Master Of The House

He’s the master of the house, doling out the charm, ready with a handshake and an open palm. Tells a saucy tale, makes a little stir, customers appreciate a bon-viveur.

Nina Petite

Nina Petite

28 thoughts on “Master Of The House

  1. Curtsey!!!… Miss Teresa, Thank you, so much for the opportunity to be granted permission to leave a comment on your blog. I am ecstatic everytime you make a new post to comfort, us “we, your followers”, with your dominance. Your alluring words, have always fallen sensually seductive in my mind. As I feign for the day you passionately glide a lipwear on my lips that I’m not able to remove, until it wears off or to possibly experience what it might be like to be temporarily trapped for a 2 to 3 days as a French maid to please you, that is as long as I would be able to return to my regular day to day life with out repercussions or anyone finding out. I’m sorry that my fantasies have blinded me to be so one sided. It’s your glamorous attributes that guide me to want to pleasure you. Love you.

  2. Curtsey!!!… Miss Teresa, I will do that if it will please you, but you have to give me a few days to find that. Is that OK?

  3. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    Clean panties every day. Once I used a long lasting lip stick, and it did. Trying to get it off was difficult. Had to tell everyone I had a bad case of chapped lips. Would have been so much better if I could wear lipstick every day without question. Would have to stay indoors.
    Thank you so much. Best wishes for the New Year.
    Sincerely, Lisa

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