Men in Mini Skirts

There is a comic in today’s paper called Speed Bump with a father and son shopping at the mall. The caption says: Remember son, we’re men. We walk in, we buy, we walk out. No browsing.

Linda Zoe shows that stereotypes are made to be broken wearing an adorable white mini skirt, seamed stockings and white high heels. Remember, you can try on outfits all day long and you don’t have to buy anything.

Tip: always ask the sales girls how you look, some men just don’t have the legs for a mini skirt.

Linda Zoe

Linda Zoe

7 thoughts on “Men in Mini Skirts

  1. So the ‘manly’ shopping of yesteryear:

    “Remember son, we’re men. We walk in, we buy, we walk out. No browsing.”

    Is swiftly being replaced by a new pattern of public purchase that is required of males by Females in malls and fashiondepartments everywhere:

    “Oh Sweetie… remember you’re a GIRL now… stop acting like you are still a man… take your time and pick out at least a half-dozen cute feminine outfits to model for me… and remember to ask the saleswoman nicely for help dressing and choosing the right lingerie to try on matching each outfit. Now run along MISSY I’m really eager to see how you look in each ensemble”

  2. Dearest Mistress Teresa, I love my black leather mini skirt. I also wear a padded panty to fill out my hips, they keep bumping into things. Would love to wear them to the mall some day.

  3. Dearest Mistress Teresa, It would be a thrill, but would have to keep my clitty hidden. Maybe put it asleep with a soothing feminine cream and hope the string from my tampon doesn’t show either.

  4. Dearest Mistress Teresa, I’m wearing my mini with a garter belt and stockings and my clitty is hanging down. It doesn’t feel right not being tucked into panties. Maybe if I had panties with a hole exposing my pussy. Then try not to bend over to much?

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