Sissy Training For Dummies

One day you’ll be reading your local newspaper and there it is, the ad you’ve been waiting for your whole life.


Now what?

In just 12 simple steps you can learn to be the perfect sissy maid.

You will be punished regardless, but you’ll love every single second of it.

Sissy Training For Dummies

Sissy Training For Dummies

He’s a Backdoor Man

Have you read any good books lately? Something stimulating that actually made you feel special? Those books can be very hard to find, much like your G-spot.

What exactly is a G-spot you may ask? A guy’s G-Spot, also known as the P-Spot, is his prostate gland. That’s the gland responsible for producing the majority of his seminal fluid, and it’s also one of his most sensitive erogenous zones.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Maybe you need a book.


Book Smart: The Other Door

Book Smart: The Other Door

OK great, so now you have a book, butt wait….there’s more. Inside this very special book is everything you need to put your new knowledge to practical use.

This is not your average book though, it comes with training beads, a soft and pliable butt-plug (not too big and not too small), a set of anal beads, and even a packet of water-based lube.

The Other Door anal starter kit

The Other Door anal starter kit

Butt wait….there’s more. This is impressive; the book is actually the stash! It looks like a normal book, but it has a magnetic clasp and holds everything neatly and out of sight until you’re ready to learn and explore.

Ain't technology wonderful?

Ain’t technology wonderful?

Now I’d like to leave you with a final thought. Lets say you’re holding your new book and a friend comes up and asks what you’re reading. DON’T PANIC!

You don’t have to give a detailed explanation like: “Oh its a book about fucking myself and it has a dildo and lube inside.” Of course you can say that if you want to, but then shes going to want to see you in action.

Its just a book-you’re just reading a book. It may be the best book you’ve ever read, it may open up doors that you’ve been afraid to open, and it may give you hours and hours of pleasure, but feel free to keep it to yourself.

You can say something like: “Oh its a novel about doors, a very boring architectural history thing actually.”

Or you can be somewhat less creative and say something like: “NOTHING! ITS NOTHING! ITS NOT EVEN A BOOK, I MEAN, IT IS A BOOK. ITS A TERRIBLE BOOK. LEAVE ME ALONE!”

If that sounds like something you might say you need to learn to relax. Relaxation is a very big part of this.

Remember boys-Learning is FUNdamental.

Check out Book Smart: The Other Door at Strapped In Silk Bondage, Fetish & Kink Sex Toys

Men In Thongs

What kind of men prefer thongs rather than panties?

Bankers, accountants and writers mostly, and I have no idea why. Maybe they like to show off for their friends? Maybe they like a day long wedgie?

Or maybe, they found a combination thong and panty with the cutest little jingly bells on them. Maybe they found ones that come in 17 colors with a choice of 7 trim colors, or maybe they like just like the refreshing breeze on their little butt.

Little Love Panties

Little Love Panties

In the motorcycle world there is a thing called target fixation. Target fixation is when the brain is focused so intently on an object that awareness of other obstacles or hazards can diminish. The observer can become so fixated on the target that they will forget to take the necessary action to avoid it, thus colliding with the object.

This might just be the real explanation. A thong may give your friends target fixation, which is great for those with bad eyesight or lousy aim (such as many bankers, accountants and writers for example).

Target fixation

Target fixation

Target fixation can be very helpful under the right circumstances.

Find out more about these Little Love Panties at

Bedtime Feminization II

I want you to Say this mantra with me, and when you hear the word girl, remember that you are a petite skinny submissive.

I am a woman.

A beautiful woman.

My male ego is gone. Totally and completely gone.

All my problems and cares have left with my male ego.

My only thought or care is how I become more feminine.

I have let it go.

It is OK to be feminine.

It is OK if people think I am a girl.

I am girlish because I am a girl.

I want people to know that I am a girl.

I am totally and completely a girl.

Because I am a girl, I can act like a girl.

It is so absolutely wonderful to be a girl.

I am not doing anything wrong.

Being feminine makes me happy.

MY Breasts and nipples are a vital part of my sexuality.

It is OK to dress like a girl, because I am a girl.

You will memorize this mantra and repeat to yourself daily.

I want you to dream about this mantra.

I want you to believe with all your heart and all your soul, every single word.

I want you to live it.

Listen Here

Bedtime Feminization II at

Bedtime Feminization II at

Favorite Things is now available

Your Mother and I have been talking about you dressing up in her clothes, and we feel that an intervention is needed. This is the perfect time to try out a new technique to help you come clean…

A short preview is here

The written story is here

Favorite Things-a crossdressing intervention

Favorite Things MP3 at

About a week back

Back pain is so common that it affects up to 90% of people at some point in their lifetime. Now, if you are among the 10% that have never experienced this consider yourself very lucky.

There are many causes of back pain and much of it can be blamed on our lifestyle. Most of you sit all day at work, then sit some more on the drive home, then sit down to dinner, then sit on the couch and watch TV.

In the caveman days you were out hunting, fighting giant dinosaurs and clubbing women over the head so you were much more fit. But now the dinosaurs are gone, many women frown of being clubbed, and if you do hunt you probably sit in a tree stand and watch Ted Nugent on a portable TV while waiting for poor Bambi to become your next meal.

What to do, what to do? I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but they make special garments to improve your posture and help relieve back pain. You’ll walk taller, feel better, and your friends will wonder why you seem like a new person.

What do these special garments look like Miss Teresa? Are they soft and silky? Can I wear them under my normal clothes without everyone knowing? Do they come in different colors to match my work shirts? 

Oh yes. They’re made of soft satin, they come in 15 different colors, and will not only improve your posture but your whole outlook on life.

Tip: if anyone asks, this is not a corset. It’s a special garment to help a medical condition. The fact that its gorgeous, made in shiny, soft satin, and trimmed in lace is just because women make them and they want you to feel as pretty as they do.

Senzy Soft Satin Corset

Senzy Soft Satin Corset