Men’s Fashion 2018

As Coco Chanel once said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” This also goes for men that dress like women, although the classy part is optional.

This classy and fabulous man is Jeanne Lazareva, owner of BoobsShop which produces amazing realistic female breast forms. And to show his dedication as a company man, he wears the products and he wears them well. A little old fashioned but that’s alright.

Find out more and see his photo gallery and videos on his About Us page. Note: if you wear a pair of these beauties you should practice your response to all the guys that will hit on you. Start with “My eyes are up here,” unless he’s very cute.

Jeanne Lazareva

Jeanne Lazareva

Men in Mini Skirts

There is a comic in today’s paper called Speed Bump with a father and son shopping at the mall. The caption says: Remember son, we’re men. We walk in, we buy, we walk out. No browsing.

Linda Zoe shows that stereotypes are made to be broken wearing an adorable white mini skirt, seamed stockings and white high heels. Remember, you can try on outfits all day long and you don’t have to buy anything.

Tip: always ask the sales girls how you look, some men just don’t have the legs for a mini skirt.

Linda Zoe

Linda Zoe

Attention Crossdressing Walmart Shoppers

Walmart not only has a great selection of lingerie but they have most things in large and extra large sizes. This Avidlove Chemise with G-String is only $10 and comes in black, red and purple.

Stop in one day, pick up some fishing line or something and head to the lingerie department. Don’t worry too much about helpful sales girls rushing over to ask you a million questions, because most are busy stocking shelves and complaining about overtime.

You might think the tricky part will be at the checkout line, but again they don’t really care as long as you aren’t a shoplifter. Just smile and act natural as you pay for you frilly lingerie and G-string.

Note: When you’re in the lingerie section get some full cut panties and ditch the G-string later. If by some chance someone does come up to you and ask if you need help, just tell her you need to buy some big girl panties. She will understand completely.

Avidlove Chemise with G-String

Avidlove Chemise with G-String

Bra Fitting In Her Room

Its no secret that most men are wearing the wrong bra and Her Room has some great guides to help stop this madness.

Now you can learn how to measure and fit a bra, the anatomy of a bra, how to classify your breasts (which may be unnecessary), a guide to bra styles, and a video series about bra fitting secrets.

This man has either found the right bra or is still trying to figure it out, but trial and error is the best way to learn. Note: If you buy a shelf bra you do not have to keep it on a shelf. A lot of guys find that confusing.

Her Room Bra Fitting Guide

The Right Bra

The Right Bra

Crossdressing Spring Fashion 2016

It’s not spring yet officially, but with the snow melting and warmer weather it’s not far off. So you’re probably thinking about new styles to fill your lingerie drawers and closet. Butt wait….what about your hair?

Before you even go shopping, you’ll have to do your hair and makeup, so I’ve put together a new Pinterest board to give you some ideas and inspiration. While you’re there check out my other new board called Corsets and Waist Training.

Corsets you say? But aren’t corsets uncomfortable and sometimes even painful? Well girls, and I use the term loosely, it is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Write that down.

Curls For Girls on Pinterest

Curls For Girls on Pinterest

Curls For Girls on Pinterest

Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men That Wear Lingerie

You’ve probably seen articles about helping men buy lingerie, and some might be useful to you. The only thing about these tips is that they assume you’re buying the lingerie for someone else, and this can lead to problems, especially when you get flustered in a crowded store.

Lets look at some advice from experts and see how it applies to you.

From Luisa Loveday Founder Loveday London: “My best advice would be to spend time finding out about your partner and her style: girly, bondage, soft, hard, light, bright or dark, and then be sure to match her taste as best as you can.”

The fact that your partner likes the exact same style as you and wears the same size may be hard to explain.

From Fleur Turner CEO and founder Fleur of England: “Is she romantic? Does she like silk? Does she like lace? What colors does she wear?”

So far this advice sounds great, but can you remain cool calm and collected as you talk about silk and lace while holding a pretty babydoll nightie?

From Lucy Litwack Managing director Coco de Mer: “It is important the male customer feels at ease in the store.”

AHA! This is the key. You need to be brave, have confidence that you can comfortably browse all the pretty things, and buy whatever you like in your size. This is intimidating for most of you and many never make it into the store. Of course you can order online but you’ll miss a unique experience, not to mention how great it feels to conquer your fears.

I have an 11 minute recording that I made specifically for crossdressers that want to walk into any lingerie store as easily as walking into a McDonalds. Its called Lingerie Shopping Made Easy and its now free.

Put it on your iPod and listen on the way to the mall. It will be like I’m sitting right there giving you a pep talk.

Remember, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. That, and maybe having to fight a large woman over the last pair of adorable boy shorts that are on sale.

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3