Tea for Twelve

I had my annual fall get together for my friends from Manhattan this weekend. I see them when I go there but we never seem to have enough time together. So they agreed to stay for the weekend. I figured great-I have two extra bedrooms. Then they each called and asked if they could bring a special friend. I said OK, they could share a room. Within a day or so the total number of guests was up to 12. I had told Susan and Bonnie next door that there was definitely going to be some serious all girl action and they were welcome to join us. They said that they had plenty of extra room and were happy to help out. Well dreams do come true because not only did they Both say they were interested but Susan sat on the couch next to me and put her head right in my lap. I stroked her hair as Bonnie smiled and left us alone. I’ve been fantasizing about her ever since she moved in. She is tall and slim with perfect little tits and an amazing body…I’m getting wet just thinking about it!
I asked her if she’d like a drink and she said yes, moving just enough for me to get up. Before I came back I dimmed the lights and put on some music. Mellow instrumental stuff.  When I came back with the drinks she was standing there naked except for a big smile. She was slowly playing with her tits with one hand and the other was nearing her gorgeous, blond, perfect pussy.
I’ll finish this another time I just thought of something I have to do.