How To Make Fake Breasts

Lets assume that you’re too cheap to spring for a pair of quality breast forms. You need something to put in your bra to complete your look right? Here are a few quick alternatives:

Rice or birdseed. Buy knee high stockings or knee high nylons. You need to put one inside the other-this is called telescoping. Buy the high quality ones that won’t easily break and leak. You can use different materials similar to socks and nylon stockings. These materials work well for some but not for the others, so its up to you to try them. Put 2 cups of rice inside the knee high. Use any kind of rice as long as its not cooked. This will give you a “C” cup size. Form it into breast size and tighten the ends, then make a knot. Put it into a bra and you’re done. You can also use birdseed. Go into any pet store to find some. Use two cups or more of the birdseed depending on what size you want your breasts to be.

Pantyhose. When you roll up a few pairs of pantyhose you can actually put them inside the knee high and make soft fake breasts. Just be sure to form it well because it can easily be deformed and look unnatural.

Socks. Socks can even be used for fake breasts. Roll them up into a ball. Get the thick ones so you can make the kind of boobs you’ll be proud of.

Balloons. You can also put balloons inside filled with water. Don’t just get any type of balloon. Use the ones with good quality latex. They will be thick enough to hold water and avoid leakage. You can even add a small eraser in between to make it look like you have nipples.

Condoms. Condoms can also be used instead of balloons, but they easily break. Walking around with a leaking breast might not go over well at the next sissy maid competition.

Bras? Buy two bras, one bigger than the other, and put them together. This can give an illusion of large breasts under your top.

Clay. If you want a realistic facsimile you can buy clay used for making small sculptures, and shape them like breasts. Get a molding chemical and pour it over the clay breasts that you made. Take off the molds and pour in plastisol, then let it dry. You will have huge fake breasts that feel soft and almost real.

You too can have huge, perky breasts. But seriously, if you’re going to be dressing up more often than once a year you owe it to yourself to get a real set. (Of breast forms)