Panty Thief

One of my close friends has a fantasy about being caught stealing lingerie from a clothesline and being completely feminized and abused by a houseful of sexy women and girls. I’m going to make this cum true for him and would love to hear your suggestions. I’m planning on having some friends over one night for drinks and we will be well prepared for a “possible” robbery!
I promise to write about it in graphic detail later this week.

Can you hear me now?

The story requests that I’ve been getting lately are so similar its like there’s a secret club somewhere full of guys in business suits wearing expensive watches that all have this desire to be punished and humiliated. They either want to be blackmailed into being submissive and doing anything I tell them to do or they want to be blackmailed into becoming a sissy slut and doing anything I tell them to do. I think its so fascinating the way the human mind works and the things people want to do, or think they want to do. I’m just wondering where these guys were when I was younger and looking for a job, or for someone to mow my lawn, or help me move. Now If I need help with something I can offer a good old fashioned over the knee spanking or a lesson in walking in heels and the phone rings off the hook! Life is funny that way.

Sitting Pretty