A Sissy Roadmap

A lot of you may not realize that Strapped In Silk is a very large website.

Did you know that there are almost 90 different pages? And that’s not even counting the 150 pages of stories, the huge variety of bondage, fetish and kinky sex toys, the thousands of different types of lingerie, dresses and fetishwear, and the plethora of sissy training and forced feminization videos.

How do you find these things, how do you find exactly what you’re looking for? The Sitemap.

Most websites have a Sitemap but very few people bother to go there. So if your fingers are all cramped up from waxing the dolphin I’m posting it all here.

Take a break from staring at yourself in your pretty sissy outfit and explore. Some things are not as hard as you make them. OK, that might be a bad choice of words.

The Strapped In Silk Sitemap

Richard wasn’t like the other boys

He didn’t mind being the only boy in an all girl school.

He didn’t mind dressing as a girl, and wearing the very feminine school uniforms.

He didn’t mind letting his hair grow out, learning makeup and painting his nails.

He didn’t even mind the way the other girls would tease him without mercy.

But when they made him strip in math class, and started playing with his nipples he finally had enough.

Richard had homework to do!

The St. Mackenzie girls at www.strappedinsilk.com

The St. Mackenzie girls at http://www.strappedinsilk.com

So you want to be feminized?

How do I get my girlfriend to dress me as her maid and spank me?

Or: Where can I find a group of cheerleaders to kidnap me, and force me to become one of them?

Or: I want to be a sissy slut, 24/7 and work the streets, why does my girlfriend think this is strange?

I hear this kind of thing all the time. You have to realize that your fantasy has been developing for years, and you cant just spring it on someone as if they’ve been following your thoughts like a mind reader.

First of all, you have to start SLOW! You might want to spend some time exploring HER fantasies and fetishes. She may not be willing to share, but at least you tried, and showed an interest in her.  Maybe she has a fantasy about being a pimp. And she wants to dress her whores as slutty as possible, then punish them! Ever think of that?

OK, that’s a long shot, but my point is that most fetishes have something in common. They’re about Dominance and submission. Rather than demand that she puts you in panties, you may want to try suggesting that you love her and worship her. And that you are willing to please her in any and every way she asks.

Most likely she will tell you to clean out the garage and then cook dinner, but its a start. Maybe the next night she will ask you to suck on her toes.

After that, if you’re any good, you can graduate to being a pussy eating sub. A toy to be used as she sees fit.  An object for her amusement!

Once you establish your position as a submissive, it becomes much more likely for you to be dressed in a maids outfit, or a really sexy, silk dress, or even a cheerleader costume complete with pom-poms.

Remember-its all about her, and if by coincidence you are eventually put in panties, then it becums a win-win situation.

Be creative. It never hurts to try but you want to maximize your chances by being smart about the whole thing.

An educated sissy is a happy sissy!

Pretty Please!

Pretty Please!

I Know What You’re Thinking…

Your probably thinking something like-“I don’t want to tell anyone my fantasies, they might think I’m strange”
Well first of all no one will know who its from-you can send it to me through my website using a fake email and name.
Second of all-So What!
Third of all-So What!
Here is the latest anonymous fantasy: From Mr Smith in Washington

I want to be a sex toy for a group of women. It doesn’t matter to me what they look like or who they are. I want to be captured in some way and taken to a place where I cant escape. I am stripped naked and my clothes are thrown away. Every time I say something I am slapped and told to do as I’m told. I keep trying to reason with them and am slapped repeatedly until finally I stop talking. They keep telling me that I have NO CHOICE anymore-and THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT! I am asked one last time if I understand and I say yes very softly.
Once I agree to do anything I am used in any way they want, from licking their feet to their pussy. I must pleasure each one as many times and in any way they ask.
They are now free to do other things to me like spank me, tie me up, and use a strap on to fuck me over and over again.
The key for me is when I agree that I will submit. THERE’ S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT is enough to get me off!

There isn’t that nice? And who knows who sent me this-I wonder if he is in politics,hmmmmm.

So don’t be shy-this is for a good cause: FUN!

Oh No-Not The Lipstick!

As a practicing Dominatrix specializing in Forced Feminization I’m always open to new ways to make the experience more exciting and fun.

Everyone seems to have a special trigger or favorite part that makes it work for them. One of the most popular is the makeup, and specifically the  lipstick. To be dressed in silky, feminine, lingerie and seated at the makeup table.

After styling your hair and carefully applying eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and blush, the lips are carefully lined. Then slowly filled  in with a matching lipstick with thick, heavily strokes until you begin to taste it.

Turning around you see the transformation completed and you are now the girl you’ve always wanted to be. The perfume, jewelery, and the remainder of your new outfit is just the icing on the cake!

For others, its the part where you are caught red handed wearing panties and bra and have no choice but to admit your secret, and do as you are told.

Then there is the posing for pictures all dressed up in your prettiest clothes, which will be sent to everyone you know.

Or the ever popular being  in the middle of various stages of feminization when other girls arrive to join in the fun and help you with your nail polish, walk, and voice.

And we’re  not yet even up to being dragged to the salon, the shopping trips for lingerie, and various public humiliations yet!

I’d love to hear what the best part is for you, the highlight of the story that you go through in your mind when you fantasize about these things.

You can tell me-I wont laugh,unless you like that!

Letters To The Editor

I have been getting so much feedback from my website and blog that I thought I would post a few, with their permission of course.

These three people have varying degrees of difficulty with their fantasies and maybe I can help them to understand and accept them if possible, that’s why I started this in the first place.

Mike writes:
I’ve always wanted to be dominated by a group of girls. In high school I used to fantasize about them dragging me into the girls locker room at the end of the day and and making me strip. Then they would dress me up as a girl, from lacy white panties and bra to a blouse, skirt and heels. And teasing me all along the way I would have to walk and talk like a girl until they were satisfied, then they would do my makeup and nails.  I had many variations on this theme, sometimes being dressed as a cheerleader and going out with them in their car and being dropped off somewhere. The strange part was that I was on the football team and had a girlfriend, although she wasn’t a cheerleader. I still think about this today, many years later.

John writes:
My fantasy is exactly like the one on your website, caught in panties! I used to have this gorgeous neighbor, she was a teacher, and I always imagined her teaching me a lesson. I would be caught going through her underwear, maybe trying some on and she would catch me red handed. She used to let me watch her house and the dogs so I had the keys. She would threaten to tell all my friends and the neighbors about it and I needed to be taught a lesson. The lesson was to become a girl from head to toe, I even used to imagine her taking me to the beauty parlor to get my hair and makeup done! Your audio was so close I couldn’t believe it, I never thought anyone would have the same fantasy.

Ron writes:
This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone about this. My fantasy involves being embarrassed and humiliated until it becomes so intense I become overwhelmed and have an orgasm. I am being told what to to by a woman I know who makes me dress up as a girl. Usually in a store or in front of people. The more degrading and embarrassing the more excited I get. I have no choice but to do this and everyone knows it. The climax is when I’m taken to a beauty salon to be transformed and feminized completely. The strangest part of this for me is that there’s really nothing sexual about it. No one is naked, it doesn’t matter that much what the salesgirls and the others look like, and no one even touches me. Its a complete mindfuck and its caused me incredible confusion and distress over the years. It has affected every aspect of my life and I even had a loaded gun to my head at one time.
Thank you for listening.

Ron mentions that this has caused him problems in all areas of his life which include relationships, love, and sex. To me his fetish is really not that unusual and more or less harmless, but to him its a very serious problem and has even led to a suicide attempt.

What comes to mind is the one bit of psychology I’ve found to be realistic and true, although far from easy : “For the only therapy is life. The patient must learn to live, to live with his split, his conflict, his ambivalence, which no therapy can take away, for if it could, it would take away with it the actual spring of life.”  Otto Rank

Pull My Finger

A discussion came up in FetLife today about humiliation and why some people like it. Most people seem to have trigger phrases that either gets them going or gets them off.For example,”Big Boy”,did it for Portnoy in “Portnoy’s Complaint.”
Most of my female friends have a similar trigger phrase that they think about during sex or masturbation.It may be “That’s a Good Girl” or “Sit on Daddy’s lap” or “Bend Over Honey”,or any of a thousand variations,but you get the idea.

The idea of being humiliated and/or embarrassed as a form or sexual gratification has always intrigued me.For many men this is a necessary ingredient and essential for them to complete their fantasy.Especially if their fantasy is Forced Feminization.As much as they go to tremendous lengths to avoid it in real life,they want to be punished by a group of women.Made to wear feminine clothes such as a frilly nightie and panties.Laughed at,teased and ridiculed.And stripped of all dignity and masculinity if only for a short time.

No doubt this has caused tremendous guilt and conflict as well as paid for more than one psychiatrist second home! I’ve discussed this in great length with one of my subs,lets call him Mark C for the sake on anonymity.Mark is a lawyer in a small town on Eastern Long Island and drives a green Jaguar with vanity plates that say MARKME.Is that too much information? (I’m sure there are several green Jags out there,forget that thing about his plates).Mark and I have known each other for a long time.We met after he was married to his first wife for almost a year.He told me about his fantasies and I didn’t have a problem with it at all.But I’m not his wife and was only seeing him for a few hours at a time.

Mark’s fantasy has always been about a group of women capturing him somehow and teasing him.It started with just that when he was very young,and progressed to more intricate scenes with specific details that had to be there for it to work.For example,by the time he was in his teens in high school, he was fantasizing about being caught by a group of hot girls,blackmailed into doing whatever they ask,and being forcibly feminized and humiliated by them.This became the only way he could get off,and while his friends dreamed about getting into girls panties he dreamed about wearing them!

Fortunately Mark became close to a girl who wasn’t really sure about her sexuality and they began dating.She never let him go further than playing with her breasts and kissing.Which was perfectly fine with Mark because now he had a girlfriend and he wasn’t that interested in straight sex anyway.I don’t think he ever told her about his fetish but it was a great relationship because she needed time to figure things out as well as him.

Mark is now married to a great lady that I’ve met briefly,who is very much into the BDSM lifestyle.She has certain unusual fantasies as well and they have a very successful relationship fulfilling each others needs.I’m thrilled that he has found such a woman and realize that he is very,very lucky to have her.I was going to say the majority of people I’ve met,but lets say that many people I’ve met with similar fantasies are no where near as happy and fulfilled as Mark.They have either told their partner about their fetish with terrible results or have kept it to themselves,along with their guilt and confusion about it.

I still have no idea what creates these different desires and fantasies in men and women.Whether its a woman who fantasizes about wetting her pants,or a man with a love for feet,or a Dominant woman who learned after a long time what she loves and divorces her husband and does it.I wish I could do more to show people that everyone is different, and that if you have something that gives you pleasure and doesn’t hurt anyone else then go ahead and enjoy it.But things are never that simple and its really not that unusual for a women to be shocked when you tell her that you want to wear her clothes and go ice skating.Unless you are telling me, because my skates are sharpened and ready.

Caught And Punished

Last night was Michael’s lucky night, or so he thought! We had arranged a night of fun indulging him in his fantasy to be caught,feminized,and punished for stealing my panties. I just hope he enjoyed it as much as we did!

My neighbors Susan and Bonnie were over as well as two students from Susan’s beauty school.One was Cindy, the beautiful girl/boy that now works at the school and the other was Lisa,a tall, athletic makeup artist who is also studying martial arts. Lisa was to be my muscle and surprise Michael as he attempted the staged robbery. I left two packages from Victoria’s Secret on my front porch that he couldn’t miss.

We were in the middle of listening to one of Bonnie’s famous dirty jokes over drinks when Susan thought she heard something. I almost forgot what we were going to do I was having so much fun with my friends. I turned down the music and we heard a dog barking off and on from three houses down. Lisa jumped up and told everyone to be quiet. She had turned into a ninja at some point after her third drink.

We sat there trying not to giggle at her seriousness and she went to the side door that leads to my porch. Michael was going through the bags probably waiting for someone to come walking out calmly and approach him. Lisa saw him under the dim porch light and charged him slamming him into the wall. She had gone from ninja to fullback in 3 seconds.Then she started screaming like a crazy person for us to come out.

“What’s the hell is going on out here?”, I said.

“I don’t know why this guy is out here on a night like this but I want to find out. Get up you piece of shit!”, and once Michael stood up Lisa grabbed him and literally threw him inside onto the floor of my living room.

It took him a second or two to realize that we were taking this very seriously.The five of us stood there watching him,waiting for him to say something.

“This is my neighbor Michael from down the block,fancy meeting you here Michael. What are you doing?”

“He was going through your Victoria’s Secret stuff when I found him. I forgot we left it out there.”

“Is that right Michael?”

“I-uh-Hi Teresa”

“Wait a fucking minute, I want to know what this creep is doing here and why he was going through your stuff”, Susan said trying to sound angry.

I started to open the bags and take out the new lingerie I had bought earlier that day. It was an adorable knit eyelet-trim nightie in baby pink with matching panties.

“What did you think you were going to do with these Michael?”, I asked calmly.

“I-I was just looking Teresa, I stopped by to say hello”

“Bullshit! I’ve told you NEVER to stop by without calling!

“What do you think girls? Michael says he wanted to say hello.”

I want to know what you were going to do with the lingerie”, Bonnie said for all of us. “Were you going to take it home and jerk off into it?”

“I’ll bet he was going to wear it! Were you going to try it on and pretend to be a girl?”, Lisa demanded.

“Of course he was Teresa, he’s just like the sissies at the salon. I think Michael wants to be Michelle”, Susan said smiling.

“Well this is very interesting, Michelle. Does everyone at work know that you really want to be a girl and wear pretty lingerie, Because they certainly will now!”

“I was just, I just, wait a minute, I-I think I should go home now.”

“Nonsense Michelle, you came to the right place tonight to become the girl you want to be.Susan owns a beauty school and Cindy And Lisa are students there, Bonnie is a teacher and I know how much she like to teach a good lesson, right Bonnie?”

“Absolutely Teresa, and I think Michelle here is in desperate need of a good lesson, one that he wont soon forget. I could get this all on video and you could put it on your website, and even you tube!”

“That sounds great Bonnie, doesn’t it Michelle? Once your friends find out about you I’m sure they’ll want to see pictures. What do you say girls, don’t you think we should help Michelle out?”

“Teresa, lets forget the whole thing OK, this was a stupid idea.Tell them,tell them what we planned.”

“They already know sweetie, and they came over to help.”

“I changed my mind-I’m going to go home, I’m sorry.”

Before I could open my mouth Lisa went over and slapped him. We stood there a little surprised and waited to see what she would do next.

“Listen Michelle, first of all shut the fuck up! You will speak when spoken to from now on.”

“But Lisa, I…”

SMACK! She hit him so hard I swear I heard it echo off the walls.

“You’re a slow learner Michelle. I’ll say this one-more-time. You are going to do exactly what we tell you to do. We’re going to make sure that you remember this night for the rest of your life! You are going to wear that lingerie that you like so much and we will help you with your makeup. Then you will paint your nails to match your lipstick and learn to walk for us in heels until you get it right. Bonnie is going to video tape the whole transformation and you are going to pose for as many pictures as we want. And when we feel that you’ve become feminine enough and look and smell pretty enough we are going to teach you to suck cock like a pro. Cindy has something she wants to show you, don’t you Cindy?”

Michael looked like scared dog and seemed unable to speak. Cindy walked over with a huge smile on her face and stood right in front of him. She lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties and pulled out her tremendous cock waving it at Michael.

“Surprise!”, she said proudly.

“No I can’t , wait a minute, oh-oh.”

But it was too late. Lisa kicked him in the balls and we all shuddered as he grabbed himself in pain. I almost felt bad for him but I knew that he had to learn that sometimes it hurts to be a girl, and that pain and pleasure are two ends of the same stick. And he would learn all about that later as that stick was in his mouth and the camera was rolling, and he got what he asked for.

Christmas At The Salon

Back in October I introduced my friend Susan to boys that wanted to be girls for her beauty school. They would come in for help with their hair and makeup and her students could practice on them. Everyone had a ball and it worked out very well.  Soon the girls realized that this was a dream come true for the boys and became more demanding of them. Keeping the place clean was just one of their many new tasks. They had to speak in a feminine voice when they were there and address each girl as Miss. They were also given magazines to study and were only allowed to talk about girl stuff such as boys and fashion.

On of the boys, now known as Cindy, was very feminine right from the beginning. She has smooth clear skin and long shaved legs. Cindy soon became the girls favorite and they helped her pick out new outfits, sometimes taking her shopping on weekends. When Susan told me that she needed someone to help out full time I talked her into asking Cindy. I knew she wasn’t working and would jump at the chance. When Susan finally asked her that Friday Cindy broke into tears and happily accepted. She would come in each day singing softly, proudly showing off her new clothes. She looked really good too with her long blond hair and her perfectly made up face. The people that occasionally came in for a discount haircut or manicure never knew that Cindy was a guy. They would never guess that under her skirt was enough to make any man jealous.

Pretty soon Cindy was answering the phones, managing the books, and even designing a website for the school. The girls were very happy with their new friend and helped her out in any way that they could. Soon the question came up as to whether she was going to go on to become a real woman. And if they could fix her up with their friends. Cindy got very embarrassed and ran into the bathroom crying. Susan waited for her and told her she was there for her when and if she wanted to talk about it. She asked her if she would like to get away for a few hours and take a ride to meet her  decorator who had  some questions about her new extension. Cindy timidly said yes and they left.

They had to wait for the strange little man to come over and talk about wallpaper and paint colors so Susan made coffee and didn’t ask any questions as much as she wanted to. Cindy was getting herself together and when Susan did her impression of the decorator right down to his walk and accent they both started laughing hysterically. I can only imagine Susan with her perfect body and large, firm breasts, trying to act like a man. Even a flamboyantly gay one! Soon Cindy volunteered to explain why she was so upset. She was completely confused about sex and was also a virgin. She has always wanted to be a girl and also fantasized about having sex with girls. Susan thought is was best to let her figure things out slowly and  told her about her fantasies with women and how she was also confused growing up. She assured Cindy that it would all make sense in time,and to do what made her happy.

The girls at school didn’t bring it up anymore and things went back to normal. Cindy was back to her old self and they were getting ready for the holidays. Someone brought in a catalog of costumes including a Santa suit and they decided to have a sit on Santa’s lap week. Now since the girls were busy working on getting their license guess who was going to be Santa? The new Girl! Just by coincidence I own a very sexy Santa outfit and I offered it to Cindy as my Christmas present. They put up a poster in the window offering pictures with Santa for anyone who wanted them. Everyone was very excited about it and promised to have their boyfriends come in and sit on Santa’s lap.

No one mentioned that the sexy Santa in the bright red outfit with white stockings, garter belt, and red high heels was a guy. They would tell their boyfriend later after they flirted with and kissed this very hot girl! Santa week came and Cindy looked gorgeous. Her hair was long and straight and she really looked hot in her outfit.  I made sure that I was the first to sit with Santa and get some pictures. Cindy was as happy as I’d ever seen her and I kissed her goodbye and left. The guys started coming in and with their girls permission to flirt they really got into it. Pictures were taken and saved for later teasing. Cindy was becoming more and more aroused and by the third day she was having trouble keeping herself in her tiny white panties! After posing with a particularly cute guy that walked in she found herself kissing him much longer than Santa should and he left her his phone number.

That night they got together and Cindy had her first taste of a man. She came in even earlier than usual and couldn’t wait to tell Susan and the girls all about it. She had told Todd during dinner that she was a boy and if he wanted to leave she would understand. Todd said that he knew and remembered Cindy from high school and had been attracted to her even then. The girls told her that she was actually glowing and Cindy smiled and laughed. Everyone was thrilled for her and Santa’s job was done. Bonnie,Susan’s partner filled in as Santa for a few hours each day the rest of the week.

Cindy is still working at the school and her and Todd are like something out of a hallmark card. He picks her up every night and they walk out holding hands and smile!

Susan’s Sweeties

Susan and the girls had so much fun last week with her model student that they asked me for more volunteers for her beauty school. That not only wasn’t a problem but I had friends begging me for the chance! So it was another win-win situation. The boys finally got to live out their fantasy and the girls had a ball. But everyone wanted a little more.

Most of the guys wanted to be more than just another pretty face. They wanted to continue the teasing and humiliation in all kinds of strange and interesting ways. The most common fantasies were getting caught and punished or the girls get revenge themes. They wanted to be spanked, whipped, tied up, probed, and serve in any way they were asked.

Well, it’s hard to resist that kind of offer especially when they want to pay for the privilege! So Susan and I discussed setting up a part of her house for this new service. I assured her that there would be no shortage of customers and advised her to start slow. She acted like she had been a professional Dominatrix all her life and was confident she could handle any situation. I felt she needed a guide so I called my good friend Raven who is a pro. The timing couldn’t have been better as she is having her house renovated and need a place to stay for a couple of weeks. She offered to help  teach Susan, and one of her students who is very much into this, about the fine art of Dominance and Submission.

They’re already talking about making video’s and taking out ads and I think its going to work out very well. A new Mistress is born and she owes me a favor! And I have some very good ideas about how she can pay me back.



Can you hear me now?

The story requests that I’ve been getting lately are so similar its like there’s a secret club somewhere full of guys in business suits wearing expensive watches that all have this desire to be punished and humiliated. They either want to be blackmailed into being submissive and doing anything I tell them to do or they want to be blackmailed into becoming a sissy slut and doing anything I tell them to do. I think its so fascinating the way the human mind works and the things people want to do, or think they want to do. I’m just wondering where these guys were when I was younger and looking for a job, or for someone to mow my lawn, or help me move. Now If I need help with something I can offer a good old fashioned over the knee spanking or a lesson in walking in heels and the phone rings off the hook! Life is funny that way.

Sitting Pretty

Last Halloween

I’ve made many new friends since I’ve joined ALT and COLLARME recently. One of them reminded me of my friend Michael and how I helped him with his fantasy last year about this time.
It was last October and we pretended we were going to a Halloween party the following week.
I took him to my favorite clothing store and they let him try on as many dresses as he wanted (I had told the owner earlier that it was NOT for the holiday). You should have seen the girls faces when they saw his smooth, silky legs, and that he not only had on stockings and a garter belt, but his toenails were painted a cherry red!
I told him to go try on a really short black dress and had the salesgirls help me play a joke on him. While he was busy modeling it for me one of them got his jeans and other clothes he came in with and hid them. Now he was mine!
Right then and there I told everyone in the store that Michael wanted to be Michelle, and there really was no party! As he turned different shades of red they all agreed to help and got down to serious feminization. They helped him with a bra and shoes and we eventually found a hot enough outfit. He was having a very hard time with the whole thing which was visible to everyone, but I knew he was in heaven.
To make a long story short, Michael, now Michelle, finished the day at the salon with a new hairdo, makeover and a manicure. He finally shot his load into his new panties just as they started to pierce his ears! Talk about a Kodak moment!
I have so many pictures of him from that day that I’d love to share but he’s an investment banker and we are friends, and he knows he can trust me.

Leaning the ropes

Today I had some fun with my new friend Sandy, or Sandra as she became later in the day. She wanted to act out a fantasy she’s had for a long time and I was happy to help. She wanted to be my maid and to be ordered around and verbally abused. Well my house needed cleaning anyway so I left her with the vacuum and went out for a ride. Arriving home with four of my girlfriends we found Sandra dusting away in her cute little maids outfit. She seemed embarrassed but excited. We all had a few drinks earlier but my friend Amy was the most lit. She had been having a rough time with her boyfriend lately and decided to take it out on poor Sandra. The rest of us sat on the couch and watched as Amy took charge.
First she ordered Sandra to fix us a round of drinks and then become a table for her to put her feet on. After that she made her sing “I’m a little teapot” in a high voice and when she finished and curtsied as ordered, Amy decided that she didn’t do it right and had to be spanked. Told to bend over and pull down her ruffled panties Amy started spanking away hard until her hand hurt and I got her a paddle. It was funny at first and we were all enjoying the show until the spanking got much harder and Sandra began to ask for mercy. That really got Amy going and to make a long story short she beat the hell out of my little sissy maid. It finally seemed to be over and Amy sat back on the couch looking like she just had an orgasm! Lighting a cigarette she dismissed Sandra who ran into the other room with tears running down her face. I went inside to apologize and found Sandra furiously playing with herself and moaning.
I left her to finish and told my friends who were as surprised as I was. Except for Amy who wanted to know when Sandra could come to her house to do her laundry and cleaning. After the girls left I found Sandra still in her outfit cleaning my bathroom. She told me that this was the most exciting thing that ever happened to her and couldn’t stop thanking me.
Now Amy has a full time maid who does her cleaning and chores in exchange for some beatings and Sandy is happier than ever. Don’t you love a happy ending?

All tied up