My Husband is a Baby and I’m not his Mother!

Dear Abby: Men can be terrible babies when they are sick. It is a COLD! He’s not dying. Also, I am not his mother!

I made him aware of my disdain for the way sick men behave a number of years ago, but he still acts like the world is ending when he has a cold. How do I tend to him without feeling resentful? – NOT HIS MOTHER

Dear Not His Mother: Even if you aren’t feeling sympathetic, try to appear as if you are and keep your sense of humor.

Note: If he insists on acting like a baby treat him like one. Be aware that some men like this and might never leave the house, so consider a part time nanny or ask his Aunt for help. Most Aunts have very creative ways of disciplining a naughty child, although sometimes they go a little too far.

Adult Baby Romper Onesie

Adult Baby Romper Onesie

Sissy Audio-Special Requests

I am recording again and will be adding to my Podcast very soon. If you have suggestions or special requests leave a comment below.

Sissy stories will be considered but must be less than 1000 words. A good example is Saragirl’s Sissy Confession (see my story page or Podcast). Do not send me anything without discussing it first, there are only 24 little hours in a day.

Topics can include forced feminization, sissy humiliation, transvestite bondage, sissy maids, or all of the above. But absolutely no more cheerleader fantasies, too many torn ligaments.



Everyone Poops

A neighbor in St. Roch New Orleans caught a man dressed as a woman defecating on her steps Wednesday morning.

“Someone comes here almost every morning and poops!,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified. She said it’s happened over a dozen times in the last month, and she thought it must be the same person over and over again.

“They’re very big, about 6 feet 1 inches and muscular,” she said. “I’ve seen three different wigs and tight pants, a variety of tops and a big bag.”

Now what?

Such a naughty, naughty girl

Such a naughty, naughty girl

A Sissy Fashion Show

At last it was time for the first victim to make his appearance and there was a gasp from the audience as a young man minced into view dressed entirely in shimmering silk.

His blouse was aquamarine, with a prettily embroidered bodice and big puff sleeves, his short flared white skirt, pushed out by a mass of frothy lace petticoats, reached about six inches above the knees, and he was perched on white stilettos with six inch high heels. This sissy was the latest acquisition of Hilda Bradley, who sat beaming with pride in the front row.

“This is Susan ladies. He’s eighteen years old and he’s been in frilly dresses for, what is it now, three months Hilda?”

“Nearly four Beverly,” corrected his owner.

“And I believe you’re sending him to a Sissy Boarding School next week?”

“The Sweethearts in Silk Academy darling.”

There were murmurs of approval from several of the women who had used this excellent establishment themselves. Beverly flounced out his wide satin skirt and swished the lacey petticoats underneath…


A Sissy Fashion Show

A Sissy Fashion Show

Illustration by RocketXpert on Deviant Art