe word. Or, dream about it until you’re too old to get out of bed. And I mean this in the most inspirational, positive way.

  4. Dearest Teresa, this sissy realized she had to do it herself or never do it at all. You have inspired me. Thank you. Sincerly Lisa

  5. The only reason I carry a purse is to keep my lube in it. 90% of the men I meet at bars don’t have lube so we have to stop at the drugstore, its a a pain.

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