He’s a Backdoor Man

Have you read any good books lately? Something stimulating that actually made you feel special? Those books can be very hard to find, much like your G-spot.

What exactly is a G-spot you may ask? A guy’s G-Spot, also known as the P-Spot, is his prostate gland. That’s the gland responsible for producing the majority of his seminal fluid, and it’s also one of his most sensitive erogenous zones.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Maybe you need a book.


Book Smart: The Other Door

Book Smart: The Other Door

OK great, so now you have a book, butt wait….there’s more. Inside this very special book is everything you need to put your new knowledge to practical use.

This is not your average book though, it comes with training beads, a soft and pliable butt-plug (not too big and not too small), a set of anal beads, and even a packet of water-based lube.

The Other Door anal starter kit

The Other Door anal starter kit

Butt wait….there’s more. This is impressive; the book is actually the stash! It looks like a normal book, but it has a magnetic clasp and holds everything neatly and out of sight until you’re ready to learn and explore.

Ain't technology wonderful?

Ain’t technology wonderful?

Now I’d like to leave you with a final thought. Lets say you’re holding your new book and a friend comes up and asks what you’re reading. DON’T PANIC!

You don’t have to give a detailed explanation like: “Oh its a book about fucking myself and it has a dildo and lube inside.” Of course you can say that if you want to, but then shes going to want to see you in action.

Its just a book-you’re just reading a book. It may be the best book you’ve ever read, it may open up doors that you’ve been afraid to open, and it may give you hours and hours of pleasure, but feel free to keep it to yourself.

You can say something like: “Oh its a novel about doors, a very boring architectural history thing actually.”

Or you can be somewhat less creative and say something like: “NOTHING! ITS NOTHING! ITS NOT EVEN A BOOK, I MEAN, IT IS A BOOK. ITS A TERRIBLE BOOK. LEAVE ME ALONE!”

If that sounds like something you might say you need to learn to relax. Relaxation is a very big part of this.

Remember boys-Learning is FUNdamental.

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Masturbating into your socks

That may sound funny to some of you, I know it did to me, but a friend recently told me he’s been doing just that for years. He read about it in Portnoy’s Complaint a long time ago and thought it was a great idea. Two socks, one for that night and one to smooth the morning wood.

OK fine, but technology has cum a long way since that book was written back in 1969. Now we have state of the art masturbators that do everything except kiss you goodnight. This one is about as state of the art as I’ve ever seen and will please both the Zen master and the techie. Its called The Tenga 3D.

It looks kinda like a flower and it feels so much better than a dirty sock. Description: The Tenga 3D male masturbator is a Japanese penis sleeve that provides an incredibly original experience in masturbation: 3D!
Well, what does that mean to me and my favorite sock puppet you may ask? It means that there are 4 different styles of Tenga 3D masturbation sleeves to choose from.

The Zen design for when you’re finished chopping wood and carrying water.

The Spiral is for those afternoons when you really feel twisted.

The Polygon for when you finish balancing your checking account. (It never comes out right does it?)

And finally The Module, which is for after you solve the Rubik’s cube or just throw it out the window like 99% of the world.

Interesting, but what does it cost? Socks are free and this baby must cost thousands. So wrong my little puppet masturbator. The Tenga 3D comes with a packet of Tenga brand lube and a carrying case and is less than $50. Not a lot less but a penny saved is a penny you can put towards porn. Perhaps a 6 MP3 set of Forced Feminization audio erotica that’s on sale?