Men’s Fashion 2018

As Coco Chanel once said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” This also goes for men that dress like women, although the classy part is optional.

This classy and fabulous man is Jeanne Lazareva, owner of BoobsShop which produces amazing realistic female breast forms. And to show his dedication as a company man, he wears the products and he wears them well. A little old fashioned but that’s alright.

Find out more and see his photo gallery and videos on his About Us page. Note: if you wear a pair of these beauties you should practice your response to all the guys that will hit on you. Start with “My eyes are up here,” unless he’s very cute.

Jeanne Lazareva

Jeanne Lazareva

38 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion 2018

  1. Like 1000’s of others..entrapped by your wit and wisdom. As I approach 70 years-over 50 spent in gender envy and women’s garb I am deeply grateful I ‘met’ you on You Tube and pursued your name to this site. I might? if asked..even lay down my life for you as you read your devotees like open books. Thank you for being you..and for guiding us.

  2. Forgive me…I did not wish to alarm you. I have not been able to find it lately but I heard you speaking the “You LIKE to wear panties don’t you sweetheart?” It has been removed, no worries. And I feel so blessed to have entered into your world. I will slink back into the shadows now. C ya, goddess.

  3. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    Yes, there is only one. Seeing those lovely boobs, large and bigger yet, must have made me more dumber than normal. Guess I can only wear blond wigs from now on.
    Sincerely, Lisa

  4. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    A thrill runs through my body as I imagine wearing the D cups with the leopard print dress and walking into a bar and wondering which man would be the first to buy me a drink. Him, being the first, I’d owe him one. Those breasts would probably scare them all, even though they would get excited and dream of seeing them up close.
    Sincerely, Lisa

  5. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    I hope I don’t have to sit at a table all alone for any length of time. I will wear my long black leather coat and once at the table will drape it over my chair ladylike and have my breast tops exposed just like the model.
    I hope I can keep my hands out of there laps long enough to have the three drinks. Probably have my hand on his crotch as I sip my drinks.
    Laps, plural, as if there will be more than one, lol.

  6. Dearest Mistress Teresa,
    Do you think I should just walk into a bar or put out an ad requesting men to meet me there? It’s a small bar in a small town.
    Maybe I should go to a bigger city far from home?

  7. Dearest Ms.Teresa,
    My name is Michelle and I believe in feminization of all males. I am a happy super femme sissy who truly believes all males are “maid” to love,serve and OBEY Females! I very much love your site and can’t wait for more. Femforever,Michelle.

  8. Miss Teresa, please pardon my intrusion. I was just hoping that me telling you , i love you.shows how much I adore you and wait for the day I can put a smile on your face. Curtsey…!!!

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  10. I prefer a girdle and stockings unlike most men who prefer pantyhose and panties. I guess I’m a slave to fashion.

  11. I wear a corset at all times, but only because it helps my back. The fact that its pretty and lacy is just an unexpected benefit. I AM NOT A SISSY! Just ask my dressmaker.

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