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In The Bedroom-A Sissy Story

In The Bedroom-A Sissy Story

She knows you’re a sissy

It’s been said that too much masturbation makes you go blind.

Are you having trouble reading small print these days? Do you wear glasses now that you’re a little older? Do you choke your chicken in a fantasy driven frenzy several times a day?

Well listen, I started wearing reading glasses not long ago and I only masturbate on weekends, and during the week. So what is my point you might ask?

My point is that in this age of technology reading is almost unnecessary. By listening to an audio story not only can you close your eyes and completely get into it, but more importantly both hands are free.

I will be re-recording the first sissy story I ever did in the next few days and make it available for free. It was on my Podcast in several parts but I removed it when I bought better recording equipment. It begins like this:

Hi, honey. Whatcha staring at? You always look so happy when you’re watching me getting dressed. You know, I’ve noticed that about you. You always watch me so closely, while I’m dressing.

Are you wondering what I’m going to wear? Or do you just like seeing me dressing? Do you like seeing me pull on my panties?

Do you like watching as I roll up my pantyhose, slip my toes into the ends of the feet and gently tug the soft nylon up my legs? Ha ha ha. I think you do. I do.

I think you’re just a little bit more interested in your wife’s clothes than a man ought to be. You’re always buying me clothes, aren’t you? I love that.

Most men never think to buy clothes for their wives but you do. Most men would think it a bit odd to take such an interest in their wife’s wardrobe.

What’s funny though, is that while you buy me dresses and skirts and blouses and jackets, and oh, everything – you never buy me the one type of clothing that most men do buy their wives – lingerie!

Ha ha ha. And that’s really funny I think. Don’t you? Hmmm? Because you know what, when I’m getting dressed, its my panties and my stockings and my little lacy under things that you’re most interested in. Oh yes you are…


In The Bedroom-A Sissy Story

In The Bedroom-A Sissy Story

Mom’s friend comes over for Crossdressing Intervention

You see sweetheart, your mother told me you’ve been dressing up in her clothes when she’s not home. And this has been going on for a while now.

No? Are you telling me that you haven’t been dressing up in her clothes?

Are you sure? Because your mother seems to be pretty sure that you have.

OK, tell you what, let’s take a look inside this package and see if there’s anything in there that can help us figure this out.

Ready? OK, here we go…

Well look what we have here, panties, pantyhose, and a dress.

Do these look familiar at all?

No? OK, then let me tell you about the discussion your mother and I have been having….


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The Panty Thief-A Holiday Play

Teresa: Well, well, well, look what we have here.

Susan: Oh-My-God. He’s wearing your panties and babydoll Teresa! And look-he went through all of your things. He must have tried on everything in your dresser! And there’s lingerie all over the place! Let’s call the Police.

Teresa: Just a minute Susan, I think we should interrogate the suspect, isn’t that what they do on those cop shows?

Susan: Fuck that! We caught a panty thief and he has to go to jail. And we have to tell your neighbors. We have to tell everyone so this doesn’t happen again.

Teresa: But this panty thief is one of my neighbors, he lives right next door.

Susan: Oh My God you know this guy?

Teresa: I sure do, in fact he used to do some chores for me, but things got weird.

Susan: What do you mean, weird?


The Panty Thief

The Panty Thief

Catfish Sissy

Calvin had realized, long ago, that the last way to get involved in a sexy online scene was to admit that he was a man. Even the women online seemed to prefer to chat with other women, so every chat room always had a group of sad, neglected men clamouring for attention.

He decided it would be much simpler to make up a female persona for chats. He gathered up photos and measurements from the porn stars and kinky models he liked and made up “Candy.”

Candy was 23 years old, 5’-5” tall, weighed 120 lbs and was a curvy, busty girl at 34DD-25-35. She had shoulder length auburn hair, fair skin, was of Italian-Columbian descent and was, of course, a girl who loved sex of nearly all kinds.

Calvin wrote her as a bi-curious girl, but her adventures online were exclusively girl-girl. She also got to experiment with all the kinks and fetishes that Calvin admired and jerked off to. She tended to be submissive, playing up her “newness” to being with another woman. She loved to be tied up, she loved to wear latex and spandex and leather. She loved to accentuate her already large breasts with corsets and push-up bras. She was a girl, quite literally, made for sex.


The Catfish Sissy

The Catfish Sissy

Strapped In Silk Sissy Story Contest Winner 2013

The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

That’s right, sweetie, I was watching the while time.

From the moment you walked into the boathouse today, thinking you were just going to have a quiet little lunch break alone, until I surprised you a few minutes ago.

Yes, you thought you were alone, which is what gave you the courage to…well you know.

You really should have checked this place better before you did anything naughty.

Sure, Jess and Sam were still at the lifeguard stand, but you know I take my breaks in here too. And on these long, hot, wet days during rainy season, nobody cares if the break stretches a little.

You walked in, all soggy and frustrated from staring at that empty lake for hours on end, and let out the cutest little sigh.

I almost said something then to let you know I was in here too, but something stopped me. A little women’s intuition I guess, it goes a long way. Because when you went into the loft to grab your lunch, you saw it. Sitting on top of my gym bag, looking sooo irresistible, was my red one-piece.

You stopped and stared for a minute, your little hands opening and closing, your breathing getting quick and shallow. And in my dark little corner, I could see you make “The Decision.”


The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn

The Red Swimsuit By Sissy Jenn