Trained and Transformed

He’s ready now, you can pick him up anytime.

Trained and Transformed

Trained and Transformed

My Husband is a Baby and I’m not his Mother!

Dear Abby: Men can be terrible babies when they are sick. It is a COLD! He’s not dying. Also, I am not his mother!

I made him aware of my disdain for the way sick men behave a number of years ago, but he still acts like the world is ending when he has a cold. How do I tend to him without feeling resentful? – NOT HIS MOTHER

Dear Not His Mother: Even if you aren’t feeling sympathetic, try to appear as if you are and keep your sense of humor.

Note: If he insists on acting like a baby treat him like one. Be aware that some men like this and might never leave the house, so consider a part time nanny or ask his Aunt for help. Most Aunts have very creative ways of disciplining a naughty child, although sometimes they go a little too far.

Adult Baby Romper Onesie

Adult Baby Romper Onesie

Sissy Audio-Special Requests

I am recording again and will be adding to my Podcast very soon. If you have suggestions or special requests leave a comment below.

Sissy stories will be considered but must be less than 1000 words. A good example is Saragirl’s Sissy Confession (see my story page or Podcast). Do not send me anything without discussing it first, there are only 24 little hours in a day.

Topics can include forced feminization, sissy humiliation, transvestite bondage, sissy maids, or all of the above. But absolutely no more cheerleader fantasies, too many torn ligaments.



Everyone Poops

A neighbor in St. Roch New Orleans caught a man dressed as a woman defecating on her steps Wednesday morning.

“Someone comes here almost every morning and poops!,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified. She said it’s happened over a dozen times in the last month, and she thought it must be the same person over and over again.

“They’re very big, about 6 feet 1 inches and muscular,” she said. “I’ve seen three different wigs and tight pants, a variety of tops and a big bag.”

Now what?

Such a naughty, naughty girl

Such a naughty, naughty girl

Alternatives to Petticoat Punishment-Audio Story

Hi there honey, I’m Teresa. Thank you for coming over on such short notice. Now wave goodbye to your Mother, she’ll be back for you later.

Come in, come in, we have a lot to do today. Come on, don’t be shy. I see you brought a package for me. Do you know what’s inside? No? Well I’ll bet you love surprises as much as I do, and this is gonna be a big one!

Follow me into my bedroom and we’ll both take a look at the same time. I really think you’re going to enjoy yourself today. Your Mother and I have been friends for a long time, and I told her I think I can help her out. Well, actually I want to help you out.

You look so nervous sweetheart, just relax. I want to be your friend, OK? Now come over here and sit on my bed next to me. Come on, sit right here. Awww, you’re so shy aren’t you? Don’t you want to sit next to me?

Are you afraid of girls? Because I think a big part of this is that you are afraid of girls.

Now move over here. You can get closer to me you know; I’m not going to bite you. Alright, I think its time to explain why you’re here, and exactly what is in that mysterious package. You see sweetheart, your Mother told me you’ve been dressing up in her clothes when she’s not home. And this has been going on for a while now.

No? Are you telling me that you haven’t been dressing up in her clothes? Are you sure? Because your Mother seems to be pretty sure that you have. OK, tell you what, let’s take a look inside this package and see if there’s anything in there that can help us figure this out.

Now I want you to know that whatever happens here today is just between me and you. And of course your Mother. But really sweetie, she only wants what’s best for you. You have to believe that.

Ready? OK, here we go. Well look what we have here, panties, pantyhose, and a dress. Do these look familiar at all? No? OK, then let me tell you about the discussion your Mother and I have been having.

You see, she wasn’t sure at first about your dressing up, and asked me what I thought. So I suggested that she keep an eye on your favorite things for a few weeks to see if they’ve actually been worn. Apparently these are a few of your favorite things.

It’s just like the song!

This recording is 40 minutes and is now a free download.

Preview Favorite Things Here

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Petticoat Punishment 2015-Audio Story

In the old days Petticoat Punishment was used as a form of discipline. It would often involve a boy being feminized into a sissy by a powerful female, usually a Mother or Aunt. He would then be paraded around in front of his cousins, sisters, or in some cases, girls of his own age whom he had offended by his behavior.

Petticoat Punishment included being forced to wear makeup and carry dolls, purses, and other items associated with girls. Sometimes, boys were made to perform tasks that they considered to be girls work, and to appear with their Mothers in public wearing girls clothing.

That was before psychologists knew what they now know about the mind and about behavior modification. Over the past 20 years or so, tremendous progress has been made in dealing with boys who will not stay out of the panty drawer.

The modern version of  Petticoat Punishment is not really punishment as much as pretty persuasion. With the right lingerie, hairstyle, makeup, nail polish, stockings, pantyhose, skirts, blouses, dresses, heels, jewelry and perfume, hard changes can be made.Ten out of ten crossdressing psychologists approve of and support this technique, often asking for photos.

In some cases, a Mother will even encourage her son to dress like a girl until the thrill is gone. Unfortunately, this can take months or even years.

I have an example of this method I call Practice Panties, it is a 20 minute recording and is now a free download.

Preview Practice Panties Here

Petticoat Punishment 2015

Petticoat Punishment 2015

The Best Sissy Training Device 2015

Voted first place by The National Sissy Association, this sissy training device will give you the confidence you need to perform like a pro when the occasion arises (and I mean that literally).

Enough said, see for yourself:

See The Sissy Training Device Here

The Sissy Training Device 2015

See The Sissy Training Device Here

Domination Directory International

This issue features an in depth look at the world of Japan’s SM bars, plenty of news and pictures from DomCon, book and movie reviews, and of course, the world’s best Pro Dommes.

Finding a Dominatrix in your area just got a lot easier.

Domination Directory International

Domination Directory International

Domination Directory International

Control Crossdressing with CBT

Of course I’m referring to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This technique acknowledges that there may be behaviors that cannot be controlled through rational thought. CBT is “problem focused” (undertaken for specific problems) and “action oriented” (the therapist tries to assist the client in selecting specific strategies to help address those problems).

Now pay attention because this is the important part: A basic concept in CBT treatment is in vivo exposure. The term refers to the direct exposure of specific objects, activities, or situations.

Simple right? But to make this perfectly clear, I have written a very descriptive paper, based on the psychological principles of CBT to illustrate this in a fun and possibly erotic way. Your results may vary.

Note: I am not a therapist but play one with TV’s.

This 20 minute educational audio recording, as well as a related 40 minute MP3 are available free with video signup. Details at the end of the paper.

The following is a short excerpt: “Since this is still kind of new for you, wearing your panties gets you very excited, and you need to work on that.

Soon, maybe in a few weeks, a few months, or possibly a bit longer, wearing your panties will feel completely natural. You’ll wake up in your pretty nightie and panties, take a warm bath and get ready for the day. Then you’ll put on a fresh pair of panties, and get dressed in one of your cute little outfits. Your hair will be cut and styled by then, and you’ll be able to do your own makeup.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to be a girl, and you’ll love every second of it. But after a while you won’t find it as arousing as you do now, to just wear your panties. You’ll see what I mean sweetheart, you’ll see.

Not let me explain one more thing, and then we can talk about your new bedroom. I want you to lie back on the bed and just relax, OK?

There you go, get really comfortable…”


Control Crossdressing with CBT

Control Crossdressing with CBT

The Panty Thief-A Holiday Play

Teresa: Well, well, well, look what we have here.

Susan: Oh-My-God. He’s wearing your panties and babydoll Teresa! And look-he went through all of your things. He must have tried on everything in your dresser! And there’s lingerie all over the place! Let’s call the Police.

Teresa: Just a minute Susan, I think we should interrogate the suspect, isn’t that what they do on those cop shows?

Susan: Fuck that! We caught a panty thief and he has to go to jail. And we have to tell your neighbors. We have to tell everyone so this doesn’t happen again.

Teresa: But this panty thief is one of my neighbors, he lives right next door.

Susan: Oh My God you know this guy?

Teresa: I sure do, in fact he used to do some chores for me, but things got weird.

Susan: What do you mean, weird?


The Panty Thief

The Panty Thief

The 8 Month Erection

This is why I read the N.Y. Post.

Daniel Metzgar of Wilmington Delaware is suing a doctor for allegedly botching a penile-implant operation in 2009 and leaving him with an erection that lasted eight months.

The suit says that Metzgar had trouble doing things such as getting the morning newspaper and riding a motorcycle.

This is something to consider the next time you get mad at another biker for not waving. Some people have it harder than others.

Ride Hard

Ride Hard


Larry spent most of his adolescence in his sisters room, trying on her pretty things.

Each day he would tell himself: “NO! NOT TODAY!”

Ten minutes later he would be in her pantyhose and bra secretly hoping to be caught.

He didn’t want to be discovered of course, but his favorite fantasy was to be caught by his sister and her friends, and punished for invading her privacy. And what kind of punishment would be appropriate in this case?

The only way he would learn his lesson was to see what it was like to be a girl completely! He had to be taught a lesson that he would never, ever, forget!

(as confessed by Larry himself)

Oh Larry

Oh Larry

The rest of Larry’s punishment looked something like this…



Cheap Thrills

I’ve recently finished an audio story for my new friend Stephanie. His fantasy is to be discovered by his girlfriend with his huge stash of lingerie catalogs, women’s magazines, and even salon books on hair styles. After admitting that he has fantasized his whole life about dressing up she decides that he will finally get his wish and with the help of her friends he is soon dressed to kill! This story wont be on my website but lets just say that long after his eyebrows grow back he will have a portfolio of 8×10 glossies to remember his perfect Sunday.

I asked him about his obsession with the catalogs and this is what he told me:

“It started with the Sears Catalog when I was a kid. Here was everything I had been dreaming about in full color! Bras, panties, stockings, body shapers, blouses, shirts, dresses, nightgowns, and even shoes! It was like being in the store and I could have anything I wanted. I spent years looking through those pages.

Then I discovered the New York Times Magazine with its full page ads for clothing and makeup and when the fashion issue came out I was in heaven. From there I moved on to the circulars in the Sunday papers like JC Penny. They were the first thing I looked at and I made sure to buy several newspapers so I could have them all.

Eventually I found a Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie catalog in a laundry room and I took it home. Jackpot! This was like porn for me and I couldn’t get enough of it. I began ordering catalogs from everywhere I could find on the web and soon I had a huge collection. I realized that for me this was as good as a Penthouse or other skin mag for the average guy. I would much rather have any issue of a women’s magazine featuring the latest styles in fashion and makeup than a hundred Playboys.

I know this is kind of strange but it works for me and makes me happy. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to do the things that I fantasize about like in your stories.”

I think its great that he found something that makes him so happy. All those magazines are online now and the catalogs are all free. Save your money for the real thing. And if something doesn’t fit you can always exchange it for the right size. Not all thrills are cheap!

I Know What You’re Thinking…

Your probably thinking something like-“I don’t want to tell anyone my fantasies, they might think I’m strange”
Well first of all no one will know who its from-you can send it to me through my website using a fake email and name.
Second of all-So What!
Third of all-So What!
Here is the latest anonymous fantasy: From Mr Smith in Washington

I want to be a sex toy for a group of women. It doesn’t matter to me what they look like or who they are. I want to be captured in some way and taken to a place where I cant escape. I am stripped naked and my clothes are thrown away. Every time I say something I am slapped and told to do as I’m told. I keep trying to reason with them and am slapped repeatedly until finally I stop talking. They keep telling me that I have NO CHOICE anymore-and THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT! I am asked one last time if I understand and I say yes very softly.
Once I agree to do anything I am used in any way they want, from licking their feet to their pussy. I must pleasure each one as many times and in any way they ask.
They are now free to do other things to me like spank me, tie me up, and use a strap on to fuck me over and over again.
The key for me is when I agree that I will submit. THERE’ S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT is enough to get me off!

There isn’t that nice? And who knows who sent me this-I wonder if he is in politics,hmmmmm.

So don’t be shy-this is for a good cause: FUN!

Oh No-Not The Lipstick!

As a practicing Dominatrix specializing in Forced Feminization I’m always open to new ways to make the experience more exciting and fun.

Everyone seems to have a special trigger or favorite part that makes it work for them. One of the most popular is the makeup, and specifically the  lipstick. To be dressed in silky, feminine, lingerie and seated at the makeup table.

After styling your hair and carefully applying eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and blush, the lips are carefully lined. Then slowly filled  in with a matching lipstick with thick, heavily strokes until you begin to taste it.

Turning around you see the transformation completed and you are now the girl you’ve always wanted to be. The perfume, jewelery, and the remainder of your new outfit is just the icing on the cake!

For others, its the part where you are caught red handed wearing panties and bra and have no choice but to admit your secret, and do as you are told.

Then there is the posing for pictures all dressed up in your prettiest clothes, which will be sent to everyone you know.

Or the ever popular being  in the middle of various stages of feminization when other girls arrive to join in the fun and help you with your nail polish, walk, and voice.

And we’re  not yet even up to being dragged to the salon, the shopping trips for lingerie, and various public humiliations yet!

I’d love to hear what the best part is for you, the highlight of the story that you go through in your mind when you fantasize about these things.

You can tell me-I wont laugh,unless you like that!

Letters To The Editor

I have been getting so much feedback from my website and blog that I thought I would post a few, with their permission of course.

These three people have varying degrees of difficulty with their fantasies and maybe I can help them to understand and accept them if possible, that’s why I started this in the first place.

Mike writes:
I’ve always wanted to be dominated by a group of girls. In high school I used to fantasize about them dragging me into the girls locker room at the end of the day and and making me strip. Then they would dress me up as a girl, from lacy white panties and bra to a blouse, skirt and heels. And teasing me all along the way I would have to walk and talk like a girl until they were satisfied, then they would do my makeup and nails.  I had many variations on this theme, sometimes being dressed as a cheerleader and going out with them in their car and being dropped off somewhere. The strange part was that I was on the football team and had a girlfriend, although she wasn’t a cheerleader. I still think about this today, many years later.

John writes:
My fantasy is exactly like the one on your website, caught in panties! I used to have this gorgeous neighbor, she was a teacher, and I always imagined her teaching me a lesson. I would be caught going through her underwear, maybe trying some on and she would catch me red handed. She used to let me watch her house and the dogs so I had the keys. She would threaten to tell all my friends and the neighbors about it and I needed to be taught a lesson. The lesson was to become a girl from head to toe, I even used to imagine her taking me to the beauty parlor to get my hair and makeup done! Your audio was so close I couldn’t believe it, I never thought anyone would have the same fantasy.

Ron writes:
This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone about this. My fantasy involves being embarrassed and humiliated until it becomes so intense I become overwhelmed and have an orgasm. I am being told what to to by a woman I know who makes me dress up as a girl. Usually in a store or in front of people. The more degrading and embarrassing the more excited I get. I have no choice but to do this and everyone knows it. The climax is when I’m taken to a beauty salon to be transformed and feminized completely. The strangest part of this for me is that there’s really nothing sexual about it. No one is naked, it doesn’t matter that much what the salesgirls and the others look like, and no one even touches me. Its a complete mindfuck and its caused me incredible confusion and distress over the years. It has affected every aspect of my life and I even had a loaded gun to my head at one time.
Thank you for listening.

Ron mentions that this has caused him problems in all areas of his life which include relationships, love, and sex. To me his fetish is really not that unusual and more or less harmless, but to him its a very serious problem and has even led to a suicide attempt.

What comes to mind is the one bit of psychology I’ve found to be realistic and true, although far from easy : “For the only therapy is life. The patient must learn to live, to live with his split, his conflict, his ambivalence, which no therapy can take away, for if it could, it would take away with it the actual spring of life.”  Otto Rank

Pull My Finger

A discussion came up in FetLife today about humiliation and why some people like it. Most people seem to have trigger phrases that either gets them going or gets them off.For example,”Big Boy”,did it for Portnoy in “Portnoy’s Complaint.”
Most of my female friends have a similar trigger phrase that they think about during sex or masturbation.It may be “That’s a Good Girl” or “Sit on Daddy’s lap” or “Bend Over Honey”,or any of a thousand variations,but you get the idea.

The idea of being humiliated and/or embarrassed as a form or sexual gratification has always intrigued me.For many men this is a necessary ingredient and essential for them to complete their fantasy.Especially if their fantasy is Forced Feminization.As much as they go to tremendous lengths to avoid it in real life,they want to be punished by a group of women.Made to wear feminine clothes such as a frilly nightie and panties.Laughed at,teased and ridiculed.And stripped of all dignity and masculinity if only for a short time.

No doubt this has caused tremendous guilt and conflict as well as paid for more than one psychiatrist second home! I’ve discussed this in great length with one of my subs,lets call him Mark C for the sake on anonymity.Mark is a lawyer in a small town on Eastern Long Island and drives a green Jaguar with vanity plates that say MARKME.Is that too much information? (I’m sure there are several green Jags out there,forget that thing about his plates).Mark and I have known each other for a long time.We met after he was married to his first wife for almost a year.He told me about his fantasies and I didn’t have a problem with it at all.But I’m not his wife and was only seeing him for a few hours at a time.

Mark’s fantasy has always been about a group of women capturing him somehow and teasing him.It started with just that when he was very young,and progressed to more intricate scenes with specific details that had to be there for it to work.For example,by the time he was in his teens in high school, he was fantasizing about being caught by a group of hot girls,blackmailed into doing whatever they ask,and being forcibly feminized and humiliated by them.This became the only way he could get off,and while his friends dreamed about getting into girls panties he dreamed about wearing them!

Fortunately Mark became close to a girl who wasn’t really sure about her sexuality and they began dating.She never let him go further than playing with her breasts and kissing.Which was perfectly fine with Mark because now he had a girlfriend and he wasn’t that interested in straight sex anyway.I don’t think he ever told her about his fetish but it was a great relationship because she needed time to figure things out as well as him.

Mark is now married to a great lady that I’ve met briefly,who is very much into the BDSM lifestyle.She has certain unusual fantasies as well and they have a very successful relationship fulfilling each others needs.I’m thrilled that he has found such a woman and realize that he is very,very lucky to have her.I was going to say the majority of people I’ve met,but lets say that many people I’ve met with similar fantasies are no where near as happy and fulfilled as Mark.They have either told their partner about their fetish with terrible results or have kept it to themselves,along with their guilt and confusion about it.

I still have no idea what creates these different desires and fantasies in men and women.Whether its a woman who fantasizes about wetting her pants,or a man with a love for feet,or a Dominant woman who learned after a long time what she loves and divorces her husband and does it.I wish I could do more to show people that everyone is different, and that if you have something that gives you pleasure and doesn’t hurt anyone else then go ahead and enjoy it.But things are never that simple and its really not that unusual for a women to be shocked when you tell her that you want to wear her clothes and go ice skating.Unless you are telling me, because my skates are sharpened and ready.