Not Your Mother’s Panty Girdle

This is the Rago Lacette panty girdle, perfect for hang gliding, bow hunting and long fishing trips. Bra, stockings and gloves not included. Note: black lace gloves may not be needed for fishing but they definitely make a statement.

Just Figures is a husband and wife owned shop specializing in well made beautiful shapewear, garter belts and hosiery in sizes from extra small to extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra large. Check it out.

Lacette Panty Girdle

Lacette Panty Girdle

Lacette Panty Girdle

Crossdressing Spring Fashion 2016

It’s not spring yet officially, but with the snow melting and warmer weather it’s not far off. So you’re probably thinking about new styles to fill your lingerie drawers and closet. Butt wait….what about your hair?

Before you even go shopping, you’ll have to do your hair and makeup, so I’ve put together a new Pinterest board to give you some ideas and inspiration. While you’re there check out my other new board called Corsets and Waist Training.

Corsets you say? But aren’t corsets uncomfortable and sometimes even painful? Well girls, and I use the term loosely, it is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Write that down.

Curls For Girls on Pinterest

Curls For Girls on Pinterest

Curls For Girls on Pinterest

Three Reasons Why You Need A Panty Girdle

The first two reasons are beer and pizza. Its one thing to eat a slice and have a few beers, but most guys I know have no self control. Did you know that a bottle of regular beer has about 150 calories? And if you have a few you’re probably going to have a few more. Six more? Twelve more? A case?

Then you and your friends get the munchies and order pizza, plural, as in several pizzas. The next day not only do you feel like crap, but your dress has suddenly shrunk. Now what?

One very practical and fun solution is the panty girdle. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. This one I found on eBay for £4.49. That’s $6.79 U.S. dollars.

Panty Girdle Knickers

Panty Girdle Knickers

Now let’s get to the most important reason why you need a panty girdle. They hold you in where you need to be held in, I think the main place is obvious.

Of course not every man needs shapewear. You may work out, drink moderately, and eat only healthy food. You may have such a tiny unit that there is no reason to hold it in. And you may look drop dead gorgeous in absolutely everything you wear.

Here is a man that may or may not wear a panty girdle and may or may not work out, but he does look fantastic in everything.

Note: some men report that the bondage like feeling of extreme girdles and corsets can be highly erotic, especially in satin. Your results may vary.

Alena Mnsk

Alena Mnsk

Panty Bra Modeling Tights

You’ve all seen pictures of beautiful girls in shiny pantyhose, and you wish you could find out where to buy them for yourself.

Actually, those are opaque modeling tights. Butt wait….

In my never ending search for new and exciting things for the crossdressing community, I’ve found you something really special.

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights!

Panty bra? The name alone is probably getting you excited. Well calm down boys, they are available in your size, two colors, and cost less than a case of your favorite imported beer. Tip: you’ll fit into your Panty Bra Modeling tights much easier if you lay off the beer.

These babies are also equipped with V-shaped girdle on the tummy area.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Shiny pantyhose that are actually called the Panty Bra? They come with a built in girdle? They come in my size and two colors? I MUST HAVE THESE PANTYHOSE!”

Tights boys, call them by their proper name. Wear them any way you like.

You might also want to check out the Uppsala Wet Looking Tights, which unlike you come in five colors including a pretty bright blue. Their smooth glossy material hugs your legs, giving them an extravagant “wet look” and natural shape. Ohhhhhhhhhh-yeah………….

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Panty Bra Opaque Modeling Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

Uppsala Wet Looking Tights

This Is NOT Your Mother’s Girdle

Thanksgiving means different things to everyone, but for most of us it means a lot of food. Everyone else is stuffing themselves, so you figure why not?

Then after the company finally leaves and you have some alone time, you put on your favorite lingerie and dress. You feel great and you look great so you saunter over to the full length mirror to blow yourself some kisses and practice posing.

Oh-oh, where did those extra 10 pounds come from? Now you’re depressed and spend the rest of the day in bed sulking.

Butt wait-there is a very simple solution: Shapewear.

Miraclesuit Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer Nude

Miraclesuit Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer Nude

This is the Miraclesuit by Miraclebody. Their logo is that you can look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds. 10 seconds!

But if you’re like most guys that’s a bit optimistic. By the time you lock all the doors, pull down the blinds, and get your things out from that secret hiding place a good half hour has gone by. Then you probably fondle your Miraclesuit for a few minutes, and take your time putting it on. It’s alright sweetie, enjoy yourself.

Slowly pull it up all the way, loving the soft fabric and the way it clings to your body.

Now put on that same dress and take a look. It’s a miracle! You actually look 10 pounds lighter.

Sweet huh? It comes in small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large for those of you that finished the pie.

The Miraclesuit Luxurious Lace Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer comes in Nude or Black, but of course you’ll want to get both.

Miraclesuit Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer Black

Miraclesuit Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer Black

Just imagine what your friends at work will say when you wear it to the office under your slacks.

“Wow Tom, I don’t know how you stay in shape, especially after the holiday.”

You smile and nod. DO NOT GIGGLE AND CURTSEY. That’s almost always a giveaway.

Shopping with Jamie

Back in September, we had some painting done in exchange for a little dressing up and a makeover. Jim, or Jamie as he likes to be called,  did a fantastic job and we all had a great time helping him become the girl of his dreams. I recently gave his number to a friend and he called to thank me. He had a very interesting proposition and asked if I was interested.

“So how have you been you sexy thing?”

Oh really good Miss Teresa, really good. In fact I just finished a very large job and have all this extra money!”

“Great! What are you planning on doing with it?”

“Well, thats kinda why I called, I mean, besides to thank you for the reference. I uh, I want to blow it all on clothes.”

“Well that sounds like fun. I just love to shop for new clothes.”

“Well, uh, I kinda was wondering if you’d like to go with me. I mean take me. I mean, uh, help me sorta.”

“Come on boy, I think you’re trying to tell me something. Go on, spit it out.”

“I want to buy myself some lingerie, and dresses, and makeup.”

“That’s nice.”

“I, I uh, I have trouble going into the stores by myself. I, get very excited if you know what I mean and have to leave.”

“I think I do know what you mean Jamie. I know how excited you got as soon as I handed you your panties last time! Have you considered wearing something to hold you in? Maybe a body shaper of some kind?”

“I didnt think of it, no, but I’d have the same problem buying that too. I was wondering if, if, oh nevermind.”

“What is it? You can tell me honey.”

“OK here goes. I have a fantasy about being taken lingerie shopping and having the salesgirls all know that the stuff is for me. If, well I was thinking that maybe you could help me out. I have about $400 I’d like to spend, and if you go with me I’d be happy to spend half of it on you.”

“Let me get this straight. You’d like me to take you shopping, tell the girls that you want to buy lingerie, and that you love to wear girls clothes, and you’ll buy me two hundred dollars worth of things for myself?”


“Sounds good to me! I’ll tell you what. I’ll get you a nice body shaper in your size, and you can come over and pick me up tomorrow. We’ll get you panties, bras, nighties, makeup, dresses, whatever you want. You do realize that for two hundred dollars you may not get all of that though. The body shaper alone is about fifty dollars.”

“That, that’s fine! That’s great! What time can I come over?”

“How about 3:00 or so, is that good for you?”

“YES! I mean, yes that will be great. You are a wonderful person Miss Teresa!”

“Oh, thanks honey but I think you are too. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thank you, I’ll be there exactly at three!”

“You’re not gonna get all weird on me are you?”

“No, no, I’m just looking forward to it. Thanks again. Goodbye!


Uh sweetie-you might want to hang up the phone. See you tomorrow.”

“Oops, sorry. Bye!”

Update: Jamie and I had a ball at the mall!