My Husband Acts Like A Housewife!

From the N.Y. Post: A newlywed Egyptian woman filed divorce papers because her husband does all the household chores. The 28-year-old woman, identified as Maha M., said she hates living with him because he acts “like a housewife.” “He doesn’t let me touch anything in our house and does all the cooking, cleaning and general household chores,” she griped.

Note: if you do the chores fast enough you’ll have time to go out and get your nails done.

Linda Zoe

Linda Zoe

Crossdressing Photography Basics

The basics in crossdressing photography are the same as the basics in all photography. Get creative, try different things and think outside the box. You should also wear a lot of makeup and huge breast forms.

As Robert Jordan once said: “There is one rule, above all others, for being a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.” Of course, sometimes a man has to face whatever comes while on his knees. Sometimes a man may even have to swallow his pride, among other things. Every picture tells a story so use a fast shutter speed.

Linda Zoe

Linda Zoe

What’s New in Men’s Fashion?

Not much really, men tend to wear the same things year after year. Jeans, t-shirts and boots may be boring but they’re comfortable. Make no mistake though, there is a big difference between fashion and style.

As Oscar de la Renta said: “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

Men's Fashion 2017

Men’s Fashion 2017

Trap Model Behavior

Karolina Meelee (possibly not his real name), is a self proclaimed trap model and sexy crazy gender bitch. I know nothing else about him or his trap, but the man does know how to take a great photo.

Note: if you wear a white blouse its very easy to blow the highlights. Too many men make that mistake.

Karolina Meelee

Karolina Meelee

Selfie Tips For Men

These tips are from an article called How to Take a Selfie Like a Male Model, so whether you want to be one or date one take your best shot.

  1. A selfie is only a selfie if (surprise) you are taking a photo of yourself. A photo taken by your girlfriend or co-worker isn’t a selfie.
  2. Stage your shot. Make sure there’s something cool or interesting sharing the photo with you, like a plane, a limousine, a baller hotel room, the backstage area at a fashion show, or your really cool friends.
  3. Find your light. Make sure your face is being lit in a flattering manner. Avoid being backlit unless for artistic purposes, in which case that’s so creative!
  4. Smile, squint a little, show off your abs, wave, give us a peace sign, or pull your best “blue steel.” Whatever you do, do something. Nobody wants to see you looking constipated alone in your office. Which leads us to the last selfie rule.
  5. Have fun. The most important lesson male models can teach us is how to live our best lives. Say, for example, you’re at an after-party in a Milanese castle. Go out on the balcony with your friends and capture that moment. Then go eat a shitload of prosciutto and tweet about it.
Selfie Tips For Men

Selfie Tips For Men

Creative Crossdressing Photography-The Wall Pose

Since you go to all the trouble of dressing up as a girl from head to toe, take some photos that you can be proud of and share with friends. There are hundreds of articles on posing but its always a good idea to think outside the box and try something different.

Here is the stunning Swiss Tabby (possibly not his real name), totally nailing the ‘Wall Pose’ as it is know by fashion and crossdressing photographers all over the world. The key is not to look directly at the camera or the photographer. This lends an air of mystery, and the pose tells a story.

Is he an international spy working for the government? Is he part of a security team investigating a string of lingerie robberies from local clotheslines and laundry rooms? Is he looking for the ice machine in an upscale hotel, and if so, how does he like his Martini?

Do you see my point? We don’t know, we just don’t know what exactly is going on and why. And this is what makes a great photo.

I think author Thomas Moore said it best: “It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed.” Yes.

Swiss Tabby

Swiss Tabby

Beauty Apps For Crossdressers, Transvestites and Sissies

I read a very interesting article in the N.Y. Times today about the Chinese beauty app Meitu. You’re probably more interested in trying it than reading about it so here is the gist of it:

“Meitu gives its users the power to create idealized versions of their real-world selves and share them with others. Its makers say: Our mission is to make the world a more beautiful place.” Seems kind of sad in my opinion but check it out.

Meitu Beauty App

Beauty App

Beauty App


Adziana Crossita (possibly not his real name) is from Perth, Australia and he is absolutely adorable. This is his mission statement:

“I’m just a happy go lucky girly boy that loves all things feminine and also blokey stuff too. I’ve had no surgery or hormones, and live my daily life as a man.”

He may or may not be a sissy but that’s his business. When you look this cute all dressed up you can be anything you want to be. As a matter of fact, anyone can be anything they want to be at any time. Write that down.

Adziana Crossita

Adziana Crossita

The Prettiest Boys on Pinterest

One of them is certainly Laura Wayland pictured below. His Tumblr page reads: Bienvenue à tous, moi c’est Laura, j’ai 23 ans et je suis une Tgirl (non hormoné / non opéré) depuis mon plus jeune âge. Ici vous trouverez mes photos. Passez une bonne visite!

That’s French for: Welcome everyone, my name is Laura, I am 23 and I am a Tgirl (not hormoné / non-operated) from a young age. Here you will find my photos. Have a great visit!

Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a.

Laura Wayland Tumblr

Laura Wayland

Laura Wayland

Crossdressing-out of the closet and into the living room

In the old days, most crossdressers would simply put on a pair of panties and prance around the house. Then maybe, just maybe, they would get very brave and add stockings or pantyhose, a bra and a dress.

On a few occasions they might even put on a cute wig, makeup and nail polish, maybe even high heels, but rarely did they take pictures of themselves and share them with the world. Though the times they are a changin, and now you can easily find thousands of photos of pretty boys and men in panties all over the web.

I’ve put together a select group of my favorite crossdressers from Pinterest in two new boards: Pretty Boys and Men in Panties. I think this will give you a better perspective of just how many men like to dress up as girls. You might even want to begin taking some photos of yourself and spread them around.

Note: these two boards are repinned from the manly men of Pinterest, so some of these “girls” might even be actual girls, or maybe they became girls, its very hard to tell sometimes.

Update: I found out that this photo is Shemale Pornstar Nicole Ribeiro, so not quite your average pretty boy.

Pretty Boys on Pinterest

Pretty Boys on Pinterest

Pretty Boys on Pinterest

Crossdressing-The Decisive Moment

The Decisive Moment is a term coined by famous street photographer Henri Cartier Bresson. Basically he felt that the moment is fleeting, meaning that once you miss it, its gone forever. Understand that he was photographing things like people jumping over puddles.

How is this related to crossdressing? The decisive moment in this case is much more complicated. Your priority is still very much about timing, but timing for you probably means is there enough time to do your makeup, paint your nails, dress up, remove your makeup and nail polish, and then put everything away. And what about perfume? You dab on a bit of Daisy by Marc Jacobs and now your bedroom smells like a flower shop! Which is not a bad thing, but you might be expecting your friends later for poke her (poker).

Yes timing is everything and the moment is always fleeting, but most guys I know have their dress up sessions down to a science. The key is to relax and enjoy it even if you only have an hour or two.

As for a quick crossdressing selfie, take an extra minute to set it up. Experiment with different poses and backgrounds. After all, you’re putting in a lot of effort, and when you look at your photo collection in your seventies you’ll wish you took more.

The Decisive Moment found on Pinterest

The Decisive Moment found on Pinterest

Reconsidering Sissies

Reconsidering Sissies is the name of a new board I found today on Pinterest. This is his mission statement:

“To be honest, I’ve never been fond of Sissies association with my leaning toward the feminine…and to my innate sense of carrying both a male and female sense of self. But, coupling that with my submissive nature, I’m beginning to warm to the idea. So, this board reflects my coming to terms with the Sissy inside.”

Alrighty then. Go to my Pinterest page, log in and click on the boards I follow to see everything from Gender Benders to Pretty Boys. Literally thousands of photos, many of them not men dressed as women but women that almost look like men dressed as women. I’m currently following over 200 boards, some of which have probably been removed by now.

Feel free to follow me and if you start your own board behave yourself.

Teresa Bowers Pinterest

From Reconsidering Sissies on Pinterest

From Reconsidering Sissies on Pinterest

Crossdressers With Cameras-Expose Yourself

I hope that everyone had a great holiday and got wonderful gifts. One of the most popular gifts this year is the same as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that-a new camera.

As an avid (obsessive) photographer myself I’d like to share a couple of things I’ve learned the hard way, things I still do again and again and again.

First of all, the subject is one of the most important parts of a good photo. If you can find a professional model to dress up in all kinds of cute outfits you can concentrate on understanding your camera. But even those with access to a model find that they are not dolls to play with, they get tired, jumpy, and bitchy after you insist that they reapply their lipstick a hundred times. What can you do?

You sweetheart, can be your own model. Yes, it may be uncomfortable for you to stretch yourself into a tight corset, find the perfect panties to go with your stockings and garter belt, try on countless blouses, skirts and dresses, and go through 50 shades of eyeshadow, but an artist has to sacrifice for their art.

So you decide to dress up and take some photos of yourself with your new camera, how hard can it be?

The level of your success is in direct proportion to your level of perfectionism. That being said, you still want sharp, well lit photos to show your friends and the girls at work, so here are a couple of tips I’ve learned by taking and deleting thousands of photos that were probably worth keeping.

I’m using two photos of the lovely Alena to demonstrate what you might go through with a new camera you’re unfamiliar with.

Tip 1: Be aware of everything in the frame. It may be hard to notice the little distractions until you view your photos on a large computer screen. Fix them and take more.

Classic Couch Pose

Classic Couch Pose

This is the classic couch pose and for the most part is very, very good. But the stocking sticking out of the couch cushion and what is probably his jeans hanging over the door takes the attention away from the pretty guy with the large breasts.

Your photos do not have to be perfect. I chose these two because I want to give you inspiration as well as show you some great images. Alena is from Minsk in the Republic of Belarus. From what I’ve been told the men there take everything very seriously, from crossdressing to makeup. Your results may vary.

Tip 2: Experiment. Open the windows and sit on the kitchen table. Cross your legs one way, then try the other way. Wear heels, don’t wear heels. Order a pizza and see if the delivery guy will pose with you.

I once read that if you get one photo you feel is a keeper out of a hundred, you should consider that a success. But that photographer did not dress up as a girl when he was home alone (as far as I know).

Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential

Crossdressing Selfies-Techniques and Obsessive Photography Disorder

The main technique for a good crossdressing selfie is the pose. Sitting in a chair is fine, but experiment with different body angles and expressions.

After that the best thing you can do is use a tripod or put your camera on a solid surface, then set the self timer.

Its very important that you realize that you do not have to make a technically perfect shot.

Professional photographers sometimes add grain to their photos to give them a gritty effect, can you imagine that? Many have cameras that cost more than your car, and their pictures are magazine quality, then they make them look rough. Of course we all know that many people like it rough.

But if you want to shoot for a sharp photo with as little noise (grain) as possible, here are a couple of very obvious tips you probably already know.

More light will give you a faster shutter speed, which hopefully results in sharper photos.

If you know what ISO is and where to set it on your camera, keep it as low as possible. Higher ISO shows more noise (grain).

Now if you happen to have Obsessive Photography Disorder as I do, here are some very, very simple yet important things to think about while setting up and shooting:

Aperture, white balance, focal length, metering mode, composition, aspect ratio, format, symmetry, and of course bracketing. Easy peasy right?

Then after downloading the RAW files (of course you shot RAW-don’t be ridiculous) make the basic adjustments in Lightroom:

White balance, exposure, fill light, blacks, brightness, contrast, clarity, vibrance, and saturation. Adjust the highlights, lights, darks, shadows, play with individual color hue, saturation and luminance, reduce noise and sharpen.

Next think about black and white by converting to grayscale and adjusting the luminosity levels of the red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple and magenta separately.

Now save the file as a PSD, TIFF or JPEG. Of course you can tweak it more in Photoshop if you have it, adding masks, adjusting the levels and experimenting with effects and filters.

Did I mention to keep an eye on the histogram? Consider exposing to the right for at least some of the hundreds of shots you’ll be taking.

Now I’ve heard rumors, mostly in back alleys and the photography section of book stores, that some people are taking pictures on auto, or even with their phone and getting fantastic results.



The lovely Melanie Hue with his Canon Rebel

The lovely Melanie Hue with his Canon Rebel