Panty Raid Gone Wrong

From the New York Post: “A Missouri man with an admitted fetish stole undies in a home break-in. Cody Hassler, 34, of Washington, Mo., copped to creeping into the home while a mother and her teenage daughter were asleep to snag underwear from the laundry room. He fled when the teen awoke, but was soon busted.”

It’s a shame he was in such a hurry to get away because I’m sure they could have all worked something out.



They Made Him a Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

I wrote this story last spring, and it’s one of the most visited posts after Crossdressing With Aunt Christy-A True Story. There is a possibility that I will record this for my Podcast. Now let’s take a trip to Sissy School:

(Correction-it seems that I originally wrote this in 2013 when I was selling sissy dresses.)

The forced feminization school girl fantasy is an all time favorite among sissies. Somehow the girls at school discover that you like to dress up when you’re home alone.

Do they keep this a secret? Do they simply ignore the fact that you like to wear panties, lingerie and dresses at home, then pretend to be one of the guys at school?

No, not a chance.

Pretty girls have certain priorities while they’re in school, and one of the most important is power. Now all pretty girls have quite a bit of power just by being pretty, and knowing that, most of the boys are infatuated with them.

They also know that a little smile or touch at the right time can turn most boys into a quivering mess of nerves and fear.

What happens when they realize that they have you by the balls, and can make you do almost anything they want? They can make things very hard for you very fast…


They Made Him A Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

They Made Him A Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

Sissy School

The forced feminization school girl fantasy is an all time favorite among sissies. Somehow the girls at school discover that you like to dress up when you’re home alone.

Do they keep this a secret? Do they simply ignore the fact that you like to wear panties, lingerie and dresses at home, then pretend to be one of the guys at school?

No, not a chance.

Pretty girls have certain priorities while they’re in school, and one of the most important is power. Now all pretty girls have quite a bit of power just by being pretty, and knowing that, most of the boys are infatuated with them.

They also know that a little smile or touch at the right time can turn most boys into a quivering mess of nerves and fear.

What happens when they realize that they have you by the balls, and can make you do almost anything they want? They can make things very hard for you very fast…


They Made Him A Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

They Made Him A Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

Free Feminization Hypnosis

I have recorded seven feminization hypnosis audios including The Goddess Within, Hypno Girl, Hypno Slut, Mistress Teresa’s Feminization Training, Dressing for Pleasure, Bedtime Feminization and Bedtime Feminization II.

These are now free mp3 downloads along with nine other forced feminization and sissy training audios.

Note: I am not responsible for any permanent changes in your behavior, appearance, or preferred choice of clothing after extended listening.

To quote Tom Sawyer (The Rush song not the guy): “He knows changes aren’t permanent, but change is.”

Preview Bedtime Feminization II Here

Preview Feminization II Here

Preview Bedtime Feminization II Here

How to Find a Woman to Feminize You

I think it was Nixon that said “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Maybe it was my lawn guy, I don’t really remember. But if you want to find a woman to dress you up and play with you, a plan is needed. I have such a plan.

This will take some effort on your part, but it will be fun I promise. Its simple really, you are going to accidentally on purpose show a woman that you’re wearing panties. But you’re going to do it in a very classy, creative, and well orchestrated way.

The Plan: You wear a pair of panties under your jeans or shorts, then go shopping. Simple right? And to make it even easier, you’re shopping for food in a large supermarket. You’re just going to wear your panties instead of your regular underwear and talk to women who are shopping in the same isle.

The Setup: You have a shopping list in your pocket. Make it up, I suggest small things like soup, tomato sauce, and yogurt, things like that. You casually browse the store until you find a woman you’d like to meet. Then, you go over to where she’s shopping and ask a question about a product.

The Move: This is where it gets creative. As you and your new friend are talking about clam chowder, you pull out your shopping list to remind yourself of the brand you wanted, and oops-the list falls to the floor.

(You may want to practice this move at home. Make it look natural.)

Keep talking, bend over and pick up your shopping list. You’ll want to pull your panties up a bit higher before bending over. Not wedgie high, but just enough to make them visible as your shirt creeps up a little. That’s it! OK, that’s not it but if you get this far you’ve already achieved your goal. Now what?

You may be wondering if she actually saw your panties showing. Believe me she did. Women will look at a guy’s butt 9 out of 10 times just because that’s what we like to do. You’ll be able to tell from her face what to do next.

The Next Step: Do not go too excited just because a woman knows you’re wearing panties, many women will just chuckle and continue to help you find a the best soup with the lowest Sodium. Its all about her reaction.

Reaction 1: “Oh, you’re wearing women’s panties, isn’t that cute!”

Reaction 2: “Nice panties! What kind are those?”

Reaction 3: “Get away from me!”

Listen, no plan is perfect and you’ll probably get other reactions as well. Some women may ignore your panty clad butt completely much to your dismay, but it will help you with the next one.

Your goal is to find the right woman for you, just like in any relationship. You want to look into her eyes and see fire. She likes the idea of a man in panties, you can tell by her smile. There will be no need to explain that you want to be transformed into a feminine little plaything for her amusement, she already knows. You’ll buy that clam chowder and start a new life with her. After dinner you’ll look over and whisper: Feminize Me, and it will happen…

At the Supermarket

At the Supermarket

The Crossdresser In Therapy

Billy had been seeing a psychiatrist for almost a year, and was no closer to figuring anything out than he was on day one.

Three times a week he would come in and say pretty much the same thing: “I like to dress up as a girl but I feel guilty about it.”

Both he and Doctor Gestalt realized that not only was he making no progress, but that he had spent close to $30,000 so far. Billy was frustrated, and often thought he would have been much better off if he just bought that motorcycle he wanted instead of telling his deepest secrets to a complete stranger, and paying him a lot of money just to listen.

Finally out of desperation he told the doctor this and asked what he thought he should do. Much to his surprise the doctor was sympathetic and had a suggestion.

“Why don’t you just buy a dress? I know where you can get a gorgeous spandex mini dress for $30, and if you need a custom size its only $5 more.”

Billy considered that for a second, and was about to discuss the available colors when it stuck him as odd that the doctor knew this.

“Wait a minute-wait a minute, how do you know where to get a cute mini dress? Holy crap, you must be a sissy!”

Doctor Gestalt took a hit from his cigar and smiled. “No Billy, I’m a crossdresser. There’s a difference you know?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Why didn’t you tell me? I spent a fortune here and you just sat there asking me what I think and smoking that stupid cigar?”

“Doctor Gestalt wiped the ashes from his $2,000 slacks and said: “For one thing you never asked me, and more important what I do in the privacy of my home is none of your business. By the way, I’m selling my BMW GS and I can give you a great deal on it.”

Billy considered everything that was said in the last ten minutes, the money he spent, the hours in the smokey office, and took a couple of deep breaths as taught by a previous therapist. Then he calmly got up and hit Doctor Gestalt so hard that he fell off his $8,000 antique chair and lay moaning on the floor.

“OK Doctor Sissy, how much for the GS?”

It took Doctor Gestalt a minute to catch his breath and pick himself up off his $14,000 berber carpet.

“Its Doctor Crossdresser Billy, and if you really want it make me an offer.”


Billy ended up buying the mini dress and the bike and is paying the doctor in weekly installments.

Note: You never see a motorcycle at a psychiatrist’s office. Unless its a very happy guy in a shocking pink mini dress on a BMW R1200 GS.

A Sissy Roadmap

A lot of you may not realize that Strapped In Silk is a very large website.

Did you know that there are almost 90 different pages? And that’s not even counting the 150 pages of stories, the huge variety of bondage, fetish and kinky sex toys, the thousands of different types of lingerie, dresses and fetishwear, and the plethora of sissy training and forced feminization videos.

How do you find these things, how do you find exactly what you’re looking for? The Sitemap.

Most websites have a Sitemap but very few people bother to go there. So if your fingers are all cramped up from waxing the dolphin I’m posting it all here.

Take a break from staring at yourself in your pretty sissy outfit and explore. Some things are not as hard as you make them. OK, that might be a bad choice of words.

The Strapped In Silk Sitemap

Let’s dress him up as a girl!

It happens every day, all over the world, and each time it’s under almost the exact same circumstances.

You think you have the house to yourself for a while so you decide to raid the panty drawer, again. Its OK, you’ve done this many times before. You’ll try a few things on, then carefully put them back and get on with your day.

But this time it’s different. The girls come home early and there you are prancing in front of the mirror.

A cell phone comes out and pictures are taken. Its over, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change this now. They calmly decide to dress you up as a girl from head to toe and you really have no choice but to let them.

As you sit there on the bed trying to cover yourself, the girls methodically gather some things they’ll need for your transformation.

All kinds of makeup, bright red nail polish, a long blond wig and perfume. This is going to take a long time.

So far it’s the way you’ve always pictured it. But how can you relax and enjoy this when you’re popping out of your panties? That can be embarrassing.

What you need is a robe. A beautiful, soft, lacy, ultra feminine chiffon robe to cover yourself up. Like this Flirty Chiffon Robe.

It’s a bit short but it will cover the party in your panties so you can enjoy the makeover.

WARNING: Do not let the soft, lacy chiffon come in contact with your satin panties or an explosion is imminent.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Smart Sissy

A smart sissy is trustworthy, loyal, brave, clean and reverent. Oh wait a minute, that’s the boy scout motto.

A smart sissy will always get the matching panties and garter belt with her sissy maid uniform. Oh wait, that’s the boy scout leaders motto.

Screw it-dress the part, learn to curtsey, and always say: Yes Please.

Or suffer the consequences which is probably what you really want.


Mistress Teresa’s Feminization Training

Hello, there. I’m going to give you a special set of instructions to make you feel like a soft, sensuous girl. You love feeling like a girl, don’t you? There’s no other feeling like getting dressed up in pretty, feminine clothes, trying new looks, new shoes, new dresses and skirts, new lingerie, new pantyhose and stockings, new panties and bras, new jewelry, accessories and makeup. It’s so much fun being a girl.

You are a girl. And you want to do all the things girls do, don’t you? You want to look like a girl. Feel like a girl. Think like a girl. You want to be a girly, ultra-feminine sissy. But you want – you need – something extra: you need to be a slut.

Your horniness is driving you crazy with lust. You can’t stop thinking about lingerie, stockings, and cock, so you need some guidance. Some training. That’s why I’m here.

I’m going to train you to be the best little cock-sucking sissy slut you can be. You crave the feeling of a big, hard cock in your mouth, don’t you? You’re going to suck cock for me. You’re going to be my girly cock-sucking sissy slut tonight, because that’s what you crave, what you think about all day long, what you desire. Because you’re a girl, and girls want to dress in pretty things and suck cock.

Why don’t you start by taking off your work clothes. You’ve had a long day. Take off the sensible shoes, the blouse, camisole, bra, skirt, slip, and pantyhose.

Go ahead and run a nice, hot bath, and be sure to put in lots of foaming bubbles. Light some candles and place them around the tub. Step in. Mmmm. Sink down into the hot, steaming bubble bath and feel your cares melt away as you close your eyes. The water soothes and softens your skin, and when you open your eyes, you see your pink toenails peeking through the white foamy suds, so you wiggle them, and that makes you smile. You fingernails are also visible through the suds as they rest on top of your smooth, bare breasts. The candlelight flickers as you gently wash your body with the bubbly foam.

After you rinse off and dry yourself with a big, fluffy towel, you dry your hair and go to get dressed. But before you go, you remove the candles from the tub and take them over to the bedroom, where they create a soft, warm glow in the room.

Your new things from arrived yesterday, and I know you’ve been tingling with anticipation waiting to try them on. I made you wait 24 hours, just because I want you to learn the art of patience. That’s something you’re going to have to practice on, my greedy little sissy slut. You may even need some discipline.

When you open the box, you take out a Sweet Angelica satin babydoll in pink, a pair of Bonnie lace-trimmed panties in pink, the Satin & Lace gown in baby pink, and the Wanida Net & Lace choker in pink. You smile at how pretty each piece is, and savor the feeling of sliding each item onto your body.

After dressing, you go to admire yourself in the mirror. You love the new clothes! However, there remain a few finishing touches. So go to the bathroom and apply your makeup: I want a dark, glamorous look tonight, so use foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, lots of mascara, lip liner and lipstick, and finally, some pink blush. There.

You look down and realize your legs are bare, so you step over to the dresser and take out a pair of shimmery pink thigh-high stockings, which you carefully pull up each smooth, bare leg. You then go to the closet and slip on a new pair of pink high-heel pumps with 4 inch heels. Perfect.

You step back over to the bathroom to check your makeup one last time. Your eyes, lips and face look glamorous and beautiful. You then slip on some of your favorite jewelry: some pretty earrings, a cute little bracelet, and some rings for each hand. You find your perfume on the counter and give yourself a few spritzes so you’ll smell extra-girly. All done.

I want you to go into the bedroom now. Close and lock the door behind you. Step over to the mirrored closet doors in front of the bed. Look at yourself. What a pretty vision you are, the girly-girl of your dreams. You can’t believe the amazing girl in the mirror is really you. But it is.

Sit on the edge of the bed and look at yourself in the mirror. Touch yourself. That’s right, it’s okay, I want you to touch yourself. Go ahead. Run your fingers over the gorgeous satin of the robe, babydoll and panties. The choker sets your face off perfectly, the lace looks so adorable and girly. Your nipples and pussy are aching with desire.

Climb up on the bed and rub your legs together. Feel the nylon stockings whispering as they slide against one another, sending chills up your back.

Run your fingers over your breasts. Mmmmm. Can you feel your nipples through the soft satin? Go ahead and run your fingertips over them. Keep rubbing them. That’s it.

Your pussy is just dripping, isn’t it? It’s aching for some attention, so reach down and rub it through the soft satin panties. Mmmmm, that’s it. It feels so good.

Now I want you to reach under the large pillow closest to you. Why? I placed a surprise there for you this morning. Reach under and find out. Your hand finds a realistic, 7-inch flesh-colored dildo. It’s firm but soft, too, and it looks and feels just like a long, hard, erect cock.

Hold it in your hands. Fondle it. Play with it. Stroke it for me while you rub your legs together. With painted nails and glittering jewelry, see how pretty your soft hands look against the hard shaft. Your clit is throbbing, and your pussy is now very wet.

It’s time to start sucking cock. But you have to suck cock exactly the way I tell you. Do you understand? Good girl. First, I want you to lick the shaft, up and down, with long, slow licks. But don’t touch the head yet, we’ll get to that. That’s it. Lick it.

Now put your hands on your thighs, open your mouth and put it directly over the head. Lower you face until your open mouth is barely touching the head. Now hold it, and don’t move. Is this position uncomfortable? Aw, that’s too bad. You’d love to start sucking and slobbering all over that juicy cock now, wouldn’t you? But you can’t just yet. You have to wait. You have to be patient to get your reward. Don’t move an inch.

That’s a good..

Did you move? You moved, didn’t you? Are you sucking on that dick? Is your hand rubbing your clit? Stop it right now! You naughty, little cock-sucking slut! How dare you disobey me during our training session! Now you’re going to be punished.


The history of spandex

Spandex is a synthetic fiber invented in 1959 at DuPont’s Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia. The word spandex is an anagram of the word expands.

During the 70s and 80s, spandex leggings became extremely popular among many rock and heavy metal bands. The sudden popularity of spandex was due to the fact that it remained stretchy and tight-fitting even after being worn for a long time.

Spandex was first used in ladies garments such as corsets and other inner wear. Back in those days, women thought it was important to wear a corset and were considered indecently dressed without it. Now spandex is on the primary edge of fashion for both men and women.

How does this affect me, the ordinary crossdresser you may ask?

Well, first you discovered that a pair of silky, satin panties feels wonderful, almost magical. Then as you added another layer such as a pair of tights or pantyhose you noticed that the feeling was even better. A lot better. But you wanted more didn’t you? You wanted to go even further and add another layer or two, or three, or as many as you could get your little hands on.

You may have panties and pantyhose just sort of lying around, but do you have a sexy, tight, spandex dress that fits you perfectly? A dress that can be custom made in exactly your size for about $30? The kind of dress that makes you want to set up your camera and take pictures of yourself looking gorgeous for the whole world to see?

Go ahead and take pictures but think twice about showing the whole world. The last thing you want is to have all your friends wearing the same dress, that’s just embarrassing.

PVC – it’s not just for plumbers anymore

PVC fetishism refers to shiny clothes made of the synthetic plastic polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. These fabrics usually consist of a backing woven from polyester fibers with a surface coating of shiny plastic. The plastic layer itself is typically a blend of PVC and polyurethane, with 100% PVC producing a stiff fabric with a glossy shine.

One reason why tight shiny fabrics may be fetishised is that the garment forms a second skin. So wearers of PVC garments may be perceived by the viewer as being naked.

PVC can also be polished to be shiny and can be produced in bright colors, adding to the physical sensations produced by the material. The tightness of the garments may be viewed as a kind of sexual bondage.

Tight shiny fabrics? Bright colors like Sizzling pink? Sexual bondage? A made to order PVC mini dress for $52?

Really, how much more do you need to know?

The history of the teddy

A teddy, also called a camiknicker, is a garment which covers a female’s torso and crotch in the one garment. Its a similar style of garment to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit, but is typically looser and more sheer. The garment is put on by stepping into the leg holes and pulling the garment up to cover the torso. As an undergarment, it combines the functions of a camisole and panties, and may be preferred to avoid a visible panty line.

A one-piece women’s undergarment which combined a camisole and knickers appeared in the 1910s under the name chemise or camiknickers. It was considered an appropriate garment to wear under the shorter dresses which came into fashion in the 1920s.

The style gained popularity during the World War II when women who served in military-related duties wore trousers instead of skirts. By the late 1940s the garment lost its popularity, but it re-appeared as a lingerie garment in the 1990s, under the name teddy or bodysuit.

How does this affect me, the ordinary crossdresser you may ask?

I suggest you put one on and look in the mirror. Ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky?

Well do ya, Punk?

The art of prancing

What exactly is prancing and why do sissies enjoy it? Is it a learned skill like making lasagna or is it something you’re born with?

The dictionary definition of prancing is to move with high springy steps, or walk around with ostentatious, exaggerated movements. Great, now we have to define ostentatious!

I think prancing is something we are all born with, its kind of like skipping. But as we get older we tell ourselves that we’re adults and have to act like adults. So as much as you want to prance or skip down the street you force yourself to resist that urge and just walk, possibly even hiding your purse and wearing sunglasses.

Then one day you wake up and realize that you’re 40 years old, and that being an adult is not as much fun as you thought it would be. Some men may decide they’re having a midlife crisis and buy an expensive car, or do something drastic to make them feel young and alive again. This often backfires and does not give you the satisfaction you’re looking for.

It doesn’t always take an extravagant toy or lifestyle change to make you happy. Think back to when you began prancing. Was it the first time you put on a pair of panties? Was it the first time you tried on pantyhose? Was it when you found that by wearing panties and pantyhose you felt something amazing, something that made you very happy and gave you tremendous pleasure?

Before you consider a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide, or a trip around the world on a BMW R1200GS, think about the small things if life that make you feel alive.

Think about a new dress, maybe a Prancing Pretty Girl Outfit.

And prance like no one is watching, even if you’re the entertainment for your wife and all her friends.

Prance pretty girl, prance!

About a week back

Back pain is so common that it affects up to 90% of people at some point in their lifetime. Now, if you are among the 10% that have never experienced this consider yourself very lucky.

There are many causes of back pain and much of it can be blamed on our lifestyle. Most of you sit all day at work, then sit some more on the drive home, then sit down to dinner, then sit on the couch and watch TV.

In the caveman days you were out hunting, fighting giant dinosaurs and clubbing women over the head so you were much more fit. But now the dinosaurs are gone, many women frown of being clubbed, and if you do hunt you probably sit in a tree stand and watch Ted Nugent on a portable TV while waiting for poor Bambi to become your next meal.

What to do, what to do? I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but they make special garments to improve your posture and help relieve back pain. You’ll walk taller, feel better, and your friends will wonder why you seem like a new person.

What do these special garments look like Miss Teresa? Are they soft and silky? Can I wear them under my normal clothes without everyone knowing? Do they come in different colors to match my work shirts? 

Oh yes. They’re made of soft satin, they come in 15 different colors, and will not only improve your posture but your whole outlook on life.

Tip: if anyone asks, this is not a corset. It’s a special garment to help a medical condition. The fact that its gorgeous, made in shiny, soft satin, and trimmed in lace is just because women make them and they want you to feel as pretty as they do.

Retail Therapy

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term Retail Therapy. It mostly applies to women but it can also be therapeutic for men, and men who like to dress as women. The principle is that buying yourself something can make you feel good, simple as that.

Now that the weather is getting warmer you probably can’t wait to go out and buy yourself a new lawnmower, fertilizer and grass seed. If you’re one of those people that actually pays a professional to do all that you may need something else to buy. For me its clothes. Like most women I love to buy clothes.

There have been some fantastic sales at Target and most of the other large stores on everything from blouses to shoes. You should really target Target. Make a day of it if possible.

Start with a warm bubble bath and shave your legs. Then put on your prettiest panties and matching bra. Depending on your mood you can wear a simple blouse with jeans or a short, sexy dress, stockings and heels. Don’t go too crazy because all the stock boys will be chasing you around and the other women will be jealous. Also go easy on the perfume as you’ll be trying things on.

If you go on the weekend the dressing rooms may be crowded, so grab several outfits and take your time once you get in. Feel free to walk around a bit in the dresses and skirts and pose in the mirrors. Just keep an eye on your purse.

If you have questions about colors, size, or fit ask the salesgirls for help. This is especially important in the lingerie department because as you know, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. I’m not sure who made that up but at least 20% know what they’re doing.

There may be the tiniest chance that you’re uncomfortable shopping for women’s clothes in a crowded store, or maybe you’re having a bad hair day and just don’t feel like going out. Now what? You still want to buy yourself something nice to cheer you up like a cute satin Prim blouse.

There’s always online shopping, but what about help with measurements or even a custom fit? What do you measure? Is there an easy to use size chart where you can figure everything out and even save your measurements for the future?

I think I know a place like that but remember: there will be no cute stock boys to chase you around, flirt with you and beg you for your phone number.

You do realize that at some point you may still have to do yard work right? Wear something cute to lessen the pain.

Spring Ahead

Spring is officially here today. Although its been an insanely mild winter, now is the time to think about warm weather outfits.

You’ve been dressing up all winter in long dresses, cute fuzzy sweaters, stockings and tight slacks. But as the seasons change you need to change too. At least your clothing choices.

Lets say that on your next day off you go to clean out the shed, or work in the garden, and you notice that its freakin hot! Grabbing a can of diet Coke you sit in the shade and ponder this situation.

Suddenly it occurs to you, it becomes as clear as the sky that you’re wearing too many layers. I’ve found the same thing riding my bike although with the wind chill I can still be comfortable wearing jeans, boots, a warm top and a jacket. Then I go into Dunkin Donuts for a cup of iced coffee and everyone is looking at me like I’m crazy. People are wearing shorts and T-shirts with sandals or even flip flops.

I’ll tell you something, the next person that asks me if I’m hot, even though they see I’m riding a motorcycle I’m going to punch them in the face. I’ve though of several witty things to say but I just get so pissed off at their stupidity I freak out. The truth is that covering your body even in the heat helps you stay cool, ask a Nomad.

Now even if you’re riding your motorcycle you want to wear something light underneath. And if you’re working in the yard you not only want to be comfortable but pretty. If you’re like a lot of guys you may even stop shaving your legs and painting your toenails, its OK.

You can wear your panties, jeans or shorts, and even sneakers, but you need a great top. The neighborhood women look to you for ideas, because they know you have such a great sense of fashion. Don’t let them down this year.

Lets say its a beautiful day and you decide to wash your car. You aren’t wearing a lot of makeup because you know you’re going to get all sweaty and wet. Everyone is outside doing their own thing whether its cleaning their windows or arguing with their wives.

Thinking ahead you decide to wear your Christina lace-trim satin panties, your favorite old jeans, and your new Satin Gypsy top in white with pink trim. You look great and you know it.

As you begin hosing down your car you feel that people are looking at you, you hear parts of whispered conversations. You reach into the bucket of warm soapy water and start with the hood, bending over in a very sexy way and shaking your little tush. You go boy!

You’re really getting into it and as a few strands of hair fall into your face you stop and tie it back with an elastic hair band. Adjusting your lace top you take a quick look around and see that your neighbors have all stopped what they’re doing and are watching you. You can even make out some of the conversations…

“Check out Tom over there, he always looks great. Why don’t you have any cute tops like that Kenny?”

“Hey Bill, is that a Satin Gypsy top Tom is wearing? Wow-I think you should get a couple of those.”

“Lisa look over there, isn’t that the cutest top you’ve ever seen? Lets go ask Tom where he got it and what other colors it comes in.”

Well the next thing you know the women are all around you, touching your pretty blouse and discussing spring fashion. They’re mad at their husbands for not having the balls to try new things, so they have them finish washing your car while you and the girls go inside to talk about hairstyles and sun dresses.

Spring ahead with confidence. Even though the guys may seem to hate you its only because they’re jealous.

How to be a French Maid

You’ve decide that your true calling in life is to be a French Maid and serve your Mistress in any and every way she desires. Now what? Maybe you don’t even have a Mistress yet, maybe you don’t have a cute French Maid uniform, maybe you don’t even shave your legs. Not to worry, its all about your attitude.

Of course at some point you will need to shave, wear silky, lacy panties every single day, as well as stockings, high heels, a wig and full makeup. This can seem overwhelming to the beginning sissy maid, but fear not, I will help you.

As I mentioned earlier, its all about your attitude.

“Oh yes Miss Teresa, but how do I develop the proper attitude?” you whine.

God question, easy answer. Put on your panties and the dress.

“Yes, but then what? Isn’t a French maid uniform very expensive? Is there a way to prevent the inevitable stains from showing? I’m not very good at cooking a roast, will I have to cook a roast? And, and, and….”

You see, this is not the right attitude but I will answer the most important questions. A French Maid uniform does not have to be expensive, it just has to be very short and very cute. Cheeky if you will.

Lets say that through careful research you find a Cheeky French Maid uniform in exactly your size for less than $50. You discover that it comes in 8 different colors including Deep Purple, but unless your Mistress is a fan of Smoke on the water I suggest black, pink or white. “White?” you think to yourself, “I bet the stains would hardly even show” and you would be correct.

What about cooking a large roast? Listen, you’ll be so tied up (possibly literally) doing other chores I’m sure that won’t be a problem.

Now about your attitude. Once you get the balls to finally shave those long pretty legs of yours, slowly slip on the matching panties and look in the mirror. Next, you take your new Cheeky French maid uniform off the padded hanger and lay it on the bed. Pretty isn’t it?

Run your hands over the satin and lace, look at the adorable puff sleeves, the stretchy waist, and the sexy matching pinafore. Its yours sweetheart, its all yours.

Take a deep breath and put it on. Feel the cool satin as it glides over your panties. Play with the little front tie until you get it just right. Adjust the sleeves and your apron. Good girl. Now tiptoe over to the full length mirror and take a look at yourself.

Oh yes, yes, yes! You feel fantastic and the dress fits perfectly. Your Mistress is going to be very impressed and give you all kinds of special treats.

You’ll be entertaining all her friends. They’ll want to dress you up in different outfits and have you model for them. You’ll get frequent spankings, and other humiliating forms of punishment. The girls will pull your panties down because you’ve been a very naughty girl, you asked too many questions.

“A roast, do you believe that girls? Our little sissy wants to know if she has to cook a fucking roast! Get my strap-on, get the lube, hold her girls.”

You feel it slip inside you easily, as if its the most natural thing in the world. She pushes harder, its big, bigger than you thought. You begin moaning with pleasure, whispering the words softly at first, then louder as it goes in all the way and she starts to pump it in and out.

“Fuck me-Fuck me-Fuck me….”

OH-OH, you feel the pressure building and there’s no way to stop it. Youre going to cum and they realize that. Pulling out the strap-on Mistress slaps you hard on your ass and tells you to pull your panties all the way up, fast!

As you shudder and try to cover yourself,  you shoot hard into those panties as the girls watch and laugh.

Fortunately your dress is a creamy white thanks to proper planning. You go back to work in your wet panties with a smile, and a feeling of perfect contentment.

You did buy the white dress right?