The Costume Party-Sissy Humiliation, Forced Feminization, & Fun at the Beauty Salon

This is fun isn’t it? The two of us going to the salon together for your makeover? I know you’re excited about this.

You’re nervous aren’t you? Well, don’t you worry about a thing, I’m going to be right here with you the whole time.

Am I still mad at you? Well, I think I’m starting to get over it. You just relax and enjoy your special day, OK?

Here we are. Wow, its crowded isn’t it?

Now remember what we discussed, its all in fun and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, OK?

Now lets go inside. You take your shopping bag and follow me…

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The Costume Party by Teresa Bowers

The Costume Party by Teresa Bowers

Official Dress Up as a Girl Day

Yes its time to start thinking about that very special day once again. Official Dress Up as a Girl Day comes only once a year, and its your ticket to ride (or anything else you want to do while dressed as a girl from head to toe).

Of course I’m talking about Halloween.

You’ve probably seen pumpkins for sale already, and more importantly, advertisements for Halloween costumes.

On this special day you can do things you’ve only dreamed about, like go out in public dressed in your cutest outfit. Not only is dressing up approved by the entire world on Halloween, dressing up as completely as possible is absolutely encouraged. Now what does that mean to you, the average crossdresser you might ask?

It means panties, pantyhose, bras, slips, petticoats, dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs, FULL MAKEUP, nail polish, high heels, perfume, jewelery, and anything else you want to wear.

Do you realize that once you’re all dressed up, you can leisurely stroll though your local mall without a care in the world? Or walk right into your local beauty salon for a manicure? Or shop for lingerie, dresses and makeup anywhere you like, all while looking pretty and witty? Or have a set of professional photos taken at one of the photography studios tucked away in many department stores by a pretty girl who thinks you’re simply adorable? Well you can and you should.

This is my friend Claudia. He’s just a normal guy that likes to dress up as a girl as often as possible. Claudia doesn’t have to wait for Halloween to go out, but I think he’s one of the few that doesn’t. Most crossdressers never leave their house while dressed up. This is your chance-take it!

Tip: Halloween is on a Friday this year, so the whole week should be considered close enough to count as Halloween related.

Claudia Tyler Mae

Claudia Tyler Mae

Crossdresser Caught In Panties!

What the…Oh my god!

What are you doing in my bedroom? And what are you doing in my bra and panties?

I can’t believe this-you’re a pervert!

Wait until my husband finds out that I caught the boy next door prancing around in his wife’s panties and bra!

And when I tell my daughter why her mother is throwing out her clothes, I think that she’ll want to share this story with all our neighbors.

Won’t that be fun? And you know what-I think I’m going to call the cops. You can explain it to them. You’ll look so pretty in court I’m sure someone will bail you out.

You don’t want me to do that? You’d like to keep this OUR little secret? Well it’s a little late for that now. I’m never going to be able to forget this.


Caught In Panties!

Caught In Panties!

Beauty Salon Forced Feminization

Hi honey, are you ready for your big day? You’ve been looking forward to this all year haven’t you? Today you get to become the girl you’ve always wanted to be, and its OK, because we’re going to say its for a costume party.

That’s right.

I’ve already told the girls at the salon, and they think its so cute that you want to do everything it takes to become a pretty little girl. By the way, I was on Facebook last night and guess what I saw?

You know don’t you?

I saw my picture posted there with my phone number. That’s the picture I gave you isn’t it?


Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve caused me?

I trusted you and you Fucked up big time.

Did you think I wouldn’t find out?

Do you know how many calls I got-Oh I COULD JUST KILL YOU!

Maybe you’d like me to post some pictures of YOU on there? Would you like that? Maybe the one of you in your maids outfit, sucking on my strap-on.

And I could mention that you’re always looking for new friends, how would that be? We could send that picture to your boss too, that would be fun wouldn’t it?

You’re sorry? Well, sorry doesn’t help much now does it? Its too Fucking late for that isn’t it?


I’ve changed my phone number and hopefully no one will find out where I live. But I want you to understand how it feels to have your privacy violated like that. If you’re a good little girl, and do everything I say, I’ll try to forget this ever happened.

We’re still going to dress you up and make you over just like we planned, only I may not be as discreet as I originally promised.


Now lets get started my little sissy.


Beauty Salon Forced Feminization

Beauty Salon Forced Feminization

A Sissy Roadmap

Pretty Sissies at Strapped In Silk

Pretty Sissies at Strapped In Silk

A lot of you may not realize that Strapped In Silk is a very large website.

Did you know that there are almost 90 different pages? And that’s not even counting the 150 pages of stories, the huge variety of bondage, fetish and kinky sex toys, the thousands of different types of lingerie, dresses and fetishwear, and the plethora of sissy training and forced feminization videos.

How do you find these things, how do you find exactly what you’re looking for? The Sitemap.

Most websites have a Sitemap but very few people bother to go there. So if your fingers are all cramped up from waxing the dolphin I’m posting it all here.

Take a break from staring at yourself in your pretty sissy outfit and explore. Some things are not as hard as you make them. OK, that might be a bad choice of words.

The Strapped In Silk Sitemap

The Beauty Salon Fantasy

After the caught in panties fantasy, the next most common forced feminization fantasy is probably the beauty salon fantasy. Why is that?

The beauty salon is a very friendly place, and a new hairstyle, makeover and manicure are pleasures every girl should treat herself to on a regular basis. The problem is that since you’re a man that likes to dress up as a woman, you may find it a tiny bit embarrassing. Ironically though you crave that embarrassment. This is where forced feminization comes in handy.

But are you ready to just walk into a crowded salon in a dress, stockings and heels? Maybe, maybe not. So how can this work for you in a fun and creative way?

We say its for a costume party! Costume parties are held all year round in different places for all kinds of reasons. The best reason is because its a great a way to do something different, to get out of your ordinary role and try something new. Of course dressing up as a girl is not really new to you, but this way you get to do in right and go out in public.

Now to make this experience really interesting, as soon as you sit down in the chair I tell everyone that there really is no costume party, there never was. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Butt wait-I not only tell them how you like to dress up as a pretty girl, but your whole history and all your fantasies.

Believe me, its a day you won’t soon forget. And you never know who might walk in while you’re having your hair done, and what might happen when we help you pose for pictures with some of the staff. So I wrote a little story about this to give you a better idea, to give you the big picture (and its bigger than you might think).

The Costume Party at

The Costume Party at

Five Dollar MP3s at Strapped In Silk

That’s right sissies, 5 dollar MP3s.

Butt wait-are all MP3s 5 dollars?


Butt wait-are any of them less than 5 dollars?


Are there other sales, discounts, and coupon codes?


Yes what?

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy is 11 minutes of confidence building and inspiration, and its only $4.95 right now.

If you use the coupon code LIPSTICK you can take another 10% off, making it almost free (well, a hell of a lot less then the new bras you’ll be buying at Victoria’s Secret).

I have a Twofer Sale: 2 MP3s for one ridiculously low price, 4 different full length MP3s at 50% off, The Blue Plate Special 6 MP3 Set, and another sale I hate to even talk about.

OK, you forced it out of me. If you want to pay by money order you can use all sales, specials, and coupon codes and take another 20% off on top of everything.


What am I fucking crazy?

Yes-crazy like a rock!

Wait, that didn’t come out right. Dammit.


Five Dollar MP3s at Strapped In Silk

Five Dollar MP3s at Strapped In Silk

Miss Teresa’s Beauty School-The Transformation

Come in, I’ve been expecting you. I had a long talk with your boss the other day and it seems that you have a little fetish for women’s underwear, isn’t that right?

In fact, you’ve been caught stealing things from the other girls lockers. Mostly their panties and pantyhose. Is it just too hard to be the only man in an all girl company?

Do you want to be more like the other girls? Is that the problem honey? I think it is. I think that’s what you really want.

She told me about the discussion that you two had, and how you begged her to give you another chance, that you were willing to do anything she asked. I’m surprised she didn’t just have you arrested, but I guess she has her reasons. That would make a great headline don’t you think?


They would print your picture and everything! I’ll bet that would be hard to explain wouldn’t it my little panty boy?

Well, It seems that she came up with a very interesting way for you to avoid all that, and even keep your job. You’ve agreed to her terms and will continue working there as long as you behave yourself. Is that right?

From now on you’re going to be just like the other girls. You’ll dress like them, walk like them, talk, and act like them.

I need you to be quite sure about this since it will be my job to help you learn your new role.

Are you willing to do everything I say?

Are you sure?

OK then, Welcome to Miss Teresa’s beauty school and from now on you will be known as Princess. You will answer to that name from now on, and when I ask you a question you will say: “Yes Miss Teresa,” Is that clear?

Alright then. I want to take some before pictures so everyone can see the dramatic transformation you’ll be going through.

Who do I mean by everyone? Well, your boss, and your coworkers, and anyone else we care to show them to.

If you want to change your mind this is your last chance, otherwise don’t ask me any more stupid questions like that.

From now on Princess you are MINE!

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Miss Teresa’s Beauty School at

Miss Teresa’s Beauty School at