Opening Lines…

I was just at the Post Office and noticed a woman in a very pretty dress with a fantastic smile (and ass). I was going to say something, but I had to pee and didn’t want to get into a big conversation. It dawned on me what a perfect opportunity this was for a guy to approach her.

Whether you want to get into her panties or wear them, the first step is to get her attention. Lets focus on the latter.

Whats the worst she could say if you told her what a great dress it was? Who knows, women are unpredictable. But its really a nice compliment and worth a try. Lets say she smiled and said something like; “Oh thank you, do you like to wear dresses yourself?”

You could smile and say; “Once in a while,” and see what she says. You never know until you try!

Maybe she runs a lingerie shop in town and needs an assistant. Maybe she is graduating beauty school and needs someone to practice on. Or maybe she has a thing for cross dressers and loves to dress them up and play with them like little dolls! I know I do.

Remember, flattery can get you everywhere! You cannot win if you do not play.