Feminization Hypnosis as Therapy

Seeing how confused I was, Dr. Herzog began to explain. “Michael, it was clear after just a few of our sessions that you are, and always have been, for lack of a better term, a sissy. I could tell by your mannerisms and, once I had you in a hypnotic state, I could dig deeper and find that my theory was valid. You have scores of repressed memories that have been gnawing at you for years. After consulting heavily with my husband, we decided that the best thing for you was to bring out your sissy side and allow her to flourish. Her name is Wendy. That was her own name, not one that we provided.”

The whole while Dr. Herzog was talking, I watched Wendy. She smoothed down her short skirt, crossed and uncrossed her legs self-consciously, and adjusted her brunette locks. I felt very bad for Dr. Herzog, knowing that she must be having some kind of breakdown, thinking that this other woman in the room wasn’t real.

Yet, every time Dr. Herzog said that name, “Wendy,” I felt an electric charge run down my spine.

“She’s been inside of you since you were ten. It’s not as though you have multiple personality disorder – my husband and I have seen this kind of thing before with other patients. You simply have denied yourself and your needs for so long that Wendy grew apart from you. We’ve brought her out of the dark, shown her the light, and now it’s time to reconcile.”


Feminization Hypnosis as Therapy

Feminization Hypnosis as Therapy

Free Feminization Hypnosis

I have recorded seven feminization hypnosis audios including The Goddess Within, Hypno Girl, Hypno Slut, Mistress Teresa’s Feminization Training, Dressing for Pleasure, Bedtime Feminization and Bedtime Feminization II.

These are now free mp3 downloads along with nine other forced feminization and sissy training audios.

Note: I am not responsible for any permanent changes in your behavior, appearance, or preferred choice of clothing after extended listening.

To quote Tom Sawyer (The Rush song not the guy): “He knows changes aren’t permanent, but change is.”

Preview Bedtime Feminization II Here

Preview Feminization II Here

Preview Bedtime Feminization II Here

How to Find a Woman to Feminize You

I think it was Nixon that said “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Maybe it was my lawn guy, I don’t really remember. But if you want to find a woman to dress you up and play with you, a plan is needed. I have such a plan.

This will take some effort on your part, but it will be fun I promise. Its simple really, you are going to accidentally on purpose show a woman that you’re wearing panties. But you’re going to do it in a very classy, creative, and well orchestrated way.

The Plan: You wear a pair of panties under your jeans or shorts, then go shopping. Simple right? And to make it even easier, you’re shopping for food in a large supermarket. You’re just going to wear your panties instead of your regular underwear and talk to women who are shopping in the same isle.

The Setup: You have a shopping list in your pocket. Make it up, I suggest small things like soup, tomato sauce, and yogurt, things like that. You casually browse the store until you find a woman you’d like to meet. Then, you go over to where she’s shopping and ask a question about a product.

The Move: This is where it gets creative. As you and your new friend are talking about clam chowder, you pull out your shopping list to remind yourself of the brand you wanted, and oops-the list falls to the floor.

(You may want to practice this move at home. Make it look natural.)

Keep talking, bend over and pick up your shopping list. You’ll want to pull your panties up a bit higher before bending over. Not wedgie high, but just enough to make them visible as your shirt creeps up a little. That’s it! OK, that’s not it but if you get this far you’ve already achieved your goal. Now what?

You may be wondering if she actually saw your panties showing. Believe me she did. Women will look at a guy’s butt 9 out of 10 times just because that’s what we like to do. You’ll be able to tell from her face what to do next.

The Next Step: Do not go too excited just because a woman knows you’re wearing panties, many women will just chuckle and continue to help you find a the best soup with the lowest Sodium. Its all about her reaction.

Reaction 1: “Oh, you’re wearing women’s panties, isn’t that cute!”

Reaction 2: “Nice panties! What kind are those?”

Reaction 3: “Get away from me!”

Listen, no plan is perfect and you’ll probably get other reactions as well. Some women may ignore your panty clad butt completely much to your dismay, but it will help you with the next one.

Your goal is to find the right woman for you, just like in any relationship. You want to look into her eyes and see fire. She likes the idea of a man in panties, you can tell by her smile. There will be no need to explain that you want to be transformed into a feminine little plaything for her amusement, she already knows. You’ll buy that clam chowder and start a new life with her. After dinner you’ll look over and whisper: Feminize Me, and it will happen…

At the Supermarket

At the Supermarket

The Crossdresser In Therapy

Billy had been seeing a psychiatrist for almost a year, and was no closer to figuring anything out than he was on day one.

Three times a week he would come in and say pretty much the same thing: “I like to dress up as a girl but I feel guilty about it.”

Both he and Doctor Gestalt realized that not only was he making no progress, but that he had spent close to $30,000 so far. Billy was frustrated, and often thought he would have been much better off if he just bought that motorcycle he wanted instead of telling his deepest secrets to a complete stranger, and paying him a lot of money just to listen.

Finally out of desperation he told the doctor this and asked what he thought he should do. Much to his surprise the doctor was sympathetic and had a suggestion.

“Why don’t you just buy a dress? I know where you can get a gorgeous spandex mini dress for $30, and if you need a custom size its only $5 more.”

Billy considered that for a second, and was about to discuss the available colors when it stuck him as odd that the doctor knew this.

“Wait a minute-wait a minute, how do you know where to get a cute mini dress? Holy crap, you must be a sissy!”

Doctor Gestalt took a hit from his cigar and smiled. “No Billy, I’m a crossdresser. There’s a difference you know?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Why didn’t you tell me? I spent a fortune here and you just sat there asking me what I think and smoking that stupid cigar?”

“Doctor Gestalt wiped the ashes from his $2,000 slacks and said: “For one thing you never asked me, and more important what I do in the privacy of my home is none of your business. By the way, I’m selling my BMW GS and I can give you a great deal on it.”

Billy considered everything that was said in the last ten minutes, the money he spent, the hours in the smokey office, and took a couple of deep breaths as taught by a previous therapist. Then he calmly got up and hit Doctor Gestalt so hard that he fell off his $8,000 antique chair and lay moaning on the floor.

“OK Doctor Sissy, how much for the GS?”

It took Doctor Gestalt a minute to catch his breath and pick himself up off his $14,000 berber carpet.

“Its Doctor Crossdresser Billy, and if you really want it make me an offer.”


Billy ended up buying the mini dress and the bike and is paying the doctor in weekly installments.

Note: You never see a motorcycle at a psychiatrist’s office. Unless its a very happy guy in a shocking pink mini dress on a BMW R1200 GS.

They Made Him A Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

The forced feminization school girl fantasy is an all time favorite among sissies. Somehow the girls at school discover that you like to dress up when you’re home alone.

Do they keep this a secret? Do they simply ignore the fact that you like to wear panties, lingerie and dresses at home, then pretend to be one of the guys at school?

No, not a chance.

Pretty girls have certain priorities while they’re in school, and one of the most important is power. Now all pretty girls have quite a bit of power just by being pretty, and knowing that most of the boys are infatuated with them.

They also know that a little smile or touch at the right time can turn most boys into a quivering mess of nerves and fear.

What happens when they realize that they have you by the balls, and can make you do almost anything they want? They can make things very hard for you very fast.

There is a good chance that the girls want to see you in your panties. So they insist that you wear them under your jeans for a day. No big deal right? Sure, they tease you a bit and giggle when they see you sitting in class, but at least the whole school doesn’t know that you’re a sissy. But they will very soon.

You see, young, pretty, popular school girls have a limited amount of patience. There are so many things to do and a limited amount of hours in the day to do them. So they soon tire of gently teasing you and figure out a way to wrap this up and move on to bigger and better things.

They are going to dress you up as a girl from head to toe and parade you through the school. Every single girl, every single boy, and even your teachers will know that you’re just a little prissy sissy.

At this point the big question is what to have you wear, and the most logical outfit is a Prissy Sissy Schoolie dress.

OK you think, lets get this over with. Butt wait…there’s more…

You are taken to an empty classroom at the end of a long hall.

First you are put into a pair of silky, lacy, pink satin panties. This is where things start to get hard if you know what I mean.

Next a matching garter belt and black silk stockings.

“Do I really have to wear a garter belt and stockings you ask timidly?”

A long hard slap stuns you into reality, and you know that no amount of begging, bargaining or complaining will make any difference now.

Next is a layered petticoat, which makes you shiver with pleasure.

They put you into your bra and adjust the improvised padding. You stand there helplessly, trying your best not to show that you love every second of this.

Now the blouse. A short sleeve, white satin blouse with a low cut neck line and puff sleeves. You look adorable and this is only the beginning.

They help you into your Prissy Sissy Schoolie dress, zip you up and tie the bright red satin sash around your waist.

Your mind is spinning and your heart is racing. You’ve never worn anything quite like this before, and you’ve never had a group of girls helping you get dressed.

You’re embarrassed, humiliated and more excited than you’ve ever been all at the same time.

A pair of strappy heels appear and you are instructed to step into them. You spend a few seconds staring at them, trying your best to get a grip on what is actually happening, and those few seconds are just a few too many.


The words seem to go though your brain and directly into your panties. Now things are really getting hard. Butt wait…there’s more…

A curly blond wig is handed to you and you look at the girls with a mixture of fear, terror and anticipation.

Without any further thought you put it on the best you can and wait.

They are happy with this sign of submission and work to fit the wig properly and brush it out, then attach a couple of pretty ribbons that match your dress.

Now its time for makeup. This is the icing on the cake, and they sit you down for the full beauty treatment.

Long black eyelashes, eyeliner, blush and eye shadow are applied slowly and deliberately as you watch yourself transform into a girl. A prissy sissy school girl slut.

Now for the finishing touch-bright red lipstick.

They help you up, straighten your dress and stand you in front of the mirror.

“You do it sweetheart; you put on your own lipstick like a good little girl.”

This is big trouble and you know it. Lipstick is your weakness, your Kryptonite. At the mere thought of lipstick you melt, and let go of everything……

Staring into the mirror at yourself like this you are both amazed and shocked at the way you look. So girly, so feminine, so pretty.

A tube of lipstick is put into your hand and you just stare at it.

“Well, lipstick is a girl’s best friend you know?”

You try to figure a way out knowing that you are out of time and options.

The biggest girl comes up behind you and begins to stroke your hair. Oooooooo…

Another girl cups your breasts through your blouse and watches you react. Oooooooo…

A third girl gently lifts up your dress and begins rubbing your ass through your panties. Oooooooo…

“Go ahead honey, put on your lipstick and everything will be fine.”

Hypnotized by the feel of the lingerie, the blouse and dress, and the three beautiful girls touching you, you take the lipstick and without further hesitation slowly coat your lips.

Again, and again, and again.

Looking into the mirror you can’t help but blink those long lashes and smile, and the girls go crazy with laughter.

They grab their bags and stumble out into the hall, still laughing about something you have yet to figure out.

You look at yourself again now that you’re alone, and you are adorable!

As you are adjusting your dress you reach down to touch your panties, just to remind yourself that this is real.

Your panties are wet, very wet.

So this is what the girls were laughing so hard about?

A bell rings and you jump. The girls pulled the fire alarm. Oh this is bad, this is very bad.

You can’t take your panties off because your dress is too short. Maybe you can hide until the fire drill is over, maybe nobody will ever know…

The door opens with a bang and it’s your three new girlfriends, still laughing. They grab your hand and drag you out into the crowd. Into everyone you know. Into a day that you will never forget and a day that will never forget you.

Things just got a lot harder.

Not as hard as they were a few minutes ago, but that’s not your fault. You blame the lipstick.

But as the other boys, all the girls, and the teachers tease you without mercy that really won’t matter at all.

Hair Salon daydreams

Do you ever find yourself at the hair salon, trying to sneak a peek at those beautiful hairdressing books? Or maybe you watch with envy as a young woman gets a perm.

When your stylist asks how you’d like it today, do you just say “The Usual”?

Maybe, as she does your 15 minute haircut, you drift off into your own favorite fantasy, the one where you get a TOTAL transformation and become a gorgeous, sexy, woman!

It can be a lot easier than you think. There are transformation salons in more places now than ever before. The prices are reasonable, they understand you completely, and they even take pictures! How cool is that!

There are at least 2 of these places on my resources page under Makeup and Hair, 1 in New Jersey and the other on Long Island. Go for it Boys!

Hair Salon daydreams

Hair Salon daydreams

The Makeover

The Makeover

And A Manicure!

And A Manicure!


Does this picture bring back any memories? Maybe you used to dress up in your Sisters or your Mothers clothes, and were filled with guilt about it, but just couldn’t stop. Maybe you couldn’t get the lingerie back in the drawer exactly where it was, and it drove you crazy with fear! Maybe you were petrified that a friend, neighbor, or family member would come home and catch you, but continued to dress up every day as you glanced out the windows like an escaped prisoner.

Its OK now. You aren’t that person anymore and things have changed. You have to realize that you’re not doing anything wrong, and if something as simple as dressing up gives you pleasure, then enjoy it.

Life is short-wear heels!



OK, so you’ve accepted your fetish and are having a ball. Just remember one thing: STYLE COUNTS!

Its all about style...

Its all about style…