Confessions of a Sissy

The main difference between a crossdresser and a sissy is that some sissies want to have sex with a man. Often a sissy wants to have sex with several men.

This confession from a man named Sara is so obscene and explicit that I can’t post it here on this blog. But I can read it to you on my Podcast.

You may not want to listen in case you have sissy tendencies and are happy just dressing up and prancing. Don’t blame me if you find yourself in an uncompromising position somewhere down the road. Or in the back seat of a car.

Listen to Saragirl’s Sissy Confession here

Saragirl’s Sissy Confession

Saragirl’s Sissy Confession

The History of Forced Feminization

In the beginning, there were men that liked to dress up as women. At first it was enough just to wear lingerie and prance around, but they soon wanted more.

They developed all kinds of fantasies where they were dressed up from head to toe by beautiful women, and often groups of beautiful women.

Unfortunately very few women were into this form of role play, so they sought out paid professionals. And with these dominant women, later called a Dominatrix, they were able to live out every twisted, kinky, humiliating fantasy they ever had, again, and again, and again.

As it was then, so it is now.

Vintage Sissy found on Pinterest

Vintage Sissy found on Pinterest

Strapped In Silk Podcast will reach ONE MILLION plays by spring

Many of you are avid readers like me, with stacks of great books on every table in your house.

But maybe once in a while you’d rather listen to an audio story for hands free pleasure.

So whether you don’t have a good book right now or see the value in hands free pleasure (what could that be, hmmm?), take advantage of this while it lasts.

All recordings on my Podcast are now free.

Listen to the Strapped In Silk Podcast

Strapped In Silk Podcast

Strapped In Silk Podcast

Mommy’s Boy to Mommy’s Sissy Girl MP3

You know sweetheart, you shouldn’t feel so bad, I’ve always wanted a daughter. And since you simply INSIST on sneaking into Mommy’s room and dressing up in my clothes, I think you can be that daughter.

Oh darling, don’t look so horrified, you can be my precious little girl, dress up in Mommy’s pretty things, keep me company, and help me around the house-all the things girls do with their Mothers. I just wish you’d told me sooner that you liked being a little girl so we could have more time together.

You know sweetie, I’ll even let you wear those pretty things I caught you in today when I got home. You must like them, not that I blame you. I know I always feel so pretty and feminine wearing that pretty pink bra and panty set and that satin slip. You know, that set has a matching garter belt so you can wear stockings too, just like Mommy, just like a real girl.

Now, now, don’t bother to argue. I think we both know this is what you want, to be Mommy’s little sissy girl. To have Mommy buy you a whole set of pretty, feminine lingerie to wear under adorable blouses, skirts and dresses.

I’ll give you some of my makeup and teach you how to use it, won’t that be fun? Sitting with me at my dressing table learning to put on makeup just like a girl, just like Mommy.

And you know, sweetie, once you get comfortable with your new role as my little girl, we can go shopping for high heels and everything else you’ll need to be a pretty girl.

Oh, and I just thought of this…I’ll get to teach you all about boys, and how to get yourself a cute boyfriend. Because that’s a big part of being a girl. Now, now, it’s okay to be nervous about boys, sweetie, all young girls are when they’re virgins. The trick is to learn how to make boys happy without going too far-God knows a pretty girl like you will have boys begging to get to you.

Now, now, there’s no need to blush honey, of course Mommy wants you to tell them no—proper girls wait for that special man. Some of them will be quite insistent though, but there’s ways to make a young man happy with your hands or your mouth…but I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

For now, you’ll become Mommy’s little girl and you’ll love it.

This is what you really want honey, to be Mommy’s little girl. And this is what I really want too.

We’re going to have a ball together; you’ll see…you’ll see…

Update: If the mp3 does not play on my Podcast my monthly bandwidth has been exceeded. In The Bedroom-A Sissy Story can be downloaded free from my website here.

Listen to Mommy’s Girl Here

Mommys Girl-Forced Feminization MP3

Mommys Girl-Forced Feminization MP3

Crossdressing Panty Thief Caught and Punished

I wrote this as a play for a reason. A very wise man once said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Your crossdressing and sissy fantasies are exactly like a play, and you play the girl. So without further ado, on with the story.

Teresa: Well, well, well, look what we have here.

Susan: Oh-My-God. He’s wearing your panties and babydoll Teresa! And look-he went through all of your things. He must have tried on everything in your dresser! And there’s lingerie all over the place! Let’s call the Police.

Teresa: Just a minute Susan, I think we should interrogate the suspect, isn’t that what they do on those cop shows?

Susan: Screw that! We caught a panty thief and he has to go to jail. And we have to tell your neighbors. We have to tell everyone so this doesn’t happen again.

Teresa: But this panty thief is one of my neighbors, he lives right next door.

Susan: Oh My God you know this guy?

Teresa: I sure do, in fact he used to do some chores for me, but things got weird.

Susan: What do you mean, weird?

Teresa: Well, I caught him watching me once from his bathroom window, it was really creepy. I think he was masturbating.

Susan: I’m calling the Police right now…


The Panty Thief by Teresa Bowers

The Panty Thief by Teresa Bowers

His Mother Dressed Him Up As A Girl

This is a preview. The full length MP3 is 20 minutes and is now a free download.

Listen on SoundCloud: Practice Panties

Update: SoundCloud may not work in all browsers. You can open the MP3 file here: Practice Panties MP3

Is Forced Feminization Right For You?

Do not watch this video!

Unless you’re a sissy and like that sort of thing. You won’t believe what happens to him.

This is one of 99 of the best sissy videos on the web.

Maria Comes Knocking

Forced Feminization Video

Forced Feminization Video

99 Sissy Problems-Sissy School

Every crossdresser has fantasies about being in school dressed as a girl, EVERY ONE. But its possible that you didn’t get to do that when you had your chance.

Maybe you couldn’t find the right dress, or heels, or bra. Did you know that an estimated 85% of men wear the wrong bra? But I digress. So like many men you go to a professional Dominatrix and act out your sissy schoolgirl fantasy.

As you may remember though, school can be a bitch, and sometimes the teacher can be a bitch. What you thought was going to be a few easy, fun hours in class turns into something very serious.

The thing about beautiful, sexy teachers is that they know that they have all the power, and can punish you as needed. In this video, the now fully transformed Chloe needs a tremendous amount of punishment. He’s not paying attention to the etiquette lesson and daydreaming about something. Its almost as if he’s misbehaving on purpose. WHAT IS HE DAYDREAMING ABOUT?

A wise man once said: “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” Yep.

Chloe Learns Etiquette

Chloe Learns Etiquette

Chloe Learns Etiquette