Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure 2010

My motorcycle trip to Alaska has been postponed indefinitely, since I realized I can’t get all my clothes in 2 panniers. So I’m looking for new projects for the winter. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Two single men are having a mid life crisis. Just by coincidence they are both sissies. They decide its time to do something memorable and have an adventure.

Now, what do 2 sissies do for an adventure?

Buy sports cars and learn to race?

Go big game hunting in Africa?

Sport fishing in Mexico?

NO. They set out to prove they are full fledged, panty wearing  sissies!

It will be part documentary and part porn, with a twist of philosophy and a dash of perfume.

They change their names to Susan and Nancy, shave their body hair, and throw out their male clothes. Traveling across the country they hit every bar and club they pass, doing what sissies do.

Just what is that you ask? You’ll just have to wait for the DVD.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!