Panty Raid Gone Wrong

From the New York Post: “A Missouri man with an admitted fetish stole undies in a home break-in. Cody Hassler, 34, of Washington, Mo., copped to creeping into the home while a mother and her teenage daughter were asleep to snag underwear from the laundry room. He fled when the teen awoke, but was soon busted.”

It’s a shame he was in such a hurry to get away because I’m sure they could have all worked something out.



How To Wear A Scarf

  1. First, drape the scarf around your neck with one end shorter than the other.
  2. Next, wrap the longer end of the scarf across the front of your neck and let it hang over your opposite shoulder.
  3. If the scarf is extra long, wrap it around your neck once before placing it behind your shoulder.

The simple things are sometimes the hardest to master.

The wrong way to wear a scarf

The wrong way to wear a scarf

Run Rabbit Run

A prankster who made New Jersey cops hopping mad is getting a break. Most charges were dropped against Kevin Hemmerich, who dressed up in a bunny suit and blew an air horn for four minutes in the lobby of police headquarters. Prosecutors are still charging Kevin with disorderly conduct for some reason, maybe they don’t like rabbits in New Jersey.

Run, rabbit run. Dig that hole, forget the sun. And when at last the work is done, don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one.

Leather Bunny Hood

Leather Bunny Hood

Leather Bunny Hood

Everyone Poops

A neighbor in St. Roch New Orleans caught a man dressed as a woman defecating on her steps Wednesday morning.

“Someone comes here almost every morning and poops!,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified. She said it’s happened over a dozen times in the last month, and she thought it must be the same person over and over again.

“They’re very big, about 6 feet 1 inches and muscular,” she said. “I’ve seen three different wigs and tight pants, a variety of tops and a big bag.”

Now what?

Such a naughty, naughty girl

Such a naughty, naughty girl

Feminized by Mom and Her Friend

Getting caught in the panty drawer and feminized as punishment is a favorite fantasy for all crossdressers, transvestites and sissies. Getting caught and feminized by your Mother, and getting caught and feminized by your Mother’s friend are two very different things though.

These are actually two separate stories about the same boy. In the first one, Mom calls her friend to see if she can help. Her friend has a lot of experience with boys that dress like girls, and tries a crossdressing intervention to see if he is really the sissy he seems to be. She has limited success but he has a ball. What now?

Mom decides to take the matter into her own hands. She encourages her son to dress like a girl until the thrill is gone. But that doesn’t happen right away. It takes him a tremendous amount of practice and hundreds of pairs of panties to come to his own conclusion about the whole thing.

Both are audio stories as well as written stories, listen to the previews or read the whole thing. These two recordings and 14 others are free with a one time video signup, you’ll see the link. Enjoy!

Feminized by Mom’s Friend

Feminized by Mom

Feminized by Mom and Her Friend

Feminized by Mom and Her Friend

Do Panty Thieves Ever Get Caught?

Yes they do, and a very clever Manhattan financial analyst did just that by using a hidden smartphone camera, and nabbed her apartment building’s super sneaking into her pad and then sniffing and swiping her lingerie.

“I don’t want to think what he was doing, but everyone has theories, and I’m sure not good,” Ashley Chase told the N.Y. Post.

Ashley Chase via N.Y. Post

Ashley Chase via N.Y. Post

Chase first suspected something strange was happening inside her fifth floor studio when she returned from a Labor Day trip to the Hamptons last year, and couldn’t find a purple lace bra. As time passed, a series of undergarments disappeared, including a black and gold bikini top, a tan bra and at least three pairs of panties.

“I also realized at that point that underwear I had worn that weekend that were in the dirty hamper were missing,” she said, describing the moment in July when she put the pieces together.

The building superintendent, José Cedillo, was caught red handed and he knew it. Papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court say he copped to the panty raid, admitting: “I went in today to look around. I took a pair of panties.” The creepy super added: “I went in another time a few months ago. I don’t remember when.” Cedillo is now free on $50,000 bond.

Could she have blackmailed him? Of course, but as a busy professional she likely didn’t have time and blackmail is technically illegal.

The most interesting part of the story for me, is that this time it was the building super. Usually its the maid.

The Panty Maid

The Panty Maid

You’re a girl now sweetheart, you’re a girl now

Bob had been dressing up a lot more since being laid off from his job at the factory. He still woke up each morning at 6, then remembered that he had no job and nowhere to go. His girlfriend Julie was out of town on business, and her closet full of beautiful dresses, blouses and skirts, her dresser filled with soft, silky lingerie, and her collection of high heels was irresistible to him.

He would get up and shower, then put on the TV and have coffee, promising himself that he would stay out of her clothes. But within an hour he was standing in front of the full length mirror, admiring himself in her fabulous pink satin tulle baby doll, and matching panties.

Despite the anxiety, the worry about her discovering his secret, and the guilt he felt, there was no way he could stop. The layers of soft, cool, silk and satin on his skin, and the way he felt as he slipped on her nightgown was incredible. It was like a drug that he had to have…


Queen for a day

Queen for a day

Strapped In Silk Sissy Story Contest Winner 2013

The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

That’s right, sweetie, I was watching the while time.

From the moment you walked into the boathouse today, thinking you were just going to have a quiet little lunch break alone, until I surprised you a few minutes ago.

Yes, you thought you were alone, which is what gave you the courage to…well you know.

You really should have checked this place better before you did anything naughty.

Sure, Jess and Sam were still at the lifeguard stand, but you know I take my breaks in here too. And on these long, hot, wet days during rainy season, nobody cares if the break stretches a little.

You walked in, all soggy and frustrated from staring at that empty lake for hours on end, and let out the cutest little sigh.

I almost said something then to let you know I was in here too, but something stopped me. A little women’s intuition I guess, it goes a long way. Because when you went into the loft to grab your lunch, you saw it. Sitting on top of my gym bag, looking sooo irresistible, was my red one-piece.

You stopped and stared for a minute, your little hands opening and closing, your breathing getting quick and shallow. And in my dark little corner, I could see you make “The Decision.”


The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

Queen for a day-A Sissy Story

Bob had been dressing up a lot more since being laid off from his job at the factory. He still woke up each morning at 6, then remembered that he had no job and nowhere to go.

His girlfriend Julie was out of town on business, and her closet full of beautiful dresses, blouses and skirts, her dresser filled with soft, silky lingerie, and her collection of high heels was irresistible to him.

He would get up and shower, then put on the TV and have coffee, promising himself that he would stay out of her clothes. But within an hour he was standing in front of the full length mirror, admiring himself in her fabulous pink satin tulle baby doll, and matching panties.

Despite the anxiety, the worry about her discovering his secret, and the guilt he felt, there was no way he could stop.

The layers of soft, cool, silk and satin on his skin, and the way he felt as he slipped on her nightgown was incredible. It was like a drug that he had to have.

Julie would be back in 6 more days, and he took advantage of this time to try on almost everything she owned. He convinced himself that their relationship was over anyway. She was tired of his lack of sexual interest in her, and his laziness.

Since they would soon be breaking up, he figured he had nothing to lose by shaving his legs. While he was in the tub and had the razor out, he shaved the rest of his body as well. All except a small patch of his pubic hair that he carefully shaped into a heart.


Let’s dress him up as a girl!

It happens every day, all over the world, and each time it’s under almost the exact same circumstances.

You think you have the house to yourself for a while so you decide to raid the panty drawer, again. Its OK, you’ve done this many times before. You’ll try a few things on, then carefully put them back and get on with your day.

But this time it’s different. The girls come home early and there you are prancing in front of the mirror.

A cell phone comes out and pictures are taken. Its over, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change this now. They calmly decide to dress you up as a girl from head to toe and you really have no choice but to let them.

As you sit there on the bed trying to cover yourself, the girls methodically gather some things they’ll need for your transformation.

All kinds of makeup, bright red nail polish, a long blond wig and perfume. This is going to take a long time.

So far it’s the way you’ve always pictured it. But how can you relax and enjoy this when you’re popping out of your panties? That can be embarrassing.

What you need is a robe. A beautiful, soft, lacy, ultra feminine chiffon robe to cover yourself up. Like this Flirty Chiffon Robe.

It’s a bit short but it will cover the party in your panties so you can enjoy the makeover.

WARNING: Do not let the soft, lacy chiffon come in contact with your satin panties or an explosion is imminent.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In your sisters clothes

I wonder just how many of you wore your sisters clothes. Do you think she knew? Did she have pretty things? Did she ever catch you?

I know that so many sissies and crossdressers fantasize about being caught. Its fascinating really, because the last thing you really want is to be caught and exposed to all your friends and family. And of course all the girls at school!

A very common “getting caught” fantasy goes like this:

You’re home alone and think you have the house to yourself. You go into your sisters room and put on her panties. They feel fantastic don’t they?

Since you’re already there, you decide to try on a bra too, just too see how it looks with your panties. It looks great!

Now the only logical thing to do from here is try on a dress. Standing there in her lingerie with your own clothes on her bed, you browse through the closet for just the right one.

Suddenly your sister walks in, all wound up from cheerleading practice with two of her girlfriends.


She’s mad but also amused, and her girlfriends are hysterical seeing you like this. One of them (her name is Susan and she is gorgeous), grabs your clothes and blocks the door. You’re standing there in panties and a bra and despite the embarrassment you are very excited.

“We’re gonna tell EVERYONE!” Susan announces with joy.

“It looks like he really likes wearing panties! Maybe he wants some help being a girl” Your sister says with a twinkle in her eye.

You beg and plead with them to keep this a secret.

“Please-Please-Please don’t tell anyone-I’ll be ruined!” you say as your hard-on gets harder.

“I have an idea…” says Susan.

Well, you know the rest. The three girls do their best to feminize you completely, everything from full makeup to nail polish and perfume.

There’s nothing you can do except surrender to them and they understand that. The more they watch you squirm the more things they do to you. Stockings, heels, bracelets, and a purse are now yours.

Next are lessons in becoming more feminine. Walking, sitting, and talking like a proper girl are given with pleasure. They are getting revenge on every boy that has ever hurt their feelings by taking it out on you.

You are embarrassed.

You are ashamed.

You are humiliated.

You are helpless.

You are in heaven!




Larry spent most of his adolescence in his sisters room, trying on her pretty things.

Each day he would tell himself: “NO! NOT TODAY!”

Ten minutes later he would be in her pantyhose and bra secretly hoping to be caught.

He didn’t want to be discovered of course, but his favorite fantasy was to be caught by his sister and her friends, and punished for invading her privacy. And what kind of punishment would be appropriate in this case?

The only way he would learn his lesson was to see what it was like to be a girl completely! He had to be taught a lesson that he would never, ever, forget!

(as confessed by Larry himself)

Oh Larry

Oh Larry

The rest of Larry’s punishment looked something like this…



Help Princess get a makeover!

I can use some help finishing this story. I’ve written the beginning, and decided on the dresses he has tried on, and the one he will wear to the beauty salon. I even have an outline for the rest. If anyone would like to help, feel free to send me your ideas. I’ll be happy to give you a copy of the finished MP3.

The story so far: Caught In Panties Redux

The Outline for the ending:

  • I help Princess finish getting dressed, an we stop at his house for his wallet.
  • We walk into the salon and explain why he’s there.
  • The girls think I should still call the police.
  • Princess begs us not to, and confesses he wants to be a girl
  • We decide to grant him his wish, completely!
  • I think her dress should be taken off, so as not to get ruined.
  • Once in the chair, with his cape on, we look through a hairstyle book to choose a new style and color.
  • The decision is made. A curly perm and a new color (blonde or red).
  • Eyebrows will be waxed, hair finished, a full makeover, manicure, and pedicure.
  • At some point Princess will cum in her panties in front of everyone, possibly during her ear piercing.

Out With The Old

The majority of crossdressers that I’ve met have thrown out some or all of their prized collection at least once. Whether its a matter of being afraid to keep it around the house, or deciding that enough is enough and wanting to start a new life, its a waste of money and usually some really pretty stuff! The thought of throwing out expensive lingerie and pairs of gorgeous high heels gives me chills, but I do understand.

The price of a few pairs of panties, or even a closet full of dresses is meaningless compared to the anxiety and stress it may cause. I just have a couple of suggestions that might help.

Consider a mini storage unit as an alternative to just tossing all your pretty clothes away. For $50-$60 a month you can find a small one that is roomy enough to stash all your things with plenty of space left over to store bulky items from your apartment, house, or garage. You’ll have complete privacy with your own lock and in most cases 24 hour access with a code. I’ve even seen new ones lately offering the first month free.

Now lets say you decide you’re finished for good. You are never going to wear women’s clothes again. That’s it-end of story. OK, that’s fine, but please don’t just throw everything out in a flurry of enthusiasm. Why not consider giving it to someone who can really use it.

Who you say? Why the homeless of course!

Studies show there are literally millions of homeless crossdressers throughout the country who can barely afford to stay drunk, much less buy beautiful lingerie.

Just imagine the happiness you could bring to one of these people by giving them a very slightly used Victoria’s Secret bra and panty set. Their big red nose would light up like Rudolph, and their whole attitude toward life and society may even change. I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

Do the right thing-give generously.

The Homeless Crossdresser

The Homeless Crossdresser


I saw on FetLife that Fictionmania is back up and decided to submit a story. About 2 days later a friend congratulated me for it and I thought he was kidding. I just found the story there and I guess I should be proud,that is definitely the best story site around. I chose my story: TV GUIDE because for one thing its true and for another it mentions my website!

I hope to continue my career and favorite hobby; Perfecting Porn.

TV Guide by Teresa Bowers

TV Guide

I recently got a DVR and could not figure out how to hook it up to the Internet. I bought and returned 2 wireless adapters and was really frustrated. Fortunately my neighbor Susan’s told me her brother was in town for a visit and promised to send him over to help. He’s a computer programmer in Manhattan. I had heard all about him and couldn’t wait to finally meet him. Last night I got my chance.

A well built, good looking young man arrived at my door and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Robert. You must be Teresa.”

“Hi Robert, I’ve been expecting you! Please come in and save me from throwing my shoe through my TV!”

“I promise you it will be a piece of cake.”

“I’m usually so good with these things, I even have a website I designed myself. I’ll show you later if you’re interested.”

“Sure, that sounds great. What kind of website is it?”

“Oh we can get to that later, I want to see what I’ve been doing wrong. Can I get you a glass of wine or something?”

“Yes, thank you .I’ll have this done in no time.”

“That would be fantastic, its here in the living room. Let me get you that drink.”

“So Robert, are you married?”


“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not at the moment, no”


“Hell No, why did you ask that?”

“Well to be honest Susan thinks you might be gay.”

“My sister thinks everyone is gay.”

“OK, I was just curious why such a good looking guy from the big city is still single. I didn’t mean to be so nosy.”


So can you get that thing working?”

“Not a problem, you just needed a different kind of adapter. I’ll be done in ten minutes.”

“That’s great, thanks for coming over Bobbi. Can I call you Bobbi?

“Uh-yea, sure. No ones called me that since, well no ones called me that in a long time.”

“Since Susan used to dress you up as a girl every Halloween?”

“She told you that?”

“Oh yes. She even gave me copies of the pictures! All six different outfits! Let me get them-oh look they’re right here.

Here you are as a cheerleader. Then a nurse. Oh I like this one, you made a very cute ballerina! And a French Maid-Wow! How old were you in that one-maybe 14? I cant believe you wore the complete outfit, stockings and everything!

Then you were a  cheerleader again only this time your tits are bigger and your makeup is perfect! And the last one is my favorite. Are you supposed to be a hooker? With that tiny skirt and those heels I’ll bet you could have made a fortune that night!”

“Susan used to make me do that,that was the last time.”

“Isn’t that interesting. She told me that you used to beg her to dress you up. And that you even shaved your legs as you got older.”

“I’m almost finished with this, where is your computer?”

“Follow me Bobbie, I mean Robert.”

“Let me show you my website before you unplug my router. Have a seat next to me. You might like this, its for boys that like to dress up as girls!

Here we go, Strapped In Silk. What do you think?”

“Oh my God this is your website?”

“Why are you so surprised, have you seen it before?”

“You did a story for me-I can’t believe this!”

“Oh really, which story?”

“Halloween Whore!”

“Wow that was you! That’s one of my favorites! And you wrote the whole thing out so well. It was almost like it happened to you!”

“Actually Teresa its my fantasy. It never happened.”

“Would you like it to happen Bobbi? Would you like to be dressed up and pick up a cute guy? Or as you said in your story a whole group of guys?”

“I-I don’t know if I could actually do that. Its just a fantasy Teresa. I’m suddenly feeling really embarrassed.”

“Don’t be sweetie, it would be so much fun! You can wear your sisters clothes again, you’re both the same size!”

“She cant know about this.”

“Believe me Bobbi, she already knows. And Susan’ a professional now, she even has her own salon. Besides, its not like you’d be the first guy that we’ve transformed into a beautiful woman!”

“I don’t think I can go through with it, thanks anyway.”

“Nonsense! Look at you-is that a USB drive in your pocket or are you just happy to be sitting next to me?”

“But I’m afraid, what if someone finds out?”

“Listen to me: you can’t go through your whole life being afraid of doing what you want because of what people might think. We’re going to do this and you’re going to live your dream!

Now repeat after me: My name is Bobbi and I’m just a little slut and I don’t care who knows it. Go ahead!”

“My name is Bobbi and….”

“Softer, lower your voice and say it softer. Picture yourself in a really hot dress with matching heels and perfect makeup. You’ll have silky panties on and you’ll be primped, perfumed, and oh so feminine!”

“My name is Bobbi and I’m a little slut. Oh your crazy Teresa, this is crazy.”

“What’s crazy is dreaming about something and wishing for it and not having the guts to do it! Now finish hooking me up and go home and shave. Tonight’s your lucky night. Is that clear my little slut?

Don’t look at me like that, is that clear?”

“yes, and thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, this is only the beginning!”

Pull My Finger

A discussion came up in FetLife today about humiliation and why some people like it. Most people seem to have trigger phrases that either gets them going or gets them off.For example,”Big Boy”,did it for Portnoy in “Portnoy’s Complaint.”
Most of my female friends have a similar trigger phrase that they think about during sex or masturbation.It may be “That’s a Good Girl” or “Sit on Daddy’s lap” or “Bend Over Honey”,or any of a thousand variations,but you get the idea.

The idea of being humiliated and/or embarrassed as a form or sexual gratification has always intrigued me.For many men this is a necessary ingredient and essential for them to complete their fantasy.Especially if their fantasy is Forced Feminization.As much as they go to tremendous lengths to avoid it in real life,they want to be punished by a group of women.Made to wear feminine clothes such as a frilly nightie and panties.Laughed at,teased and ridiculed.And stripped of all dignity and masculinity if only for a short time.

No doubt this has caused tremendous guilt and conflict as well as paid for more than one psychiatrist second home! I’ve discussed this in great length with one of my subs,lets call him Mark C for the sake on anonymity.Mark is a lawyer in a small town on Eastern Long Island and drives a green Jaguar with vanity plates that say MARKME.Is that too much information? (I’m sure there are several green Jags out there,forget that thing about his plates).Mark and I have known each other for a long time.We met after he was married to his first wife for almost a year.He told me about his fantasies and I didn’t have a problem with it at all.But I’m not his wife and was only seeing him for a few hours at a time.

Mark’s fantasy has always been about a group of women capturing him somehow and teasing him.It started with just that when he was very young,and progressed to more intricate scenes with specific details that had to be there for it to work.For example,by the time he was in his teens in high school, he was fantasizing about being caught by a group of hot girls,blackmailed into doing whatever they ask,and being forcibly feminized and humiliated by them.This became the only way he could get off,and while his friends dreamed about getting into girls panties he dreamed about wearing them!

Fortunately Mark became close to a girl who wasn’t really sure about her sexuality and they began dating.She never let him go further than playing with her breasts and kissing.Which was perfectly fine with Mark because now he had a girlfriend and he wasn’t that interested in straight sex anyway.I don’t think he ever told her about his fetish but it was a great relationship because she needed time to figure things out as well as him.

Mark is now married to a great lady that I’ve met briefly,who is very much into the BDSM lifestyle.She has certain unusual fantasies as well and they have a very successful relationship fulfilling each others needs.I’m thrilled that he has found such a woman and realize that he is very,very lucky to have her.I was going to say the majority of people I’ve met,but lets say that many people I’ve met with similar fantasies are no where near as happy and fulfilled as Mark.They have either told their partner about their fetish with terrible results or have kept it to themselves,along with their guilt and confusion about it.

I still have no idea what creates these different desires and fantasies in men and women.Whether its a woman who fantasizes about wetting her pants,or a man with a love for feet,or a Dominant woman who learned after a long time what she loves and divorces her husband and does it.I wish I could do more to show people that everyone is different, and that if you have something that gives you pleasure and doesn’t hurt anyone else then go ahead and enjoy it.But things are never that simple and its really not that unusual for a women to be shocked when you tell her that you want to wear her clothes and go ice skating.Unless you are telling me, because my skates are sharpened and ready.