His Mother Dressed Him Up As A Girl

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Candy gets a makeover

Now I know how much you love lipstick. In your fantasy, when the girls at the salon finally apply your bright red lipstick, you just want to explode don’t you? You do, I know you do!

Don’t be embarrassed Candy girl, lipstick is a very powerful thing.

Did you know that women have been wearing lipstick for thousands of years? And lipstick has always been associated with femininity.

At one time women who didn’t wear lipstick were suspected of being mentally ill, or even of being a lesbian!

All girls love to wear lipstick honey, and you’re no different. It’s OK, really….

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An Afternoon with Miss Teresa

An Afternoon with Miss Teresa

Mom gives panty wearing son a unique punishment

Oh my, what a humiliating situation that must have been, and what a perfect story for my story contest.

I’m going to make this very easy for you because I want quality sissy stories, so I’ll start you off.

“I had been aware of his daily visits to my panty drawer for quite a while, and decided that it was time to teach him a lesson he would never forget….”

Now all you have to do is add another 970 words and I’ll record the whole thing for you in graphic detail.

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Bad Boy to Good Girl

Bad Boy to Good Girl

Sissy Story Contest Q & A

I’m getting a lot of questions about my sissy story contest so I thought I’d answer the most frequent.

Q: Does the story absolutely have to be in the form of a narrative? That seems hard.

A: No.

Q: Can I use a story from another site?

A: Yes, if you get written permission from the author.

Q: Can my story be extremely graphic?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I know how many words are in my story?

A: If you open it in Microsoft Word you can look under TOOLS-WORD COUNT.

Q: Can my story be more than 1000 words and a 10 minute recording?

A: Maybe. If you write a really fantastic, epic sissy story I may make an exception or we can edit it down a bit.

Q: If I write a really fantastic, epic sissy story can I be your sissy maid and wear a PVC French Maid uniform?

A: No.

Story Contest Rules

Strapped In Silk Sissy Story Contest

I am now having another story contest. The winning story will be recorded by me and the completed MP3 is yours to use in any way you like except to sell it.

Upload it to your blog, website, or even use it as the audio track for a YouTube video.

Deadline is one month from today-August 15, 2013.


Story contest winners and contest rules.

Strapped In Silk Sissy Story Contest

Strapped In Silk Sissy Story Contest

Mommy’s Boy to Mommy’s Sissy Girl-Free MP3 Download

You know sweetheart, you shouldn’t feel so bad, I’ve always wanted a daughter. And since you simply INSIST on sneaking into Mommy’s room and dressing up in my clothes, I think you can be that daughter.

Oh darling, don’t look so horrified, you can be my precious little girl, dress up in Mommy’s pretty things, keep me company, and help me around the house-all the things girls do with their Mothers. I just wish you’d told me sooner that you liked being a little girl so we could have more time together.

You know sweetie, I’ll even let you wear those pretty things I caught you in today when I got home. You must like them, not that I blame you. I know I always feel so pretty and feminine wearing that pretty pink bra and panty set and that satin slip. You know, that set has a matching garter belt so you can wear stockings too, just like Mommy, just like a real girl.

Now, now, don’t bother to argue. I think we both know this is what you want, to be Mommy’s little sissy girl. To have Mommy buy you a whole set of pretty, feminine lingerie to wear under adorable blouses, skirts and dresses.

I’ll give you some of my makeup and teach you how to use it, won’t that be fun? Sitting with me at my dressing table learning to put on makeup just like a girl, just like Mommy.

And you know, sweetie, once you get comfortable with your new role as my little girl, we can go shopping for high heels and everything else you’ll need to be a pretty girl.

Oh, and I just thought of this…I’ll get to teach you all about boys, and how to get yourself a cute boyfriend. Because that’s a big part of being a girl. Now, now, it’s okay to be nervous about boys, sweetie, all young girls are when they’re virgins. The trick is to learn how to make boys happy without going too far-God knows a pretty girl like you will have boys begging to get to you.

Now, now, there’s no need to blush honey, of course Mommy wants you to tell them no—proper girls wait for that special man. Some of them will be quite insistent though, but there’s ways to make a young man happy with your hands or your mouth…but I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

For now, you’ll become Mommy’s little girl and you’ll love it.

This is what you really want honey, to be Mommy’s little girl. And this is what I really want too.

We’re going to have a ball together; you’ll see…you’ll see…


Mommy’s Girl-Free MP3 Download

Mommy’s Girl-Free MP3 Download

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Practice Panties: A Forced Feminization Story


This is also a free MP3 download with video sign up.

Oh good you’re home. Let’s go into your bedroom and talk. I have a surprise for you.

Actually I have a few surprises, but we can start with the most important one.

Just sit down on the bed and get comfortable.

I know how much you like surprises, and I think you’ll just love these!

First of all sweetheart, I know you’ve been wearing my panties.

Don’t even try to deny it, because I know it for a fact.

To tell you the truth, it was a bit of a surprise for me. But I want you to do what makes you happy.

You know I want you to be happy, right sweetie?

So let’s start with surprise #1. Are you ready?

I’ve filled your underwear drawer with panties.

That’s right; you now have your very own panty drawer!

Isn’t that great?

I bought you all kinds of pretty panties that you can wear every-single-day from now on.

These are all very silky, very feminine panties, in pretty bright colors, just like the ones you’ve been wearing of mine.

We didn’t have much room in your dresser, so I decided to get rid of all your old clothes.

Aww, don’t worry honey; I have another surprise for you.

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Practice Panties at www.strappedinsilk.com

Practice Panties at http://www.strappedinsilk.com