Base Layers

We went to the park this morning for a brisk walk, reveling in the beauty of January and breathing in the cool morning air. After about five minutes my friend announced that he’s freezing and is going back to the car.

The beauty of January

The beauty of January

Sure, it was 20 degrees, but I was dressed for the weather wearing several layers of tight, thin clothing commonly known as base layers. Most guys do not wear the right base layers to stay warm and comfortable.

A base layer should be tight fitting so it traps air next to the skin and insulates the body from the cold as demonstrated by this man. Don’t forget a warm, comfortable pair of gloves. Wig, lipstick and adorable necklace are optional but highly recommended.

Base Layers

Base Layers

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Documentary

I watched a fascinating documentary tonight about body dysmorphic disorder. It seems that a basement accident horribly disfigures a young man though he is physically alright.

Towards the end of the film the man transitions into a woman, but that doesn’t really solve anything. “It’s just like your first haircut” he is told as he resorts to desperate measures in an attempt to get back to what he thinks is normal.

This is the story of how his family coped with the aftermath. It’s a story of courage and bravery, and it will make you question everything you thought about beauty. Fortunately someone uploaded it to YouTube earlier this year. Let’s go to the video:

Just Another Pretty Face-Video

The Problem With Sissies

The problem with sissies is that they rarely take good photos of themselves. Maybe its a lack of technical knowledge, but I think its probably more of being in a hurry to get their panties off and change back into non sissy mode.

Yes, I know there are some sissies that dress up and prance around all the livelong day, but I think they are the exception.

So here is a very interesting Tumblr blog I found featuring a little bit of everything. Its called Menelwena for some reason, possibly because that’s her name. Some images are NSFW but are very tasteful. Enjoy.


Rita Ora from Menelwena.Tumblr

Rita Ora from Menelwena.Tumblr

2014 Fall Fashion Trends for Crossdressers, Transvestites and Sissies

If you’ve been reading fashion magazines and are keeping up with all the pre-fall and fall trends, you’re probably very confused. But there is one fashion basic that never goes out of style -The Slut Dress.

You want a dress that’s simple, sexy and tasteful. You want a dress that tells the world who you really are. And many of you want that dress in extra large. You want, you need, the Her Name is Tasty Sexy Mini Dress from Spicy Lingerie.

The description tells you everything you need to know: “This sexy dress with criss-cross back detail will have all the men dying to get a taste of you.”

Tip 1: Make sure that a man tasting you is what you really want.

Tip 2: Consider an edible body lotion.

Tip 3: Bring extra panties in your purse.

Her Name is Tasty Sexy Mini Dress

Her Name is Tasty Sexy Mini Dress

Crossdressing Photography Tips part 2-Portraits a Specialty

In an earlier post about crossdressing photography I focused on my friend Claudia Tyler Mae. Claudia was not only lucky enough to get a professional makeover and try on beautiful clothes, he also had a photographer shoot him.

You may not have that option, or perhaps you’re just shy when you’re all dressed up. Butt wait…you don’t need a photographer, you don’t need a fancy $5,000 camera, and you don’t need Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

I have several cameras as well as all the editing software, but the real key is a good subject. And what better subject than a very girly-girl that loves to dress up from head to toe, and pose in all kinds of sexy positions-you!

Use any camera you have or even your phone. The real key to a great portrait is the look of the model-you.

Sure, you can read about portrait photography and they’ll insist that the real keys are lighting, background, aperture, composition, and possibly the rule of thirds. Well listen; any time I hear the rule of thirds mentioned I want to throw up. Photography is about capturing a moment, if the image isn’t tack sharp, perfectly composed or has a bit of noise it doesn’t matter. Your crossdressing selfies are probably not going to appear in National Geographic.

By the way, there are actually two different Pinterest pages titled crossdressing selfies. Google it if you need inspiration.

Be bold, be creative, and most of all have fun like this young man. Not only does he look great and have a wonderful expression, he found a unique location at his storage shed. Photo found on Pinterest.

Crossdressing Photography

Crossdressing Photography

Hair Salon daydreams

Do you ever find yourself at the hair salon, trying to sneak a peek at those beautiful hairdressing books? Or maybe you watch with envy as a young woman gets a perm.

When your stylist asks how you’d like it today, do you just say “The Usual”?

Maybe, as she does your 15 minute haircut, you drift off into your own favorite fantasy, the one where you get a TOTAL transformation and become a gorgeous, sexy, woman!

It can be a lot easier than you think. There are transformation salons in more places now than ever before. The prices are reasonable, they understand you completely, and they even take pictures! How cool is that!

There are at least 2 of these places on my resources page under Makeup and Hair, 1 in New Jersey and the other on Long Island. Go for it Boys!

Hair Salon daydreams

Hair Salon daydreams

The Makeover

The Makeover

And A Manicure!

And A Manicure!

Lip Tips

Lips are certainly the second most important parts of our face, after the eyes. Your lips get older with you, but don’t let them tell your age.  Get younger looking lips with a few easy steps. Don’t panic, there are great methods for the treatments of chappy, dry, thin lips and fine lines. You can restore the plumpness and youthful look of your lips by making them soft and sensual.

Full, kissable lips certainly depend partly on genetics, but they also depend on the way we treat our lips. Your lip problems can be solved by using some natural methods, without having to spend on costly aesthetic operations and lip augmentation procedures. Naturally beautiful lips would never be surpassed because a wonderful smile will always be key to make a winning first impression. Let’s see how can you get rid of some embarrassing lip problems and how can you obtain a fresher, younger look!

Chapped Lips

This frequently met condition of dry, flaky and cracked lips is caused by the loss of moisture that comes with aging. As you get older your lips loose their hydration. Moreover, the skin on the lips is thinner and as they are constantly exposed, they can easily get cracked.
In order to fix this problem instantly and obtain soft, smooth lips, you need to exfoliate your lip skin with a scrub, made just for lips. You can easily purchase one in every cosmetic store or drug store.

Fine Lines

These vertical wrinkles on the lips and around the lip area can be really annoying. Fine lines simply engrave themselves on your face. Although they won’t disappear, you can prevent and slow down the deepening of these wrinkles by applying anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments or creams around your lips regularly. If you are taking care of your skin right from the beginning, you can tighten the skin around the mouth area and plump up these fine lines.

Besides these great products that can be found on the market, you can massage your lips with coconut oil on a regular basis. Coconut oil moisturizes your skin and it’s also an excellent remedy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Another great way to strengthen the muscles around the mouth and to delay the apparition of fine lines is by making lip exercises. For advice and detailed exercise tips you can consult your doctor.

Thin Lips

Many of us aren’t endowed with big, full lips and as you get older, the collagen layer gradually diminishes in the skin, therefore your lips can become thinner. If you want to achieve quick results, opt for tinted balms, that will keep your lips soft, pout and youthful.

You can also create the illusion of optically fuller lips by applying a proper lip makeup. As a first step, draw a line outside your upper lip with the lip liner, following the natural line of the bow. Draw the line a little bit above the real lip line then do the middle of the lower lip as well, a little outside the thickest part of your lip. Avoid lining your lips from corner to corner because it will look too artificial. Make the line rounder to visually add more volume to your lips.

Another great trick that you can adopt is applying a bit of foundation or concealer in the outer corners of your mouth. Blend it well into the fine lines around your mouth then fill your lips with lipstick. These are great tricks to enhance your lips with a naturally plump look.

For a long-term effect, you can also opt for a bit more costly but effective methods like laser resurfacing or injectable fillers, such as collagen, in order to give your lips a full, voluptuous look.

Take care of your skin and apply these wonderful tips for a proper lip treatment in order to have youthful looking, soft and kissable lips.

Lip Tips

Lip Tips

Dressing for pleasure-Accessories

A quintessential accessory to your latex wardrobe, these fierce but feminine gloves are seamless and imported from London. Dress any outfit up with a touch of these classy gloves. As comfortable as they are durable, these gloves will uphold their design and integrity even in the most heavy-duty situations.

Accessories are always needed, especially when power washing trucks, working with cement, fishing on the dock of the bay,  roleplay with your mistress, bottom painting your boat, building a fence on your farm, kick boxing, happy hour, or just standing on the corner at midnight.

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