Of Nurseries and Nighties

We took a ride to a local nursery today to look for seeds and Jiffy pots (not the popcorn things). If you ever want something to do on a cold winter day walking around a greenhouse is a fantastic way to spend an hour.

At the nursery

At the nursery

Looking at all the gorgeous flowers and plants made me think about spring and everything I love about it. My friend Michael was obviously thinking about the exact same thing because we looked at each other and both said: SPRING WARDROBE!

Michael likes gardening as well as prancing around his backyard in a nightgown, so this pink mesh nightie is perfect for him. This sheer nightie is sold by Carol Patterson, owner of My Sweet Mischief in Gold Coast, Australia.

The nightie is a soft nylon mesh, lined with a soft nylon knit fabric, but she can make it without the lining if you prefer it sheer. I suggest you get yours with the lining so you can have the neighbors over for coffee in the morning without feeling self conscious.

Pink mesh nightie

Pink mesh nightie

Pink mesh sheer nighty by My Sweet Mischief on Etsy

Real Men Wear Kimonos

You have some friends over to watch the Super Bowl and you just want to relax and be comfortable. But you hesitate to wear your pink babydoll nightgown and stockings because you don’t want the guys to get the wrong idea. What to do, what to do?

Consider a simple Kimono. I saw this one on Etsy and even though it may seem slightly feminine and made of silk, its considered Unisex. Slip on satin panties and a bra, put your hair up, go easy on the makeup, and you’re just one of the guys enjoying the game in a comfy robe (more or less).

Note: this one is missing the belt so make sure to keep it closed at all times. Men get easily bored during commercials and may still get the wrong idea. Remind that your Kimono is Unisex and your panties and bra are just a fashion choice.

Unisex Silk Kimono

Unisex Silk Kimono

Vintage 70’s Embroidered Silk Kimono by MTTC on Etsy

So You Want to Buy a Sex Doll

At the Doll Workshop you can catch up on doll news, read frequently asked questions, look at doll photo galleries and even watch doll videos. There is also a doll maintenance and care guide which I’m sure you’ll need sooner or later.

You should realize that these dolls do not have to be used only for sex. When you go out you can dress her up in yoga pants and a cute top like Leslie here and put her in front of your window to make burglars think someone is home.

Note: many burglars will still consider breaking in anyway so go easy on her makeup. Maybe dress her in something a little less attractive like an old housecoat and slippers.

The Doll Workshop

Home Alone

Home Alone

They Might be Giants

They might be giants but they are also alpacas. These cartoon like animals are raised for their wool, which is used in all kinds of things including sweaters. If you ever see an alpaca farm stop in and visit. They hardly ever spit a ball of wet, chewed up grass at you. Don’t ask me how I know.

At the alpaca farm 11/28/16

At the alpaca farm 11/28/16

Sissy Audio-Special Requests

I am recording again and will be adding to my Podcast very soon. If you have suggestions or special requests leave a comment below.

Sissy stories will be considered but must be less than 1000 words. A good example is Saragirl’s Sissy Confession (see my story page or Podcast). Do not send me anything without discussing it first, there are only 24 little hours in a day.

Topics can include forced feminization, sissy humiliation, transvestite bondage, sissy maids, or all of the above. But absolutely no more cheerleader fantasies, too many torn ligaments.



Photographing Friends

You want to make him comfortable and relaxed so the photo looks natural, not forced. I’ve found the best way to accomplish this is to talk to him during the photo shoot.

Tell him he how adorable he is, or how great his hair looks, or how sexy his beauty mark is. Keep the compliments flowing until you get a shot that reflects his inner poise, confidence and beauty.

And the most important thing to remember is not to make fun of his big nose or hairy ears, because after all, nobody’s perfect.

*Technical info if anyone’s interested: Photo taken in Cow Town near Ronks Road. Sony RX100. ISO 125. Aperture priority f/4.9. 1/1000 sec. Minor adjustments in Photoshop.

Click here to see larger

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

More Cow Town Photos Here

A Trip To Cow Town

I’ve been in Lancaster, P.A. this week exploring by motorcycle. We went to Gettysburg, Valley Forge, Harrisburg, Maryland, and Bowers among other places. Yes, there is a Bowers, P.A.

Today being the last day I took some photos that I think are typical of things you might see this time of year along the back roads of Pennsylvania.

Next time I plan to be on a new bike, as of now it looks like a Triumph Tiger 800 XRx or BMW  F800 GS.

Remember, you do not have to ride like you stole it, unless you actually did.

Photos taken with my Sony RX100, 35mm Film Frame by Tom Niemann at ePaperPress.

Click on each image to see larger.

Cow Town-Route 340

Cow Town-Route 340

Candy Onions

Candy Onions

Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

Amish Handmade Brooms!

Amish Handmade Brooms!

Chicken Soup?

Chicken Soup?

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

I was going through the friends page on my website to check for broken links, and many of the sites listed are gone. So I’ve updated everything and I think you’ll find some unique places to visit.

For example, do you know how to make boobs? The link is right there under Blogs, Guides and Stories.

Among a wealth of information including photo galleries, transformation salons, crossdressing captions and Shibari Art Photography, are must know lingerie resources.

Do you know where to find garter belt panties? Well look carefully and you soon will.

If you do find a link that no longer works please let me know. If you have a related website or blog you would like listed contact me.

Strapped In Silk Friends Page

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Robert wasn’t like the other boys

Robert wasn’t like the other boys at all, Robert was different.

The other boys were all wearing their Mothers pantyhose in boring beige or nude. But Robert’s Mother owned a lingerie boutique, and he got to wear things the others could only dream about.

They made fun of him because he was different, but the truth was that they were all very jealous.

There might be a moral in there somewhere.

Boys will be girls at www.strappedinsilk.com

Boys will be girls at http://www.strappedinsilk.com

Get some help

Whats the difference between you trying on some clothes and makeup, and a real woman helping you every step of the way? Simple. She knows exactly what she’s doing!

She knows all about which outfit looks best, how to properly apply makeup, and accessorizing. Chances are that with her help you can be prettier than you ever dreamed possible. All you have to do is ask.

Whats that, you’ve already asked and she flipped out? OK, but I’m talking about Halloween here. This is completely different.

Its not a fetish, or anything weird, its just a costume you need help with. (so you will say)

I know at first it may seem crazy, and you’re sure she’ll say no, but I really recommend trying to find someone to help you on this special day.

A friend at work, a new friend you discuss this with while you’re getting your next haircut, or your sister.

Have you ever considered asking your sister? I’ll bet she’d love to help you dress up as completely as you want. And maybe, just maybe, she already has an idea about your fondness for women’s clothes.

Don’t have a sister? Ask a friends sister.

What do you have to lose!

Jay's dream comes true

Jay’s dream comes true

Opening Lines…

I was just at the Post Office and noticed a woman in a very pretty dress with a fantastic smile (and ass). I was going to say something, but I had to pee and didn’t want to get into a big conversation. It dawned on me what a perfect opportunity this was for a guy to approach her.

Whether you want to get into her panties or wear them, the first step is to get her attention. Lets focus on the latter.

Whats the worst she could say if you told her what a great dress it was? Who knows, women are unpredictable. But its really a nice compliment and worth a try. Lets say she smiled and said something like; “Oh thank you, do you like to wear dresses yourself?”

You could smile and say; “Once in a while,” and see what she says. You never know until you try!

Maybe she runs a lingerie shop in town and needs an assistant. Maybe she is graduating beauty school and needs someone to practice on. Or maybe she has a thing for cross dressers and loves to dress them up and play with them like little dolls! I know I do.

Remember, flattery can get you everywhere! You cannot win if you do not play.

Thats not a guy!

Some of you have commented that several of the pictures I post are not men dressed up but real women. I’ve thought long and hard about a response to this and here it is:


First of all, the pictures people have shared with me and ones I’ve taken of friends are private and will remain that way.

Second of all, to be honest not all guys look gorgeous in a dress and makeup. There-I said it. Often I’ll put up a picture that’s a representation of a particular fetish. I want to inspire you and make you feel good about your fantasy. If its to be taken to a beauty salon for a makeover, I may show a beautiful woman getting her hair done rather than a guy having his back hair shaved (Joy).

You want to see a very sexy boy all prettied up? This is my friend (hopefully) Plastic Martyr. He is a 20 year old male model living in Beverly Hills, California.

From his Model Mayhem page:  “I am male, but obviously do not look it. I am a rare breed to say the least, I believe that gender and fashion should have NO boundaries.”

And this is one of my favorite pictures. You can see more at: www.modelmayhem.com and www.plasticmartyr.com

Help Princess get a makeover!

I can use some help finishing this story. I’ve written the beginning, and decided on the dresses he has tried on, and the one he will wear to the beauty salon. I even have an outline for the rest. If anyone would like to help, feel free to send me your ideas. I’ll be happy to give you a copy of the finished MP3.

The story so far: Caught In Panties Redux

The Outline for the ending:

  • I help Princess finish getting dressed, an we stop at his house for his wallet.
  • We walk into the salon and explain why he’s there.
  • The girls think I should still call the police.
  • Princess begs us not to, and confesses he wants to be a girl
  • We decide to grant him his wish, completely!
  • I think her dress should be taken off, so as not to get ruined.
  • Once in the chair, with his cape on, we look through a hairstyle book to choose a new style and color.
  • The decision is made. A curly perm and a new color (blonde or red).
  • Eyebrows will be waxed, hair finished, a full makeover, manicure, and pedicure.
  • At some point Princess will cum in her panties in front of everyone, possibly during her ear piercing.

Crossdresser Porn?

My friend Michael came over yesterday to visit and walked in with my mail.

“LOOK-The new Victoria’s Secret catalog is here!”, he announced like a kid with a toy.

“That’s good honey, why don’t we go the mall today? It is Take A Sissy Shopping day ya know?”

“Oh I’m not really ready right now, thank you anyway. Can I have this?”

“Sure you can have it, why don’t we look at it together, and I’ll tell you what I think would look good on you, would you like that?”

He looked like he just won the lottery, and smiled and nodded, giggling a bit as we sat down on the couch.

I remember all the guys that told me that these catalogs are like porn to them. From sneaking into the old Sears catalog as kids, to the Sunday circulars with lingerie and women’s clothing ads. They told me that they would much rather have a lingerie catalog like this than any men’s magazine in the world. And I understood.

As we were looking at all the pretty bras and panties, and the beautiful models, my first thought was that I really didn’t need anything new right now, but I still liked to shop. And my next thought was that I too liked to look at gorgeous women in their underwear! The big difference was that I didn’t have to hide it like they do, and that I was more attracted to the women than their clothes.

I suddenly felt a little bad for my cross dressing friend, and all the difficulties he must face having this fetish. But as we looked through the catalog, and discussed his favorite panties, he went into girl mode and it was as if he was in another world. If this is all it takes to make someone happy, I thought, then he can have all the catalogs and lingerie he wants!

Life can be so simple-yet so complex.

Take a sissy shopping day (TSS)

I’m now making it official. The last Tuesday of every month is now Take a Sissy Shopping Day, and I volunteer to do my part. You must be “Mall Ready” which means shaved, dressed, primped, and painted. No jeans or slacks allowed. Heels must be tasteful and fit properly but don’t have to be sky-high. You have to look and smell pretty and be willing to spend 2 or 3 hours shopping for lingerie , dresses, and accessories. Arrangements must be made to keep yourself from popping out of your panties and cutting the trip short. And of course you’re buying!

Becoming A Girl

I’ve been reading some feedback about my hypnosis recordings, and it started me wondering about the long-term effects. Are you sure you really want to become a woman? I want you to promise to think this thing through.

What will you do with all your old clothes and shoes?

Are you going to be happy wearing a bikini at the beach?

Do you know how expensive a good bra is?

Are you prepared to be whistled at and hounded by construction workers?

Can you apply mascara while doing 60 on the way to work?

Do you realize how hard it is to bait a hook with long nails?

Do you know which outfits to never wear on a date?

Now I know that for many of you none of these things present a problem. You already have a drawer full of panties, read fashion magazines, and put your makeup on in the car. But for those weekend warriors that come home from the construction site on Friday, and slip into a silky skirt on Saturday, I just want you to be warned. You may find yourself showing up at work in heels one day and walking into the ladies room. If you do, please wear something tasteful. And NO panties with sayings on them!

Is She For Real?

My new friend Tiffany asked me a question today-how could a real woman enjoy feminizing men? Rather than write her directly and explain, I wanted to share this with anyone who might also be curious.

I am a makeup artist and model which means I love fashion, clothing of all kinds, accessories, and makeup. I am also bisexual which means I no longer had to deal with a typical Female/Male relationship (I did eventually get married and it was a tremendous mistake).

I began helping cross dressers with their clothing and makeup early in my modeling career and I realized that I loved the feeling of power, since basically, finding someone who would not only accept them but help make them pretty was a dream come true.

Later on, I had a friend that needed a place to stay and I thought he would be the perfect roommate. As it turned out that was the understatement of the year!

Michael and I had been friends for a long time. Once he moved in we began to go to movies, dinner, and just hang out almost as if we were dating. One night (this was when I was drinking) we talked about the possibility of becoming closer and I drunkenly blurted out “Actually Michael, the only way I’d have sex with you is if your wore a cute outfit, makeup, and perfume”.

He started stuttering, something I’d never heard him do before, and I made us another drink. He explained, with great difficulty, that that was his dream! And sex didn’t even have to be part of it!

Over the next three months that he lived there we explored every fantasy he’d ever had of cross dressing, forced feminization, and humiliation.

We agreed that we would have a normal relationship during the day until I decided otherwise. When I wanted to play I would say “Oh Michelle” in a teasing, sing-song way and that was his cue. He would answer in a soft, feminine voice and do anything I asked.

First I would play with him at home. I liked to make him look like a slut and would always do his makeup myself rather than teach him. The excitement in his face as I made him blot his freshly painted lips was a tremendous turn on for me. I was now in control of another person completely. I could make him cum just by choosing the right word, phrase, or tone of voice.

Sex was fantastic for me as I used him like a toy. He also was very, very good at eating pussy which was a big plus.

Next came shopping trips complete with him becoming “Michelle” at the store much to the girls amusement. Then the beauty salon, which was a huge fantasy of his. I had arraigned a complete makeover during Halloween week and once he was in the chair made “Michelle” confess that he wanted to be a pretty girl, and that this had nothing to do with Halloween.

Public humiliation, lingerie shows for my friends, loaning him out as a maid to neighbors, chastity devices, and strap-ons became our normal routine until finally he got another job in a different state and had to decide whether or not to take it.

I told him I thought he should since I’d met a woman that I wanted to spend my time with.

Michael did leave that month and we had a three way with him completely dressed as a farewell celebration.

That feeling of power has never left me, and even though I now have sex with women exclusively, I get the same thrill every time I hold up a pair of panties and see them swoon with anticipation knowing that its up to me whether their lifelong dreams and fantasies will cum true this time.