Trained and Transformed

He’s ready now, you can pick him up anytime.

Trained and Transformed

Trained and Transformed

16 thoughts on “Trained and Transformed

  1. Curtsey!!!… Miss Teresa, I adore the way your words send a shock of suspense that runs through my veins. Vibrating honesty and wisdom to the deepest center of any tempted gasp of breath, to gain One’s self control, over any situation. Proving your superiority to all who reads any of your writings. Meanwhile, showing how seductive and intoxicating your allure, truly is. If I may, Muah Kiss, Miss Teresa. Just hope that you wouldn’t put a 24 hour non removable lipwear on me before (in hopes I was given permission to give a kiss)to kiss your beauty.

    • Curtsey!!!… Miss Teresa, well I guess I should be happy that the lipwear you mention of, would eventually fade away, but I should ask myself how long will it take to rid itself off my lips. Can’t forget that hopefully it wasn’t so fueled with an ingredient that passionately sent a burst of euphoria, weakening my mobility to resist and causing me to crave you to reapply it on me before, a never ending loop of bliss, until there is no chance to get away without my lips being permanently stained or an object locked on my body.

  2. Curtsey!!!… Miss Teresa, I got so bored with playing video games. I got rid of my game console, but just the thought of an elegant lady, like yourself, that finds enjoyment in doing feminine things to men trickles through my bones. Since I don’t have any video games it looks like I might be backed in a corner(I say with a whimper)

  3. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    Once I put on the lip plumper, I knew I couldn’t stop using it. Along with a gooey, red, shinny lipstick, I was hooked and then had big puffy red lips that were meant for cock. My clitty throbbed in my panties and I shivered with the thrill while running my red nailed hands up and down and over my lingerie encased body. Ready to be your sissy.

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