Strapped In Silk Podcast will reach ONE MILLION plays by spring

Many of you are avid readers like me, with stacks of great books on every table in your house.

But maybe once in a while you’d rather listen to an audio story for hands free pleasure.

So whether you don’t have a good book right now or see the value in hands free pleasure (what could that be, hmmm?), take advantage of this while it lasts.

All recordings on my Podcast are now free.

Listen to the Strapped In Silk Podcast

Strapped In Silk Podcast

Strapped In Silk Podcast

Strapped In Silk Podcast will reach 900,000 plays this week

For those of you that were too busy masturbating back in high school, that’s almost a million plays!

I’ve just added In The Bedroom-A Sissy Story which is also available on my free downloads page (check the sitemap).

Listen, download, share and enjoy.

Strapped In Silk Podcast

Strapped In Silk Podcast

Strapped In Silk Podcast

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Feminine Voice Techniques

Some of you wish you could sound more like a woman don’t you? Once you’re all dressed up in your finest lingerie you look into the mirror, blow yourself a little kiss, and say something like: “Oh I’m a pretty girl, yes I am.”

But it may not be convincing because you sound like Tony Soprano, especially if you’re from New Jersey. Of course with enough practice you can learn to change your voice, the tone, and the way you speak. But like any new skill this takes time and practice, and also has some inherent danger that you may not have considered.

Lets say you master the technique and can now talk like a woman whenever you want to. You makes videos for you tube, call friends, and maybe even phone in to the home shopping channel just to hear yourself talk about the blouse you ordered on the air. So far you’re having a ball.

Then one day after work you stop at your local bar for a quick beer. The bartender asked you what you’ll have and without thinking you say in your feminine voice: “I’d like one of those drinks with the cute little umbrellas please. Oh and can I have a pink umbrella to match my panties?”

This can be trouble, especially if your boss and co workers are sitting next to you. Its like your Mother warned you-keep taking like that and one day it will come out at the worst time.

But as usual I have a practical suggestion. Why not focus on learning to moan like a woman having an orgasm while you’re having your own orgasm? You don’t need to remember a lot of words and practice will be its own reward.

I happen to have an example of a real 50 second orgasm for you to listen to, download, and learn from. Yes, 50 seconds is not very long, and if you have a longer one please contact me and I’ll see if we can get you into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Good luck and remember, Its in the way that you use it, it comes and it goes.

The Mistress Is Pleased MP3

The problem with Penelope

Penelope writes: Dear Miss Teresa; I’d like a personalized audio about me being completely feminized and used as your full time sissy maid. Make it about 45 minutes. Thanks.

Now whats wrong with this request? Any ideas?

I cannot write a complete story based on a handful of ideas. A 45 minute story is approximately 5,500 words. It takes a tremendous amount of time to write, and even if I did my story may not match the one in her head.

I’m not making a sandwich here!

We’re talking about a fantasy that you have developed over years if not decades, and have masturbated to thousands of times if not tens of thousands of times!

I don’t charge anything for working on a story with you but you have to tell me exactly what you want, what really turns you on, and what the most exciting part is for you (I already know why).

I worked on one where all the guys had to be large, muscular, black men and they had to be wearing tight, spandex bathing suits. And only in certain colors because it was summer and he was on vacation with his wife. Completely understandable.

Another time we were working on our 8th story, and he was stuck at a point where he is out on the back porch in his underwear, while his fate for rummaging through his neighbors lingerie was being decided. I suggested he be chained to the railing while a parade of cheerleaders took a little detour. He didn’t like that and we came up with a better ending for him.

Your story can be from your favorite fiction site and read as a narrative, or a special fantasy written by you and read from my point of view, as if its actually happening.

You can be captured by cheerleaders, drugged and transformed into a beautiful, large breasted women, caught and blackmailed into going to the beauty salon for a complete makeover, or completely feminized and used as my full time sissy maid. Whatever makes you happy.

You can even write it out like a play with notes and directions. In fact that’s really the easiest way for me.

Things like (PAUSE) after you are corseted and gagged, or (ANGRY VOICE) when I walk in and see you stroking yourself in my new Victoria’s Secret panties. Notes such as (You press so hard on the lipstick that it breaks, you get mad and make me swallow it) are very, very helpful.

I have also done more than one voice and played 2 parts such as your wife who discovers your forced feminization fetish in your browser history, as well as the Mistress she sends you to as an alternative to a divorce.

I take a lot of pride in my work and want you to be happy with the result.

Lets say I simply jot out a 45 minute fantasy and you end up as an Asian women working in a dry cleaners. Yes, you might just like that. But then again you may listen, jerk off and go skeet shooting. Thinking the whole time that you would have much rather been transformed into an ultra feminine sissy maid, doing my shopping and pleasing my friends in any way we desire. You will wear only the pretty things I pick out for you, and go to the salon with me weekly. I will change your name and share you with my neighbors when ever I want.

And when you need to be put over my knee and spanked, you will thank me and you will love it.

Skeet shooting eh?


You put a guy in panties, but you can’t make him drink

Well actually I can, but I wanted to get your attention.

Did you know that my website has almost 100 pages altogether? I’ll bet you didn’t. I do have a sitemap which includes everything on there and where to find it, but I think a lot of people have never seen it.

Did you know I have a Go Ask Teresa column about dressing like a gypsy?

Are you aware that my friend Nikkie has a website which includes complete transformation services, shopping trips,  as well as a full page of Fantasy and Fairy Tales?

Have you seen the 10 virtual makeovers on my resource page? You can really have fun with those and try on all kinds of hairstyles and makeup without even leaving the house!

I know you’re very busy with work, saving the world, shopping for dresses and lingerie, going to fetish events, and finding time for your next vacation in France, but if you get a chance check out some of these semi-hidden pages. You may find something useful.

Here is a partial list of places to go and people to see:

Seek and ye shall find

Strappedinsilk Sitemap

Strappedinsilk Sitemap

Bedtime Feminization II is now available

A longer, more complete version of Bedtime Feminization. Positive affirmations to help you become the woman you’ve always been.

A soothing musical background helps you concentrate and focus on my voice.

A short preview is here
The written version is here

Bedtime Feminization II MP3

Bedtime Feminization II MP3

Help Princess get a makeover!

I can use some help finishing this story. I’ve written the beginning, and decided on the dresses he has tried on, and the one he will wear to the beauty salon. I even have an outline for the rest. If anyone would like to help, feel free to send me your ideas. I’ll be happy to give you a copy of the finished MP3.

The story so far: Caught In Panties Redux

The Outline for the ending:

  • I help Princess finish getting dressed, an we stop at his house for his wallet.
  • We walk into the salon and explain why he’s there.
  • The girls think I should still call the police.
  • Princess begs us not to, and confesses he wants to be a girl
  • We decide to grant him his wish, completely!
  • I think her dress should be taken off, so as not to get ruined.
  • Once in the chair, with his cape on, we look through a hairstyle book to choose a new style and color.
  • The decision is made. A curly perm and a new color (blonde or red).
  • Eyebrows will be waxed, hair finished, a full makeover, manicure, and pedicure.
  • At some point Princess will cum in her panties in front of everyone, possibly during her ear piercing.