Here Comes The Bride

British retailer Boux Avenue has launched a fantastic bridal range of lingerie just in time for the peak wedding season. They are also offering a range of wedding nightwear featuring satin and lace chemises, babydolls and robes embellished with the words ‘Mrs’ and ‘Bridesmaid’ in diamantes (a small glittering ornament).

So whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or the groom, I suggest you check out this site. Not only do they have everything you’ll need for your honeymoon, they feature a very cool wedding day checklist.

Did I mention that Boux Avenue also sells swimwear from bikinis to tankinis? Even on the perfect honeymoon you’ll need a break every now and then.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There are two very good videos on this site that I know you’ll want to see. Am I Wearing The Right Size Bra and How To Measure Yourself both here: Video bra fitting guide by Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue Lingerie, Nightwear & Swimwear

Misha satin kimono from Boux Avenue

Misha satin kimono from Boux Avenue

The Secret – Lilliput and Felix

Lilliput & Felix is a new swimwear site launched in February 2015. And they have a secret just like Victoria. See if this sounds like something you might like:

“Lilliput & Felix women are confident dreamers, aesthetes and travelers for whom style and elegance is a way of being. Chic international voyagers who feel at home on any beach, yacht or poolside, but never lose their innate sense of playfulness or their love of life. The L&F woman doesn’t seek to be the center of attention, but she turns heads wherever she globetrots; enjoying life to the full in all its beauty, the world is her playground and effortless style is a given.”

So the question you have to ask yourself is: are you a Lilliput & Felix woman?

Lilliput & Felix Luxury Swimwear

Lilliput & Felix

Lilliput & Felix